Super Polygon, a deceptive puzzle game for Windows Phone 8

Super Polygon is a deceptively simple puzzle game for Windows Phone 8 that has you navigating through a psychedelic maze that is in constant motion.

The game has simple mechanics where timing is key and the pace of game play can get the best of you. Your score is based on how long you can survive the shifting, rotating puzzle and don’t be surprised if it is only for a few seconds. Super Polygon comes across as an entertaining and challenging puzzle game for your Windows Phone gaming library.


Super Polygon’s main menu has your standard options to jump into game play, access the game’s settings, view high scores, view the about screen and play the tutorial. Super Polygon’s settings cover rotation speed, sound levels, and themes (available via in-app purchase). The tutorial is a much slower paced version of the game that gives you fighting chance at success at the game. It's also an easy way to get a good feel for the movement controls and overall gaming concept.

Game play with Super Polygon has three gaming styles, Square, Pentagon and Hexagon that are progressively unlocked or unlocked via in-app purchase. Each mode involves a different shape of your core puzzle piece and the style of your puzzle pieces that you have to navigate around.

Game Play

Game play is relatively simple. You have a center puzzle piece that has an arrow just outside the piece. Tapping the right side of the screen, rotates the center/arrow clockwise, tapping the left will rotate it counter-clockwise.

The playing field rotates and changes colors as puzzle pieces (let’s call them walls) close in on the center of the game. Your job is to rotate the arrow through the maze of pattern, avoiding the walls. If your arrow hits a wall, game over.

Your score is based on how long you can survive and the longer you survive, the faster the game pace becomes.

Overall Impression

Graphics are minimal, game play challenge and overall Super Polygon comes across as an entertaining Windows Phone 8 game. Game play can be a little frustrating at times as the walls close in on the center of the puzzle but that just adds to the challenge.

The pace of the game will keep you on your toes and overall, Super Polygon is an entertaining game to pass the time with.

The base game is free and ad-supported. To remove the ads will get cost you $1.49 via in-app purchases and enabling themes or unlocking gaming levels cost ranges from $1.49 to $4.99. Super Polygon is available for Windows Phone 8 devices (including low-memory devices).

You can find Super Polygon here in the Windows Phone Store.

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