Superslug, a Windows Phone game that pits bugs against chickens

Superslug is the latest Windows Phone game from Infinite Square and has you fighting off an invasion of hostile chickens. You can destroy the chickens by tapping them or jumping over them with your super slug.

Game play does take on an endless runner feel in that you play until the chickens get the best of your slug. You have a handful of power-ups you can pick up to better the odds and there is the option for Facebook integration to brag about your scores.

Available for low-memory Windows Phones, Superslug joins Infinite Square's growing library of quality apps such as HiLight and Say it with Flowers. I don't know if Superslug can stand up to a marathon gaming session but it is an enjoyable game to pass short bits of time with.

Superslug Menu

The main menu for Superslug greets you with options to jump into game play, view your ranking and visit the gaming store. You also have a link to the About screens (the slug silhouette in the bottom right corner).

The gaming store has opportunities to buy extra lives and power jumps that fry the chickens. You can pick up these items with the trees (kinda looks like a stalk of broccoli) that are earned during game play.

Superslug Gaming Store

A quick note about the rankings is that to participate, you will need to log into your Facebook account. If you prefer not to, the gaming experience isn't any less. If you do though, you will get 100 trees to spend in the gaming store.

When you tap the Play button off the main menu, Superslug sends you straight to game play where you will find your superslug running around the edges of the screen. A host of chickens will hatch and begin running towards your slug.

You can deal with the chickens one of two ways. First, you can tap the chickens and have them explode into a cloud of feathers. Second, you can tap your superslug and have him jump over the chickens to avoid them. While jumping over them won't eliminate the danger, it will earn your a point. Each point earned results in a tree added to your gaming store account. Exploding a chicken helps thin out the chicken crowd but doesn't earn you points.

Superslug Game

You will need to combine both of these approaches to have any hopes for success. While the slug is nimble, there will be times the spacing between chickens is too close for the slug to double jump over them.

The longer you survive the chicken onslaught, the faster the game's pace becomes. The rate the chickens hatch also increases. Superslug will test your skills of timing, multi-tasking and concentration. Look away from the game for the slightest and you will find your slug crying in defeat.

Overall Impression

The more I played Superslug, the more the Windows Phone game grew on me. While graphics are well drawn up and game play is challenging, I'm not sure if Superslug can hold up to lengthy gaming sessions. However, I did find the gaming title to be a fun way to pass shorter periods of time with.

The game is ad-supported but with full-screen ads that can be rather annoying at times. Fortunately, the frequency of these ads is low and you don't feel as though you are being beaten over the head with them.

Superslug Game Over

Superslug isn't an overly complicated Windows Phone game and as is, not a bad title to have in your gaming library. I wouldn't mind seeing a more dramatic demise of the slug or maybe more of a change with backgrounds to give the game a little more flair though.

With only one review, Superslug only has a 2 Star rating in the Windows Phone Store. We would place the game in the 3.5 to 4 Star range and if you try Superslug, let us know what you think of the game. Also, don't forget to rate the game in the Windows Phone Store to offer the developer a little feedback.

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