Support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 end today, leaving you with 11 or Edge

Internet Explorer 11 about page
Internet Explorer 11 about page (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft is ending support for three versions of Internet Explorer today. If you're still rocking IE 8, 9 or 10 you'll no longer receive updates from the company and will need to upgrade to version 10. You could also install a third-party alternative, or even Windows 10 and take advantage of Microsoft Edge.

Those who are using older versions of Internet Explorer will now be bugged by alerts to upgrade, much like consumers who Microsoft is urging to upgrade to Windows 10. Do note that those with Windows Vista installed will still be able to receive support for IE 9 until the OS itself is dropped in 2017.

If you're dead-set on using old Internet Explorer, a registry hack (opens in new tab) can be deployed to get rid of the notifications, but we recommend you either upgrade or choose a different browser.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Lots of announcement. Hope windows 10 mobile official announcement today.
  • Probably, but only for existing W10M devices...
  • UC Browser for windows phone has left support for WP Platform.
    No more updates.
  • May be, they are waiting for Windows Mobile 10 to be more stable and public to all the phones.
  • Surfy is a good alternative.
  • Wp8.1 as well????
  • Windows Phone has IE11.
  • "and will need to upgrade to version 10". You mean 11, Rich
  • Was just about to point that out.
  • Good observation bro
  • My workplace uses ie 8! Hopefully forced upgrade!!
  • Just force them to upgrade to 10zzz
  • Good luck with that, Older versions are due to older Web based applications that the companies need, and they are incompatable with newer IE versions.  Updating the app (that has no issues) normally costs Hundreads oif thousands or millions to do. I work in IT and see this all the time. The old concept, if it Aint broken, DONT fix it.... Normally Firefox or Chrome is installed for other stuff... This is a lot more common than you think..
  • Historically this was true, but with IE 11's Enterprise Mode all but the oddest outliers can migrate off of IE 8. My environment of 20k users went through UAT to certify hundreds of internal and external web apps with no issues making use of IE 11 Enterprise mode. The whole process took less than 60 days with very little resources dedicated to the project. No show-stopper issues were found, so zero IE 8 left in the environment. Any enterprise environment still making excuses to stick to legacy practices should be tarred and feathered, especially with how easy Microsoft has made it to stay current. Now if they would just publish some forward looking guidenance for a native browser since Edge has pretty much none of the management features of IE, and IE 11 is the end of the road...
  • Would use 11 and Firefox until edge gets better and extensions come soon.
  • Welp I'll stick with Firefox and IE 6.0
  • IE 6.0!!! Seriously??
  • May an Antimatter touch you!
  • Not sure if trolling or deadly serious
  • MS gets a lot of blame for providing legacy support for organizations that can't be bothered to upgrade/update their sites to current web standards. I'm glad they are killing off these old systems so the luddites might rewrite some code.
  • Which is why our IT dept still wants us to use IE9 and Java6, get with the times people!
  • Why would anyone use old IE... they all suck! 11 is still better but you know there is Chrome. Edge is awesome!!!!
  • Businesses ate notorious for using old versions of browsers due to software compatibility... Especially the financial sector
  • Because investment in IT infrastructure is about as high of a priority as physical infrastructure. Why should any of those financial sector profits going to updating materials to modern web standards, that are more secure.
  • They will probably go to Blockchain apps.
  • "Edge is awesome"
    I feel like people don't say that enough, because it's true. It really is a good browser, and my default, mainly because I don't have much use for extensions.
  • People don't say it enough because it still has a lot of issues.
  • Agreed, Tried it again last week, still buggy and laggy on a bunch of sites I watch, removed the shortcuts and back to IE 11.... I'll try it again in a few months to see if they fix it.... It is a good browser but, like most of Microsoft stuff, plenty of bugs on release.
  • Yep xbox forums being an example
  • Chrome? No thanks, I love my Ram
  • No matter what they do... My first and last smartphone will be Lumia 525. Got Samsung Guru E1200.
  • Legit question, what in the world does your comment have to do with an article about desktop browsers? Or maybe I'm missing the joke. :-/
  • One more question: What are you still doing here?
  • Typo again ._.
  • What will happen if MS ends support for 8 and 8.1 and still delayed to release 10
  • 10 is already released. Desktop is already through it's first big upgrade even. Mobile 10 is out on native hardware (before you talk about upgrades, think how many Android handsets get upgrades)
  • In case anyone is still on Vista with IE9. You dont have to switch because of this. Vista is supported and therefore the latest version of Internet Explorer available for Vista (IE9) will receive security updates and tech support. You should switch for lots of other reasons though ;) In fact because Microsoft still supports some old versions of Windows Embedded, versions of IE7, IE8 are still supported. If for some strange reason you are still using these browsers there are registry hacks that will allow you to get the updates.
  • The surveying industry still uses Windows Mobile 6.2 in many of their handheld computers
  • Still use it to run tinker+level editor & run vpc07 to run dos vm(due to adddons not being supported on w7)
  • Can I get IE 11 for Windows XP ? Not kidding, I work in IT and we need XP boxes for some programs because they DO NOT RUN under 7, 8 or 10 (tried them all myself).... They dont make the app so
  • No, IE11 requires components and features which are not available in xp, sure MS can add these components to xp via updates but whoops, mainstream support ended in 2010, so no new features for xp, how about you upgrade to 10 then install xp in a cm and run those apps inside it?
  • No. All support, including browser updates, ended some time ago already. Have you considered running the legacy applications in a virtual machine running XP on top of Hyper-V running on Windows 10 with integration turned in so the app appears to be running natively? Having your users continue to use an unsupported OS as their primary system is putting them and your company at significant security risk.
  • why not run xp virtually for the app itself? If you have volume icensing then you already have the tools to do it.l
  • Their was a beta version
  • Edge is great but I need my adblock
  • Am i the only who thinks edge is a mess in the latest mobile build ?
  • "* Good riddance." c:
  • What if you're still on seven? Looking at you former employer...
  • Lmao!:p Edge is still so buggy and damn Microsoft's claim that it is 125% faster than Chrome. I refuse to accept it. Edge still takes 7-8 seconds more on the heavy load websites that contain pictures and such stuff, more importantly Edge makes my phone restart itself several times during the YouTube stream or simply playing some music on SoundCloud. A lot of work is to be done, I would prefer IE11 Mobile still over Edge if they had to support it in W10M too.
  • In my line of work with the police here in the UK midlands, we're still on ie8 with no sign of progressing anytime soon......
  • Edge is rubbish, the UI looks terrible also it seems that the programming team forgot to put proper animation to indicate that the page is loading. Also in practical day to day usage Firefox or even chrome beats edge to opening a Web site. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Edge is a WIP and the W is severely lacking..  Simple keyboard shortcuts for favorites, etc, etc, etc..  Seems they forgot the users; no surprise there as that's where the "IT" world is these days..
  • Not a big loss, most people use chrome or Firefox anyway. Internet Explorer, is that ****** browser that you are forced to use in your high school computer lab, literally nobody else uses it.
  • Seriously in my lap their were still using Netscape
  • Wow, I remember Netscape. Your school needs funding, lol.
  • Worldwide statistics would beg to differ: IE is the most widely used browser in the world.
  • And this is how you kill market share or IE. Nice move Microsoft, get everyone to use Chrome or Firefox lol. Microsoft should just get everyone from XP to upgrade to Win10 then they would have this stupid legacy issue to deal with.
  • Problem is how old most xp hardware is
  • XP (and all versions of IE running on it) were already discontinued in April, so your logic make no sense.
  • As a web developer I couldn't be more happier. Microsoft never be a market leader of any kind software ever. Competition makes M.s far more better. Edge is a good step ahead and gave a lot of support of HTML5 and CSS3. Keep that way plz...
  • I want Edge but can't have it because Microsoft is not releasing Windows 10 for my Lumia 640xl. What a shame. I have Edge in my laptops and desktops though.
  • Our company uses web applications that only work in IE 8. So we have to use enterprise mode until our web dev team get with time.
  • I am still on Lynx....
  • What's lynx?
  • "you'll no longer receive updates from the company and will need to upgrade to version 10." Uhm, isn't that one of the versions that's going out of support ;)