Look good while carrying the Surface 3 with the Waterfield Outback Solo bag

If you're looking for a small bag to carry just your Surface 3 and a few other things, then you're going to want to check out the Waterfield Outback Solo. They have a similar bag for the Surface Pro 3 which Seth has reviewed here, but Waterfield Designs have also created one specifically for the smaller Surface 3. Watch our hands-on video for a closer look.

When we look at the materials, we can see that the flap is made of leather while the rest of the bag is made of waxed canvas. There's a magnetic tab to keep the bag closed. The canvas material feels very similar to a thick pair of jeans. I like the rugged distressed look. Just like leather, the waxed canvas' appearance will change over time.

The Waterfield Outback Solo is water resistant so the bag should keep your devices inside dry.

The main compartment is lined with a neoprene material that is soft so that it won't scratch your Surface 3. The Surface 3 fits nicely even with the Type Cover attached. It's worth noting that if you use Surface Pen with the pen loop attached, it's going to be snug.

There are two pockets in front of the bag. In the bigger pocket, you can place your charger, wallet, or other small things. The smaller pocket can fit a phone. Just for reference, the Lumia 1520 fits in the smaller pocket, but it's tight. The Lumia 930 can fit more comfortably. You should also put the display towards the front because there is a softer lining on that side.

There's also a compartment on the back where you can store more things. You can put a notepad or even another small tablet. The shoulder strap is optional. The length is adjustable, and you can completely remove it by unsnapping four buttons.

If you're looking for a flashy bag, the Waterfield Outback Solo isn't for you. The design is simple and subtle. The logos are also hidden inside the pockets. The Waterfield Designs logo is in the bigger pocket while the smaller pocket has a 'Made in San Francisco' label. There's also a link to sfbags.com.

The Waterfield Outback Solo for Surface 3 costs $109, and you'll need to add another $19 if you want the adjustable strap. Is it worth it? If you're looking for a small, but high quality bag to carry the Surface 3, the Outback Solo is a good choice. However, if you don't care so much about the materials, you can find bigger bags with lower price tags.

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Mark Guim

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