High-end 3D designers can now be certain that buying a Surface Book notebook or Surface Pro 4 tablet will be able to run the portfolio of Solid Edge CAD tools Siemens. Microsoft has just announced that both products have been certified by Siemens for the use of Solid Edge.

in a blog post, Microsoft stated:

To achieve this certification, Siemens put Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 through a rigorous testing process to ensure that Solid Edge runs optimally. Engineers worldwide rely on Solid Edge to bring their ideas to life, and Surface's certification gives them confidence that they can use this powerful software and rely on the performance of Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book to do their work anywhere—the response has already been exciting to see.

One example of a designer using the Solid Edge tools on a Surface Pro 4 is Phillip Norman of Ross Robotics. He can work on his designs while he is traveling and show them off in meetings thanks to both the powerful hardware and the portability of the tablet. Norman states:

Just being able to take my work with me anywhere—any sort of work, even amazingly, CAD—shows the Surface is a powerful workstation, as slim and neat as a small pad of paper, and exponentially more adaptable. The Surface is very smart, slick, light and powerful and sends out positive messages about design, technology and high quality manufacturing, which reflect flatteringly on the person using it.