Surface Book teardown shows us the complex layout of components

The team at iFixit has done their thing again, this time tearing down the all-new Surface Book, giving us our first look at what's inside the 2-in-1. Often times we just get to admire new technology from the outside, and read about what is inside that makes it work the way it does. Now, we can see everything inside Microsoft's new 2-in-1, and there is a lot to see.

From the complex puzzle-like layout of components in the tablet to the hard to open keyboard base, Microsoft put a lot of time into how everything would be put together. If you are interested in checking out what's inside the all-new Surface Book, you'll want to hit the link below. Will the Surface Book be your next computer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: iFixit

Jared DiPane

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