Windows Central readers are more excited about the Surface Duo 2 than any other Surface device

Surface Duo 2 Unofficial Render
Surface Duo 2 Unofficial Render (Image credit: WindowsUnited)

Each year, Microsoft holds a Surface event in October. And each year, the months leading up to the event have rumors and reports about upcoming devices. So far, reports have come out about the Surface Pro 8, Surface Book 4, and Surface Duo 2. With the hype for these devices ramping up, we wanted to know which unannounced Surface device has you most excited.

In our poll that ran over the weekend, over 36% of voters said they were most excited about the Surface Duo 2. The Surface Pro 8 came in second with just over 28% of the votes. The Surface Book 4 drew the least interest of the unannounced devices but still won 26% of the votes.

Interestingly, 9.2% of participants said that they weren't excited about any of the devices. Even with rumors of a major redesign of the Surface Book 4 and reports of a dramatically improved Surface Duo 2, almost one in ten voters aren't interested in Microsoft's unannounced hardware.

This poll was much closer than when we pit the Surface Duo 2 and Galaxy Fold 3 against each other. Perhaps the Galaxy Fold 3 shouldn't feel bad about losing because even rumors of a Surface Book 4 and Surface Pro 8 couldn't pull our readers from the Surface Duo 2.

In the comments section of our Surface poll, Ladydias said, "Cautiously looking forward to the Duo 2 and Pro 8. Just hoping that the former doesn't feel as awkward as the leaks make it look with that camera hump and the latter has an improved inking experience with less pen wobble."

Another commenter, leo74, shared excitement about a couple of devices while coming to terms with the Surface Neo, "Duo 2, followed closely by the Book 4. I was really hoping for the Neo, but it looks like that ship has sailed for good."

Several comments mention hopes of a Surface monitor with a design similar to that of the Surface Studio.

Do you agree with the voters about Surface hardware? We'll keep the poll open to see if it trends differently as weekday readers take a look.

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