Which unannounced Surface device are you most excited about?

Surface Pro X Sq2 Ports
Surface Pro X Sq2 Ports (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

This week we saw a trio of major Surface-related articles on our front page. Our executive editor kicked things off with an update to our piece on the Surface Pro 8. Soon after, unofficial renders of the Surface Duo 2 were shared online. Following that, our senior editor Zac Bowden shared a report on the upcoming Surface Book 4 (which may go by a different name). With all of this Surface news, we'd like to know which upcoming Microsoft device you're most excited about.

The Surface Pro 8 will likely have the least radical redesign of the new Surface devices. We expect the flagship 2-in-1 to feature new Intel 1th Gen U-series chips, a new Type Cover more like that of the Surface Pro X, and a larger display. While the display will be larger, we don't expect the footprint of the device to be any bigger. Microsoft will expand the screen of the Surface Pro 8 by thinning its bezels compared to its predecessor.

We also expect the Surface Pro 8 to have a removable SSD and to have a refined design, though it will be similar to the Surface Pro 7.

In contrast, the Surface Book 4 will likely be a dramatic shift from the Surface Book 3. In fact, it may not even be called the Surface Book 4. For the sake of simplicity, we'll call it that for now.

Microsoft Surface Kickstand Patent 1

Source: PATENTSCOPE (Image credit: Source: PATENTSCOPE)

The Surface Book 4 could look like a mixture of the Surface Studio and the Surface Laptop. It will likely run on a more powerful processor as well. The current Surface Book maxes out at only four cores. Many of the best Windows laptops run on processors with six or even eight cores. Sources also suggest that the Surface Book 4 will have RTX graphics, a bigger trackpad, and a panel with a high refresh rate.

Surface Duo 2 Unofficial Render

Source: WindowsUnited (Image credit: Source: WindowsUnited)

We still haven't heard any official word on the Surface Duo 2, but a designer created unofficial renders of the device based on leaks and suspected details about the device. We expect the Surface Duo 2 to have a camera bump and a more refined design than the previous generation.

Which Surface device are you most excited about? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Still holding out for a Surface Studio Monitor. An update on a potential Hololens 3 would be neat too!
  • Yes!!! Please!!! I would buy that in an instant. I just want inking on a regular monitor/PC, but not of the weaksauce specs of the Studio.
  • I would worry about cost, but be intrigued. They're not high-refresh rate, but with as pricey as the low-specced Studio is, I imagine they'll want a crazy premium on the thing because of how unimpressive the market is for touch-enabled monitors. I'm not even sure I've heard of a high-refresh display with touch/pen support. Personally, I'd want a 27" (as opposed to the larger size of the Studio), but I don't think the likely $1K+ price tag would be worth it (especially if it's a 60 Hz panel).
  • Surface Book 4. Unlike other Surface devices, the SB has no alternative on the market. Acer ConceptD series thermal throttles and has poor battery life, and Wacom One accessories are overpriced due to years of monopoly. The best bet is Huion Tablets which are still not as good as sketching directly on screen on the go. We artists, designers and 3D CAD professionals need a good 2-in-1 Performance laptop to meet out needs.
  • Honestly, not excited about any of them. The Surface Pro - which is the best Surface device - has stabilised into a winning formula and I don't think it needs any sort of significant change. My Pro 6 is still doing exactly what I need it to do well, I don't feel compelled to upgrade it. With the introduction of the Surface Laptop, the Surface Book has no real reason to still exist. As far as I'm concerned, it could be killed without great loss to anyone. As for the Surface Duo...well...it'll never be a proper phone with that sort of design and approach. And if dual-screen phones had any demand whatsoever, LG wouldn't have left the mobile market since they did it first and, unlike the Duo, they were actually offering a good phone as well, not just a dual screen. I don't see much of a future for the Duo. It'll be impressive if it reaches gen 3. The only Surface I'm still waiting for is a Surface Display, ie. the monitor of the Surface Studio sold separately. That's the one product I would be very interested in getting.
  • I agree to a point with the Duo. It was never meant to be a proper phone and I thi k that was a mistake that Microsoft underestimated to some degree. However, I've seen the LG dual-ish screen and I think the Surface Duo's build is much better and it was the software that spoiled the experience for many. Now, with prices being what they are, more people are enjoying using it. Will at ever gain mass popularity? That remains to be seen, but I like the idea of having two seperate screens.
  • Surface book is badass, full desktop performance, but detachable. Pro 8 is not that good
  • As a Book owner and lover of the line, I can say you're off your rocker if you think the Book has "full desktop performance".
    The only thing that has full desktop performance, is a desktop. I have two of those. One super fast, one fairly slow. The fairly slow one (i3) is quite faster than the Surface Book 2 (i7) I have.
  • I have a Surface Pro X. I'm not really interested in the surface Duo 2. I guess I'm just going buy the surface book 4. Use it as a desktop.
  • For me it's the Surface Pro 8. Looking forward to the new generation of Surface Pro.
  • Duo 2, followed closely by the Book 4.
    I was really hoping for the Neo, but it looks like that ship has sailed for good.
  • I'm still hopeful for a Neo. Windows 11 looks darn close to 10X, so why not stick W11 on a Neo, release it and see what the fanbase/market makes of it. Also, yeah, very curious to see what the duo 2 has to offer.
  • I'm with you. I think Win 11 would do great on the Neo. Just not sure if they put the work behind it. By now, they would have probably had to upgrade some hardware to bring it to market and I doubt that happened. I hope we see it one day, though, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • If the Surface Book 4 has professional workstation/gaming level performance, definitely the Surface Book 4!
  • I bought the Book 2 back in 2018, with moderate, mid-range specs (the i5, 8g ram, 128g drive...at £1400 it was the very top end of my budget) and was surprised straight out of the gate at how lackluster it was. I was still using my Pro 4 at the time, which was a couple of years older, with an i5 and 4g ram, and it outperformed the Book 2. Now, if I'd measured the performance of both devices, I'd guess that the Book 2 was doing better than the pro-4, statistically speaking. But in real world, day to day use, the pro 4 just seemed faster and more responsive. To be fair to the Book 2, it improved over time with software updates, but I was underwhelmed. I still use it as my daily laptop, and have never really found a reason to detach the screen, expect to show off in coffee shops...bit of a party trick :) I wouldn't rule out buying another one, but the book series do seem to have performance issues.
  • I want a new Surface Laptop with rounded display corners, just like the ones in the Surface Laptop Go.
  • Surface Duo is so intriguing but it better be good in light of what Samsung dropped this week. I will buy a Duo or a new Fold this year assuming it's possible in our new "there is a shortage of everything" economy. Other thing to worry about is Microsoft sticking with it. I have all kinds of MS devices that MS just one day decided to no longer support Book 4 too. My Book 2 is the best "laptop" I've ever owned. It's really held up well. I wish they would keep its current Form.
  • MS should create a GPU for Surface family.
  • That makes no sense, unless you mean a GPU enclosure, which would require TB-equipped Surfaces (which haven't become standard yet). MS hasn't even bothered to get into custom silicon designs for the ARM stuff, opting to rely on Qualcomm. That would be MUCH more likely than a custom x86 chip (which would probably have been designed to power an Xbox as well, if they meant to make something even decently powerful)
  • I want a pro in the size of a go. I'm not a fan of large tablets.
  • I think the next generation of the Surface Go will have the internals equivalent to the present generation Surface Pro. Waiting for that moment as well.
  • So, uhh, buy a Go 2?
  • No thanks. The base processor is not a significant leap forward, and the M3 doesn't give me enough punch for your money. I like the size and portability of the go, and the pro just feels to big for my taste. I just want something with the power of an i5 or greater.
  • 11" models of iPad Pro or Air? I'm still rocking the 11" iPad Pro 2018 as a daily driver, works great for productivity.
  • Two problems with that. I have a go keyboard and a surface pen, and both are stupid expensive pieces of hardware from Apple. I'm a teacher and I have a legacy program that I rely on heavily and cost close to $900 U.S. Dollars. So ipads are a no go.
  • Sounds like the Surface Pro is the best thing you've got. Any smaller than 12" screen, the keyboard and battery would need to be compromised, which is probably why we don't see many 10 inch x86 devices.
  • The Duo is my most likely purchase, by far. My G8's 2.5 years old, and a Duo would be an interesting change of pace. Plus, it sounds like MS might be doing the minimal effort to have it specced as a modern flagship. If MS commits to Ryzen in a new Book or Pro, I'd look at those as well. My Envy x360 is fine, but it's far from an exciting device. I'd like a Surface, but not with the latest iteration of Intel chips, which continue to perform behind AMD's best.
  • I'm along the same thinking as you. I loved my Surface Duo and can't wait for Surface Duo 2. No Ryzen and minimal changes to Surface Pro 8 has me not excited. I'm willing to stick with Surface Pro 7. I just want to be able to get a modern GPU because I have a couple fantastic desktops for work and home now and they only need modern GPUs. My GTX 1080 is still great but getting long in the tooth.
  • So excited about the book4.
    Remembering the reveal of the studio, I really hope the design of this new laptop will be as, if not more, impressive. Ready to upgrade my 7 year old laptop!
  • Cautiously looking forward to the Duo 2 and Pro 8. Just hoping that the former doesn't feel as awkward as the leaks make it look with that camera hump and the latter has an improved inking experience with less pen wobble.
  • Studio line has to do something... Especially, when the current one not making the Windows 11 cut.
  • Surface Book 12, I feel like it's going to be something completely out there compared to what we have now. Probably connect directly to the brain, 64K screen, perfect facial recognition. The works.
  • I was waiting on the Surface Pro 8 but my old SP4 was dragging and making life difficult from lack of RAM. Decided to get an HP Elite Dragonfly. It's a great machine and super fast. But the screen resolution sucks. For a premium high dollar machine I'm disappointed. Especially considering my 5 year old SP4 is far better. I'll likely grab the 8 when it comes out as long as it has 32gb RAM.
  • Surface duo 2 with windows cloud 😬
  • I am going for Duo 2 but also dreaming of a Surface watch.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if they do launch a Surface watch raining something called Windows wearable based on Wocs. It's highly likely happened this year.
  • I want surface ar glasses hololens.
  • What about a Surface Go 3?
  • I think that might be spring time in 2022
  • I guess the Duo 2 is nice, but Surface Pro 8 has the most potential to be meaningful for far more people.
  • The Surface Studio/Laptop idea is intriguing. I like and use the detachable tablet on my Surface Book 2 15", but an adjustable easel would be more useful to me. (I was interested in the Surface Studio when it came out. I know I'd love working on that platform, but the cost, lack of portability, and unimpressive specs were deal-breakers.) I'd also like Thunderbolt on my next computer.
  • Plz no, dont destroy surfacebook. I love it, and it has no alternative on the market
  • Because of the lack of announcements, I'm ill prepared to make pronouncements
  • The Duo 2 and Book 4 look interesting. As some have said Duo needs to also fix the software experience. MS have not even updated v1 to Android 11 as promised
  • I think any device with next-gen WoA will be interesting. There's clearly a lot of potential on both the hardware and software sides.
  • How convinced is the author that the patent drawing is indication of a Surface Book 4? It looks more like a type cover or a new line of Surface products. I hope they keep the Surface Book form factor because I love it.
  • with the released of Win 11...anyone expecting to see Surface Neo this fall?
  • I'd like to hope the duo 2 does well. Well enough to get more variety of Microsoft phones down the line. Kinda like how lumia had different models for different price points. I've gotten used to NOT paying over 1000$+ for a phone and have been purchasing mid tier budget phones. And would love Microsoft to get back into the budget scene. Most of the world can't afford 1000$+ phones each few years. especially without work thanks to the current communist virus you know the one I'm talking bout😉
  • Surface Pro 8. I was going to purchase a surface pro 7 plus for business but the configuration I wanted was never in stock, i.e., 16 GB ram and LTE. The current configurations for the SSD drive make no sense in the LTE model. Microsoft needs to bring the 1 TB SSD to the LTE model or redesign it so that the LTE model doesn't exclude a micro SD card. Without the ability to add more storage the 256 GB SSD is way too small. And MS needs to stop price gouging for the bump ups in storage capacity.
  • As far as I'm concerned, the Duo is just a stupid device to begin with, so never will I be interested in that junk. Since I just bought a Surface Pro 7, the SP8 really only has one aspect that's interesting: the removable SSD. If only that had been a feature of previous versions and I wouldn't have had to throw away my 2017 SP (aka SP5) one month after it fell out of warranty because the SSD went dead. I'm interested to see if the SP8 will be compatible with existing accessories (particularly type covers). And I've never cared a bit about the Surface Books---the SP is exactly what I need, all the time.
  • I would like arm powered surface go 3