Which unannounced Surface device are you most excited about?

Surface Pro X Sq2 Ports
Surface Pro X Sq2 Ports (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

This week we saw a trio of major Surface-related articles on our front page. Our executive editor kicked things off with an update to our piece on the Surface Pro 8. Soon after, unofficial renders of the Surface Duo 2 were shared online. Following that, our senior editor Zac Bowden shared a report on the upcoming Surface Book 4 (which may go by a different name). With all of this Surface news, we'd like to know which upcoming Microsoft device you're most excited about.

The Surface Pro 8 will likely have the least radical redesign of the new Surface devices. We expect the flagship 2-in-1 to feature new Intel 1th Gen U-series chips, a new Type Cover more like that of the Surface Pro X, and a larger display. While the display will be larger, we don't expect the footprint of the device to be any bigger. Microsoft will expand the screen of the Surface Pro 8 by thinning its bezels compared to its predecessor.

We also expect the Surface Pro 8 to have a removable SSD and to have a refined design, though it will be similar to the Surface Pro 7.

In contrast, the Surface Book 4 will likely be a dramatic shift from the Surface Book 3. In fact, it may not even be called the Surface Book 4. For the sake of simplicity, we'll call it that for now.

Microsoft Surface Kickstand Patent 1

Source: PATENTSCOPE (Image credit: Source: PATENTSCOPE)

The Surface Book 4 could look like a mixture of the Surface Studio and the Surface Laptop. It will likely run on a more powerful processor as well. The current Surface Book maxes out at only four cores. Many of the best Windows laptops run on processors with six or even eight cores. Sources also suggest that the Surface Book 4 will have RTX graphics, a bigger trackpad, and a panel with a high refresh rate.

Surface Duo 2 Unofficial Render

Source: WindowsUnited (Image credit: Source: WindowsUnited)

We still haven't heard any official word on the Surface Duo 2, but a designer created unofficial renders of the device based on leaks and suspected details about the device. We expect the Surface Duo 2 to have a camera bump and a more refined design than the previous generation.

Which Surface device are you most excited about? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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