Windows Central readers shoot down Galaxy Fold 3 in favor of Surface Duo 2

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Hands On Green
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Hands On Green (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Windows Central)

Votes are still rolling in for our poll on if our readers plan to buy a Galaxy Fold 3 or Surface Duo 2, but unless things change dramatically, there's already a clear winner. As you might expect from our readers, many lean towards Microsoft's rumored offering over the latest and greatest from Samsung.

Yesterday, Samsung announced a pair of foldables, the Galaxy Fold 3 and Galaxy Flip 3. While each of Samsung's devices have a folding display, the Galaxy Fold 3 is more likely to be compared to the rumored Surface Duo 2 (which hasn't been officially announced). There are notable differences between Samsung and Microsoft's devices, but the comparisons are inevitable.

Our poll pitting the two against each other went up around 24 hours ago (on August 11, 2021), and since then, over 63% of voters have said they will buy the Surface Duo 2. That may sound like it's not that far above half of the voters, but almost 25% of participants don't plan to buy either device.

Almost 11% of voters say they'll buy the Galaxy Fold 3 at the time of publication. A rich few (1.52%) say they will purchase both the Galaxy Fold 3 and the Surface Duo 2. With pockets that deep, it's a good thing both devices have NFC for payments.

RoarinRow says in the comments section, "I like the form factor of the Duo. I don't like the concept of a folding screen compared to two screens attached with a hinge, from a durability [perspective]."

While in the minority among our voters, DouttJ is a big fan of the Galaxy Fold 3, stating, "The Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 checks all the boxes. Very impressed with all the new products they showed off today. Microsoft is not only going to have to hit it out of the ball park but with bases loaded to make me think they have a better product than Samsung right now."

Which side do you fall on? We'll leave the original poll open. The comment section on that post is quite active, so you can also jump into the discussion there.

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