If there is any mystery why Microsoft's Panos Panay just received a promotion, you can now know your answer. In Microsoft's 4th quarter earnings for FY15, the Surface stands out as one of the few bright points for their hardware.

According to Microsoft's report, Surface revenue is at $888 million for the quarter, which is up 117%. For the 2015 fiscal year, all Surface revenue exceeded $3.6 billion an increase of 65% from the previous fiscal year.

Microsoft attributes the growth naturally to the popularity of the Surface Pro 3 and the recent introduction of the Surface 3.

Although not mentioned in the report, Microsoft is expected to launch a Surface Pro 4 in October according to our sources. The introduction of that device will undoubtedly continue the robust growth for Surface as a brand heading into 2016.

On Friday, AT&T will become the first US carrier to sell the LTE-enabled version of the Surface 3.

Source: Microsoft

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