Survival title The Long Dark finally arrives on Windows 10 (Update: With Xbox Play Anywhere)

The Long Dark
The Long Dark (Image credit: Hinterland Games)

Originally scheduled to release alongside the Xbox One version in August, The Long Dark for Windows 10 was quietly delayed. However, the title is now available via the Microsoft Store, offering up a unique survival adventure.

Update November 3, 2017: Even though the logo is missing, this is indeed an Xbox Play Anywhere title, where you can buy it once and own it on both Xbox and Windows 10. Original article below.

The Long Dark pits players against the wilderness in icy northern Canada amid unnaturally cold weather. After crash-landing, you're tasked with survival the harsh realities of mother nature, fighting against the cold and wild animals as you hunt, fish, and just generally try to stay alive.

In addition to its signature survival mode, The Long Dark will also offer up episodic content where you'll have to make tough decisions that make an impact on other characters and the story as a whole.

Having originally hit Steam early access in 2014, The Long Dark has been available on PC for some time. However, today marks its launch on the Windows Store. The game was originally billed as Xbox Play Anywhere, but the typical logo denoting a title as such is currently missing from the Microsoft Store. Still, if you're down to give an excellent survival game a try, you can pick up The Long Dark for $34.99 on the Microsoft Store now.

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