SwiftKey adds location and calendar sharing to its Toolbar feature

In March, SwiftKey rolled out what it called its biggest update since it was acquired by Microsoft, bringing a new Toolbar feature and more to its Android and iOS apps. Acting as a handy way to quickly access different actions, the Toolbar initially included shortcuts to GIFs, Quick Settings, Themes, and more. But SwiftKey promised more was on the way, and it's fulfilling that promise with the keyboard's latest update on Android.

Now, SwiftKey users will be able to access calendar and location sharing from the toolbar. Each feature is pretty straightforward, allowing you to quickly insert your location or calendar appointments into messages and send them to others. Here's the official look at what's new:

  • Quickly insert the address of your current location to share with family and friends (US and India only)
  • Easily share calendar events from your keyboard
  • You can now long press and delete Double-Word predictions

SwiftKey Calendar Sharing

It's a relatively small update compare to the SwiftKey's big move up to version 7.0, but location and calendar sharing are handy nonetheless. If you want to check out all of what's new, both features are now available in the U.S. and India.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Problem: The keybaord's UI is still very laggy. I really enjoy using the keyboard, but the performance is a huge issue. Still appreciate the new feature.
  • I dropped it because of the laggines. Moved to BB Keyboard.
  • What device are you using? I'm using a Galaxy S8 and I've never experienced any lag.
  • Same never had lag. Use it on the Pixel
  • Using it on my S8 as well no lag here either.
  • I use only Microsoft services yet this keyboard forces me to use Google Voice package for speech-to-text function. Why can't I use Cortana instead?
  • Same hee I have Cortana set as my default but stupid Bixby or Google now keeps coming up.
    No to fix it.
  • It depends also on which app you're writing: if the app do some stuff at each tap (like updating a search filter) the app is blocking and so do Switfkey.
  • Sounds neat
  • I love it on #Lumia950XL though...
  • Now on windows?
  • When do they add the cursor button?
  • Not quite the same thing, but you can enable cursor arrows in the settings. I personally prefer that to the single button.
  • SwiftKey is never the same, I started using this app i think somewhere back in 2013/2014 and i couldn't opt for anything different but i stop using smartphone for a while, after am back i noticed something different, at first i don't need to even type every word perfectly, just hit where the letter is and it will predict perfectly but nowadays it just gives exactly the letters you typed even tho it's link to my email and other social media accounts
  • I just recently moved to Android (S9) from my beloved 950XL out of necessity.
    One thing that I'd like to see in SwiftKey (use it because of the dark grey colouring) is to add more of the quick shortcuts to the fullstop key. There's only 4 choices ? ! . , whereas the standard Samsung keyboard has numerous & ^ % $ # @ ' ! ? ,
    Is there a way of adding more options ourselves in settings that I haven't found. Hoping this is in an upcoming update to SwiftKey.
  • I used android for a while and tried a lot of keyboards.all of them had many features but couldn't compare to the windows one.it's so simple,so...i don't know...great!!!
    Happy to operate a L930 :D
  • Anyone using SwiftKey with the S9 on WQHD+ resolution? Keyboard is HUGE. Only option is to drop the resolution down to FHD+ until (or if) SwiftKey fixes the bug. I remember this same issue on the S8 existed for a while.
  • I never knew Swiftkey was grabbed by MS, it is installed as default on my phone, but I disabled it and gone with the standard Google keyboard, All I need is a way to type text and numbers, I do not see the point in swiftkey these days, A few years back when it was the only one to use swipe input, but not know. i just wish I could uninstall it from my phone.