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SwiftKey gets faster and leaner with latest update

If SwiftKey is your keyboard of choice, you may notice the app is a little faster after its latest update. The Microsoft-owned keyboard has received a substantial speed boost, making it "on average 20 percent faster loading" than its closest competitor, the SwiftKey team claims. Further, SwiftKey says it has reduced lag by more than 50 percent in its internal testing.

Here's a full rundown of the improvements SwiftKey has made in its latest update:

  • SwiftKey is on average 20% faster loading than our closest competitor across a range of devices, and as much as twice as fast on first load after a phone restart
  • SwiftKey has the smallest app install size on fresh install – without sacrificing features or functionality – on some devices this is as much as half the size
  • Internal testing shows improved frame rendering, reducing lag by over 50%, even on older phones

SwiftKey says that it arrived at its speed claims after testing its keyboard versus GBoard 7.6.13, Baidu 8.2.1, and TouchPal 6.9.1 on a variety of Android devices. All keyboards were set to English US for the language, but the team claims it has seen similar performance improvements with other languages.

Your mileage may vary in terms of pure speed, but the main takeaway is that SwiftKey should generally be faster and smaller, particularly with fresh installs. If you want to give it a shot for yourself, you can grab SwiftKey from Google Play now.

See at Google Play

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  • maybe time to give TouchPal and Baidu keyboards a try!
  • Touchpad which is full of advertisements and Baidu which is developed by a Chinese national company? Sure... There are much better alternatives if you really want one.
  • 1. Baidu is a Chinese private company. 2. There's nothing wrong with being a Chinese national company. 3. Just because you feel so bad about China doesn't mean you should spread your hatred on the Internet.
  • What version of the app is this improvement? I haven't seen an update for the beta since the beginning of the month.
  • Cool. I've been using SwiftKey for years but I fear I still won't even notice these improvements haha.
  • Me too. It's the first keyboard I found that lets me seamlessly type (and swipe!) in three languages, English, Spanish and German.
  • I think this is the best part of the keyboard. I still don't k own how the team does this but it is so great. What this app needed was performance improvements to compete with Gboard anyways.
  • I also found the multiple language support really great in SwiftKey. However the Performance has Always been not ideal and also it started to recognise misspelled words as new word suggestions, which was really annoying. So I switched to GBoard and found out, that Gboard has the same Multi language support I came to love in SwiftKey, combined with better Performance.
  • Anytime I use any Android keyboards, it just reminds me of what I miss from my WM10 keyboard. The WM10 keyboard was near perfect - simple, clean, fast. I really miss it on my Android devices :-(
  • Not that you're wrong, but WP8 had the BEST keyboard (with shape-writing?) ever!
  • Yes WP8/8.1 was the best ever. Period.
  • I wished we would see the WP keyboard via swift key, or better an official Windows keyboard for android, with windows integration for cloud keyboard etc.. Oh well.
  • SwiftKey is pretty terrible on iOS, wish they updated that version sometime as well. WordFlow is still superior to SwiftKey even though Microsoft pulled it from the App Store for some stupid reason.
  • Are they still censoring gif search? Untill then it's hard to use SwiftKey.
  • Please enable Flow in other languages like various Chinese and Japanese.
    Prefer QWERT, I'm not a fan of the 9 grids method.
    It'd be nice if you can have a ctrl key on the keyboard and you can swipe from ctrl to a/x/c/v, 5 for numpad and maybe d for dpad...
  • Well I use it to try and stay in the MS ecosystem, and it's decent enough. Although, I do wish you could move the caret with your finger like you can with GBoard, or that it had the dynamic Colour themes of Chrooma (blue for Outlook, purple for OneNote etc)
  • Cool. I prefer this vkb over any others on the Android platform. Look forward to speed :)
  • Still waiting for the Cloud Clipboard...