Switching from a Mac to a Surface? Microsoft has a guide for that

After having poked a little fun at Mac users with its holiday ad last month, it looks like Microsoft is taking a slightly more diplomatic approach to helping users switch over to a Surface Pro 3. The company debuted a new website today aimed at easing the switch from a MacBook to its latest and greatest tablet offering.

The guide, which you can look over here, serves as a pretty detailed primer for becoming familiar with both the Surface and Windows 8.1 when coming from Apple's way of doing things. Included is a how-to for pretty much anything from simply performing a right click to installing applications and replacing Facetime with Skype.

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As a bonus for those who want to dip their toes in both ecosystems, Microsoft has also included a section for using a Surface with an iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud.

If you know someone who is making the switch, the guide below is sure to be infinitely useful as they look to shake off the quirks of OS X.

Source: Microsoft; via ZDNet

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