T-Mobile 3G expansion roadmap leaked

Along with the speculation that T-Mobile is getting the HTC Snap and Touch Pro 2, it now looks like the service provider will be expanding its 3G Network. Tmonews has posted a leaked memo purportedly showing a list of cities  to receive 3G coverage the rest of this year.

As early as this month Shreveport, La; Lubbock, Texas; and Wichita Falls, Texas are to go live with 3G. June has cities such as Henderson, Nevada; Pueblo, Colorado, and Daytona Beach, Florida going live. Along with others, we'll keep this filed in the Rumor Mill for now but if true, combined with the new phone releases, it will be an productive year for T-Mobile.

Via AndroidCentral and IntoMobile

Dieter Bohn
  • This is a joke right? T-mobile should be thinking about 4G and not 3G. It is too late in the game for T-mobile to go 3G.
    T-mobile is the worst network there is. Giving out hundreds of free minutes for every complaint does not fix the network.
  • Yea right I lived in lubbock ,and no 3g network. To many promises and its at the end of april 2009