T-Mobile makes changes to its revamped unlimited plans; will launch on Sept. 1

T-Mobile says it has made some changes to T-Mobile ONE, its revamped unlimited plans. It will now offer 3G speeds for hotspots instead of 2G, allow customers to access HD video speeds for 24 hours via day passes, and will launch a premium unlimited plan called T-Mobile ONE Plus.

One of the biggest complaints about T-Mobile ONE when it was first announced was that its unlimited mobile hotspot speeds were only 2G, which pretty much makes them useless. Today's announcement from T-Mobile (opens in new tab) says they will now get a speed boost in that department to 3G data.

Another complaint was that the basic T-Mobile ONE plan restricted customers to 480p streaming video, unless they paid an extra monthly fee. T-Mobile now says basic T-Mobile One customers will now be able to access HD video streaming in 24 hour increments via day passes. The bad news is that those passes will cost $3 each and will launch in October.

T-mobile plans

Finally, there's T-Mobile ONE Plus. The premium version of the unlimited service will cost $25 extra per line compared to the basic plan. It will offer unlimited HD video streaming, unlimited 4G hotspot access and up to 3G speeds for data roaming in over 140 countries.

The new T-Mobile ONE plans will launch on September 1, five days earlier than originally announced, What do you think about these changes to T-Mobile's unlimited plan? Let us know in the comments!

  • Still way more expensive than the current plans. I really don't need unlimited that much.
  • Is it? I pay $70 a month from them for unlimted everything. Even with their new ONE+ my bill would drop $5 a month.
  • Yes it is. As he said, not everybody needs unlimited. I myself use the regular 2gb plan, and my bill is 60.82 every month. For that it would over 80 with tax. I ain't paying that, and I don't need it.
  • T-Mobile plans are messed up. They tried to convince me that switching from my pre-paid $30 100min Talk, Unilimited Text, and Unlimited Data (5GB LTE then 2G speed after that) to a $50 Unlimited Talk, Text, and 2GB LTE data plan was needed becuase I wanted a LTE hotspot that is only offered to post-paid accont is better. Lose data, pay more, BUT! I get unlimited calling... well worth it? I think not.
  • Still sounds like a money grab. Companies should offer better products to entice people to pay more, not remove features then charge more to add them back.
  • Looks like phase 1 was to get more customers.  Now that they're beating Sprint, it's time to move onto phase 2 which is get more money.  
  • Russia has the one of the cheapest and one of the fastest mobile network in the world. Something like 500₽/month ($8/month) with unlimited - no, UNLIMITED - 4G LTE with 300+ Mbit/sec speed in more than 450+ cities, unlimited video streaming, unlimited sharing via Wi-Fi so you can use mobile network on your PC. And add to this good, rewamped, fresh and simple account management. And any mobile device is unlocked, you can choose any carrier, but 3 of them is the biggest and have same data plans - unlimited, unlimited, unlimited. US, be like Russia pls.
  • Thanks, but no thanks.
  • If Trump wins then US has hope of getting better mobile services.
  • Offtop Every comment about Russia gets sub-comment about Trump nowadays. Meh. Let's be clear, Russia is only one country that supporting Trump in its media.
  • Fortunately, you can still keep your existing plan (I have 2 lines with 1GB each for $95), though I wonder if they are going to eventually eliminate the free streaming services after this move (they currently say that they aren't). I stream Pandora most of the day at work, and I rarely hit my data cap under normal use.
  • I thought Tmo was suppose to be the uncarrier. Cricket has 2.5 GB data per line and has 2 lines for like $70... And better coverage. Interesting...
  • Cricket uses AT&T's network, so that's why it has better coverage.
  • Depends on your use, I guess. With most streaming services not going against your cap, 1GB can be enough. I use mobile data at work--including work email, yet typically I use less than 1GB each month. I may use 3GB when I include free streaming.
  • Taking the "un" from carrier and putting it in front of the word customer now.
  • This better not affect the Simply Unlimited users. These new plans look like a rip off. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Carrier 1.1 - Charging $3 for a "daily pass" is even worse I think. Uncarrier would at least have done it for free.
  • Maybe they will use the extra cash to improve their coverage area.
  • T-Mobile has vastly improved their coverage, so long as you have a handset that supports band 12. In rural Washington State for example, the improvement in T-Mobile's coverage is night-and-day.
  • In my area of north central Texas Tmo coverage is non existent. People that move here as Tmo customers very quickly abandon the carrier for At&t.
  • I wish more people knew about Cricket.
  • That is an AT&T option here. We have a Cricket store. It's becoming quite popular. I have a line with them just so i could get the 650. Their service is ok if one doesn't mind throttled data. I use my 650 like most people use a tablet but it's not my primary phone.
  • On my current T-Mobile unlimited plan I pay $40 a month for unlimited Talk and Text, with $30 for Unlimited 4G LTE data that includes 5GB of tethering. 90% of the time when I'm streaming with my phone I'm on wi-fi. On their new plan I'll being paying $40 for everything, but losing good tethering speeds, which I've used maybe twice in the 3 years I've had T-Mobile. I'll most likely be switching over.    
  • You forgot to mention that you arent really paying $40 outright, thats the price of 4 lines divided by 4. The real cost for a single line is $70, then $50 for the next ($120) then $20 for the next 2 lines totalling $160 - dividing by 4 gets you $40. Thats the price you are quoting and is incorrect when referring to a single line on the new plan. Not to mention all your videos will be restricted to SD quality and you pay an extra $5 if you dont autopay.
  • You corrected misinformation with misinformation of your own. Videos are only SD on T-Mobile if you opt-in to their unlimited Binge-On service. Opt out and your videos are HD, but they count towards your data cap (if you have one).
  • I don't know why eveyone hates these plans so much.  They seem to forget that once upon a time we had to count minutes for talking.  Yes it seemed like it was too expensive when everything when unlimited talk and text, but now its mostly taken for granted.  This was the direction data needed to move as well.  As an added bonus, by limiting video streams to 1.5Mbps, hopefully we get better video codecs faster.  Both YouTube and Netflix can push 720p over the throttled connection already, so while they say 480p video that is just the lowest bar
  • I could see this as great if you're a family of 4 or more, but I pay $45 for the same on Sprint (Framily, but still, $45), without having to deal with the complexities of a Family plans with friends.   The short version here seems to be Sprint if you don't have kids, and/or just want to be on a plan with your spouse (2 on Sprint Unlimited < 2 on TMobile One), and TMobile if you're 4+ or want to say you are with Friends.  If TMobile did this in a way that worked more like Framily with billing (4 individual charges), this could be great for friends who want to share, but not otherwise.   Edit:  I'm not counting the hotspot usage, as that's great, but for someone who doesn't carry a tablet, it's not really needed for me.
  • Still going to clutch onto my 4 lines with unlimited everything for $150 plan for as long as possible.
  • Wow unlimited high speed hotspot? Seriously? There better be a catch to that otherwise there's going to be a rash of cord cutters
  • Currently I'm on the $95 Unlimited 4G LTE, unlimited talk/text, 14GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot. If the One Plus plan (with UNLIMITED 4G LTE hotspot) is only $5 more than what I'm already paying, I'll switch.
  • Keeping my $30.00 pre-paid line. Everything on it works fine for me.