T-Mobile makes changes to its revamped unlimited plans; will launch on Sept. 1

T-Mobile says it has made some changes to T-Mobile ONE, its revamped unlimited plans. It will now offer 3G speeds for hotspots instead of 2G, allow customers to access HD video speeds for 24 hours via day passes, and will launch a premium unlimited plan called T-Mobile ONE Plus.

One of the biggest complaints about T-Mobile ONE when it was first announced was that its unlimited mobile hotspot speeds were only 2G, which pretty much makes them useless. Today's announcement from T-Mobile says they will now get a speed boost in that department to 3G data.

Another complaint was that the basic T-Mobile ONE plan restricted customers to 480p streaming video, unless they paid an extra monthly fee. T-Mobile now says basic T-Mobile One customers will now be able to access HD video streaming in 24 hour increments via day passes. The bad news is that those passes will cost $3 each and will launch in October.

T-mobile plans

Finally, there's T-Mobile ONE Plus. The premium version of the unlimited service will cost $25 extra per line compared to the basic plan. It will offer unlimited HD video streaming, unlimited 4G hotspot access and up to 3G speeds for data roaming in over 140 countries.

The new T-Mobile ONE plans will launch on September 1, five days earlier than originally announced, What do you think about these changes to T-Mobile's unlimited plan? Let us know in the comments!

John Callaham