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Lumia 640 getting Windows 10 Mobile update on T-Mobile Poland

If you live in Poland, own a Lumia 640 and connect to T-Mobile in that country, you may soon be getting an update to Windows 10 Mobile. A new report claims that the carrier has started over-the-air updates for that phone, in the first reported instance of such updates for older Windows Phones that are not part of the Windows Insider program.

The T-Mobile support page indicates that the update takes the Lumia 640 up to software version 02177.00000.15184.36002. It adds that the update is being released in batches so not every Lumia 640 owner will get the update at the same time. We have not yet received independent confirmation that this update is actually being pushed out, nor any word on when this download will be available on other devices outside of Poland.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

Source: T-Mobile Trendy; Via:

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  • Let me tell u something.. We Indians are the ones who are saving the Windows phone market share!
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  • Awesome
  • Well, not only you. In Europe it is somewhat... popular, I guess? OK, it's nowhere near to Android market share, but I meet ppl with Windows Phones more and more and it makes me happy to see.
  • Wen in India
  • Oh, come on... it's a classic :P
  • An exception occurred during webclient request. This is consistently happening in the WC app. Sent an email to the feedback thing but as usual I never get replies.
  • Insiders reaction on seeing the news "Meh!". XD Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bomb :P
  • yea, this might not be a good thing for some people... but no telling, maybe good firmware makes it work  
  • Relax guys...I'm here!
  • Here comes our saviour.
  • Let the show begin !
  • WHY ISN'T MICROSOFT TELLING US WHAT IS GOING ON ? when will we get the update ? When are we to expect an update and if the updates have already started then why in the world hasn't Microsoft told everyone ? I mean surely Microsoft doesn't really have a lot of people using these devices you know,and they're screwing around with their own supporters,I don't know about you guys but this seems REALLY stupid to me.
  • Just because you are an insider doesn't mean you can literally swear on a guy asking a genuine question.
  • You mean he didn't say.. MY FRIEND USE INSIDERS APP.
  • I can swear even to God (he doesn't exist tho)
  • You literally don't know what literally means
  • So you wanna say that only insiders are the one's who use their products,only they deserve to know what's happening.....
  • Reading the article, it looks like Tmo Poland is controlling the rollout from 8.1 to Windows Mobile 10.  Not Microsoft.
  • These are not "only" question. This is nagging. Nobody here can give a answer on these kind of questions which would satisfy you and other naggers.
  • The updates from Windows 8.x to Windows 10M are not up to MS, they are up to the carriers. MS has no control of if or when they will be released. If you want to complain to someone its the carriers, if you want the update now you can use the insider app to update then remove yourself from future insider updates. Hope that clears things up.
  • Carriers...bruh I'm from India.
  • How is that relevant.
  • We don't really have carriers around here,i mean we do have them but we get every phone unlocked and then we get a sim from our service provider(I guess what would be called as a carrier in your case).
  • Then you will get it at some point. You didnt excatly make that clear in your origional post and not everyone (me included) knows how diffrent companies operate when it comes to mobile phones in diffrent parts of the world.
  • Yep, which means no carrier update delays. We should get it soon enough :)
  • That means nothing, but let me clarify it further then: If you have an unlocked phone you will get it... eventually.. if you have a locked phone its the mobile carriers who make the decision if you get the update or not. It is not up to MS if the phone is locked to a mobile phone network. If you want it now you can enrol into the insider preview and then leave it again. the choice is yours.
  • Usually unlocked phones get it sooner, as it doesn't have to go through carrier for tweaks and approval. Don't know the tactic on this one though
  • Even Microsoft doesn't know when it will be release to larger public.they don't know when to start and which country to target first ... Lol :p....
  • Why would they? they know as much as you.
  • This is weired.. Maybe today is the day... but maybe it was supose to be later today.. not so early xD  
  • it's 17:00 in Europe. USA is not the center of the world. UK is, as we all count the time in + or - from there.
  • I do prefer European time, and measurements, and accents. I should move.
  • True, I believe the inner core is the center.
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  • Spain, Lumia 532, nothing yet!
  • No, I'm the center of the world.  Who just happens to live in the US.
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  • Carriers are giving update sooner than Microsoft. LOL!!
  • no, microsoft gave carriers the update for testing, and now they released it.
  • At least they are announcing it
  • @Melle Then why don't they push updates for old unlocked devices?.. Your point is wrong I'm afraid ;)
  • country dependent i guess, my NL 640 got an update, the software version number now being higher then the one in this article, i was using the insider preview though, and the update didn't mention any version, just "insider configuration update"
  • Hi Melle, What is the IS Build version?
  • 10586.63
  • This simple concept has eluded the "finest" minds on this site for what seems like centuries now, well stated sir.
  • This is like samsung getting update before nexus! Although this is microsoft device only ;)
  • What about the Contry Variant phones? It's MS responsibility 
  • well, i did get an update right before this article was published
  • I'd rather have a Contra Variant but that is Konami's responsibility.
  • After the long wait, it finally has started. But both my older phones (1520 & 925) are already in the Insider Program so although I'm glad, the news is not earth-shaking to me.
  • Lol. I am a non insider and the news is not earth shaking for me either.
  • The only thing that will be shaking is their fists in anger when they realise what a piece of poo they've allowed to be installed on their phones....
  • True that.
  • hahaha #truth
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  • Lol
  • I agree. My old 920 is on the latest build on insider and even after getting so many updates, Win Phone 8.1 is very much ahead in terms of smoothness.
  • Read it as T-Mobile US at first glance, but remembered that VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling are still problematic on TMUS L640's.
  • Is there anyone who has updated..? Plus tell us the version no.
  • Or, ya know, you could read the article? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Haha ;-)
  • Read my response below..
  • He is actually asking for build version.
  • I asked for individual confirmation n experience from someone in Poland who actually updated in last 1 hr. Plus I wanted to know if that build is 10586 with cumulative update of 11 29 36 or 63 installed I m also the one of many who tipped about this article... Just replying to your loose comment about reading the article dude.. Dont shoot in the air it might hurt u back
  • What the grr...! In India I m already installing tp :(
  • Me too
  • cant wait for this to come to the US cause i want to bne able to track my sons phone
  • you can do that with 8.x as well
  • Mmm, is that build free from the bugs we have in the insider builds :o ?
  • No way.  It will take months if not years to fix the number of bugs in W10M at the rate MS moves.
  • Tell me, what phone is bug free?
  • My HTC One M8 running WP8.1 was pretty much free of bugs.  I'm sure there were minor ones here and there, but nothing I can think of off the top of my head.  It just "worked."  WP8.1 was pathetically lacking in features, but the features it did have worked as they were supposed to. In contrast, I am not aware of anything on my new Lumia 950 that is not buggy.   And that is not an exageration.  From such core things as the Start Screen coming back after pressing the Windows key to shutting down the phone, to the messaging app to the dialer to the email to the calendar to the browser to WiFi to continuum to closing apps in the task switcher to apps updating in the store, not one single thing works 100% reliably.  And this is not my specific phone but the way it behaves on multiple 950s.  Most things work 99% of the time, which is enough that the phone is 'usable.'  But it has a loooooong way to go before it's 'good.'
  • So... not bug free. I'm sure 8.1 had thousands of bugs, still thousands of bugs less than android or whatever... Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. Should MS fix them? of course, even if only one guy found them.
  • So yes, bug free. At least to me.
  • When for Lumia 640 XL t-mobile Poland ?
  • maybe tomorrow.
  • So this means the Lumia 640 is getting a firmware update?
  • L640 sold by T-Mobile Poland contract is getting a firmware update to be precise
  • Probably not. Only OS update. In article it is stated that version of firmware is going to be 2177.00000.15184.36002. This is acctualy current firmware, so no new firmware so far.
  • if that's the current version, do some countries have a newer version? i got 15221 instead of 15184
  • It's finally happening !!!
  • And we still dont have the new Windows Central app kkk
  • They are updating their iPhone and Android app first :-)
  • Yet you somehow managed to post this comment so I think you'll survive....
  • Are you from KKK bro?
  • Kkkkk for Brazilians is like saying hahaha for Americans
  • Cause I hate KKK ;P
  • When/if the update makes it to T-Mo in the US, will we be required to update?  I've got a 640 and would prefer to stick with 8.1.
  • No just disable the check on updates. But it will be "difficult" to keep staying on 8.1 because on the WDRT W10 also will be placed.
  • Hey when in India?
  • Wen in India? :D
  • Which built? .36 or .63?
  • Please read the article.
  • I read the article, but built 15506 is not mentioned....have they upgrade to anold built? So strange...
  • Damn! It's not that usable still make it stable first
  • You forget this is one huge beta test... :)
  • whats the build number?
  • Thanks God finally windows 10 mobile update start
  • When in India? Lol
  • So if i updated my phone to W10M ill be able to roll back to 8.1 throught WDRT ?
  • No as wdrt puts the latest build approved for your device on your phone. And 10 is approved for your phone
  • well, it depends if they already put w10 on the wdrt server, if not, you can go back to 8.1. but it won't be for long, as soon as they put it on the servers it will just install 10
  • At least something has started
  • When it's gonna b d exact date..or month..?
  • When in India? Lol :D
  • Can anyone in Poland confirm this is happening !. Rumour mill I expect as I'm led to believe rollout begins next month
  • Well according to the last line, they did get a lot of tips, so it *could* be true. No way of knowing right now
  • Is the 730 going to get this update? Like ever? Coz it's not on the list.
  • Yes it is.
    My friends couldn't wait so they used insiders app and everything is perfect
  • doesn't mean it'll get it
  • I can see the light...
  • "said the sperm and jumped out" *splash*
  • Hahahahahah... :D
  • Does anyone know... If I got my phone unlocked through AT&T (1520) does that mean I get updates like any other unlocked phone (meaning earlier...) I didn't get the phone unlocked I called to get it unlocked AFTER buying. I think that means its software unlocked but idk. Lol.
    EDIT: As I think about it more... I think the phone has to be unbranded and unlocked to get updates earlier. Eh. Idk.
  • Now its unlocked.
  • Indeed your phone is unlocked but still branded to AT&T so you get the update "from" AT&T and not "from" MS.
  • Unlocked vs unbranded. You'll get updates from AT&T still. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • BLU WIN HD LTE...any plans?
  • LOL  An update for a BLU phone....
  • Actually Blu seemed pretty good with updates
  • Kace u Srbiju ?
  • Saće. Posted via the Windows Central App for FIAT 500L
  • That' great news.. Now another 3-4 month before my carrier will update my phone in my country.. After the waiting let's the long wait start! Btw i really want wm10 on my phone!
  • They better bring the new update for the 950XL
  • ??? the 950XL already has Windows 10 Mobile.
  • I honestly don't think W10M is ready...
    1 device in 1 region. Might be a nice test to see how the average person reacts to W10M though (on older devices)
    Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • Wen in Merica?
  • I guess that's a rumour cos MS has said it will release an app which will be able to tell whether the phone is ready for the windows 10 update.. As the app is not in public domain yet,I guess the update thing is a rumor..
  • Seriously, Why are people screaming about the delay in official release for? It has been confirmed that the version released is 10586.63. This is the latest Insider build (fast ring) so surely joining the Insider Programme will quench your thirst. And even better, MS has released an update to the Insider app which ensures that you can synchronize the Insider version with the official version, so what's the problem? I am beginning to think some people are simply complaining for the hell of it.
  • Becose the insider version is a beta version i dont wand my phone to have reboots and such things thats wat i am heereing abouth the insider updates, atm i am on 29 and everything works well so i dont want to mess that up with a insider update
  • This is precisely the point I am making. Making comments without understanding what you are commenting about is not only confusing to the issues at hand, but unhelpful. Please re-read my message and you will understand. Basically, you are waiting for a build (which is already out on Insider Prog.) which will come out as "official" and when it has the very same issues you have just mentioned, you will say "Aha! Microsoft, what crap"! and we will start all over again with insults, etc. 
  • U are right i am confused becose i hear things abouth insider updates, can u tell me if its true do u think its good to go on insider for me with my daily phone 950 XL
  • I think it would depend on why you want to go on the Insider Programme. Personally I just got tired of waiting for MS/Carriers to release Win 10 mobile so having done some research, I figured that if 10586.63 was the "official" carrier release, which also happened to be the current version on the Insider Prog., then I couldn't go wrong. In other words, I just wanted Win 10 mobile. In your case, the 950 was shipped with Win 10 mobile, although a lesser version. I believe you were at some point, recently, probably upgraded to .36. Now that .63 seems to the the "official" carrier release, it is most likely that your phone will get ugraded to .63, along with everyone else on your network. Personally, if I were you, I'd just wait. .63 is supposed to be mainly about bug fixes and stability, apparently no new features, so you're not really missing anything. Hope this helps.
  • After .29, my 640 has been just fine. Finally..
  • Ty for the reply il take your advice and wait till official update will release btw got 1 queston left :) i did log in at insider yesterday but dint choose fast or slow i logt out inmidiatly left insider so i wil get the official updates right ?
  • You need to sign up, choose "fast track", let the app configure your phone. Once done, check for updates until .63 comes up, and then install. MS has now updated the Win. Insider app to synchronise it with "normal" updates. However, you can sign out of the programme once you've updated to .63, and then you should get updates from higher versions than .63, when they are released.
  • If the version number is the same then so is the software.
  • Why just Poland? It has to come to US.
  • T-Mobile Poland has entered the history books.
  • Same question as most people here, When in India? :P
  • When in Mars! Us Martians are getting annoyed at the horrid upgrade model your Earthian corporations have. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • I'll bet your ping is around 1800000ms. Sucks when playing Battlefield :P
  • If only T-Mobile US didn't suck so much.
  • At least their rates are good.
  • cool, i'll check tomorrow for an update
  • Why do phone updates always go to Poland first?
  • Still don't get update on Lumia 640 XL
  • If Lumia 640 is 'older phone' then what is my 820? It still works as well as on the first day.
  • What is it with Poland and Updates? Like with the Lg's too..
  • So does this mean that Microsoft wont announce the public release? If the "carrier concept" doesn't exist in a country how are they supposed to know as when and how it will be available?
  • Finally it started but when in Bangladesh ? wating for wp10 for my lumia 1520 
  • Every reviews say WM10 is buggy and unfinished, I don't get why people is so impatient getting upgrade every time. WP 8.1 is sleek and.. it works, so don't fix it.
  • quote: "If you live in Poland, own a Lumia 640 and connect to T-Mobile in that country, you may soon be getting an update to Windows 10 Mobile." I'm curious about the part about using a T-Mobile SIM. I understood that updates would happen to carrier branded phones regardless of the carrier being used or even if the phone had no SIM at all. Do I have that wrong or is that just for US carrier phones, or was the part about "connect to T-Mobile" irrelevant?   
  • On Vodafone Romania I already have version 02177.00000.15184.36002. Don't know if It came with this installed; bought in november.
  • Well it started alright...., after waiting like 4ever but when is it rolling in gulf countries? Can't wait to see it on my 930
  • WHEN TO INDIA????????? Because of commitment by MS on July that all LUMIA 640/640XL series will get update first...But now 6 months waiting???
    Its making the user to completely lose hope on MS why they are not at all realising??? As a user of WP we do uncertain what MS have as future why we need to stick this OS????
    We used for its uniqueness and PC like but the last 6 months delays and poor launching of new mobiles making questionable about the future of MS phones??
    Is these comments reaching their ears or not??? we don't know.
    Very small phone makers with limited fund released many mobiles within this period why MS not able??? all doing contract manufacturing then what hindrance to design a rectangular bar designed phone???
    Don't delay beyond month for updates and new handsets availability otherwise you will lose complete user hope.