T-Mobile Shadow (Nee Juno/Phoebus) in the Wild

Looks like T-Mobile is finally set to get some real Windows Mobile love, in the form of the HTC Shadow. The Boy Genius Report gives us the breakdown:

The device is "very glossy", and you can see the screen in direct sunlight no problem, as well. The button in the middle of the phone is actually a scroll wheel and it also performs the duties of a 4-way navigational pad.

Be sure to check out the gallery too. We saw this before as the Juno. Specs look decent 'nough:

  • 201 MHz Processor (ok, that's not decent)
  • 128 RAM, 256 ROM
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi
  • The Screen just might be true VGA, not the 320 x 240 we all know so well.

The "Scroll wheel" / Nav Pad is interesting, I'd use that.

WC Staff