T-Mobile UK rolling out Lumia 800 12070 firmware update for customers

T-Mobile UK are rolling out the Lumia 800 12070 firmware update, according to customers who have received the notification. We received a few comments on our article covering the Three UK roll out last week that T-Mobile still haven't kick-started the process.

As mentioned before, depending on carriers who chose to release it, the 12070 firmware update will be rolled out to new countries on April 4th, 11th, and 18th until the update has been pushed out to every Lumia 800.

The firmware 12070 "battery fix" update will significantly improve available use between charges by optimisation to bring down the discharge rate. We noticed after updating a drop from 200mAh to <100mAh

Let us know in the comments should you also be receiving the update.

Thanks Scott for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Hey guys, glad I could help, my brother has just had an update through aswell, he's on o2 uk
  • Yep, got mine this morning! The fixes weigh out the bugs!
  • I briefly suffered a loss in data connection, even after restart, but all seems to be ok now. I must say, just from generally using it today the battery Is so much better, i have about 20% on top of normal at this point in the day. Also the sound improvements are very evident through my nose headphones. Initially very pleased
  • And then there was one. Just Orange left now out of the UK carriers to release this update. Seriously there customer satisfaction for Windows Phone must be low...
  • just got my update on ORANGE UK (bout time)
  • Your kidding me?!
  • I just got my Orange update on my Lumia 800 :)
  • FINALLY! NOKIA Update Available! Magic words to my eyes!
    Didn't get the nofification on my phone, but plugged phone in to my laptop and checked via Zune and currently updating now.
    One Lumia 800 on Orange about to get some serious battery life now.
    P.S Orange, your still slow at updates...
  • I received 12070 for my Lumia 800 here in Sweden yesterday as well. Halebop carrier.
  • Confirmed. 12070 update is now available for Orange subscribers through Zune. ABOUT BLOODY TIME TOO!!!!!
  • Now T-Mobile just need to pull their finger out and release the 8107 update for the Omnia 7.
  • Just got it. T-Mobile Germany not locked.