T-Mobile UK rolling out Mango for Omnia 7 starting today

If you're on T-Mobile UK and have an Omnia 7, you'll be excited to know that starting today, the official-official Mango update for that device will begin rolling out.

The Omnia 7 (along with the AT&T Dell Venue Pro and Focus v1.4) were the only devices that had hiccups with the Mango update, requiring a little extra attention from Samsung in this case. That has caused a delay by only a few weeks but for some who want those drivers it feels like an enternity.

No word on any new features like tethering, so let us know if you find anything.

Source: T-Mobile support forums; Thanks, John C., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Thanks for the update, getting info from t mobile has been like drawing blood from a stone.
  • Just tried, nothing yet, soo excited! Its been too long since all my other friends got it.
  • MANGO incoming! WOOT
  • God this has taken forever. Now I can use all the mango updates and apps, Facebook, Guardian, Sushi Bar, Groupon.... loads.
  • updating now.
  • Just received the update notification on my DT-branded Omnia 7 (i use it on Vodafone Greece)
  • Unexpected by very nice, just updated my wife's Omnia 7 (T-mobile UK) and the device now has Internet sharing available. So worth waiting for it seems! My own Omnia 7 (unbranded, using Vodafone) hasn't got this yet :-( Firmware/radio and bootloader versions are also updated to later versions (2424.11.9.4/2424.11.9.1/5.9.3.).
  • Focus 1.4...
  • Still can't get it, I've tried the force method over 20 times already.
  • Mango goodness installed. I can confirm that the Internet Sharing is indeed present. Go to the settings and there it is, sets up a WiFi hotspot using WPA2 encryption.I've not tried it out yet as I don't get mobile data at home. Definitely trying it tomorrow at work though.
  • tried it out and it works fine. it doesn't cost anything extra though, right?
  • Just got my mango few hours ago, yaaaay!Although I found the update process was taking like forever to finish (or maybe I was just impatiently waiting :D), I even fell asleep during the update and woke up four hours later with an "update successful" message.I've Got Mango In My Phone! XD
  • finally.......they took their own sweet time......I really got frustrated waiting so long.....Never again Tmobile...
  • Its not T-Mobile but the Samsung. The Omnia 7 needs a custom firmware update thus took so long. My next phone will not be a Samsung.
  • Oh....never thought of it like that....
  • Finally got Mango for my Omnia 7 on T-Mobile, its so awesome! loving it.