T- Mobile Wing Released

T-Mobile let out the press release (opens in new tab) early this morning, the T-Mobile Wing is out for $300 with a service contract. No surprises, it's the thinner version of the long-in-the-tooth MDA. It's a very nice phone, but the lack of 3G (blame T-Mobile, who hasn't ramped up their network after their bandwidth acquisition last yet) and the 201 mhz processor makes me die a little inside. But just a little - this looks to be a good holdover for the T-Mo crowd until 3G kicks in.

After the jump, a collection of quotes from the early reviews.

Mobility Site:

The T-Mobile Wing is a solid replacement for the any HTC Wizard Variant. (T-Mobile MDA/Cingular 8125) When compared to the Wizard, the performance is not a huge increase, but having Windows Mobile 6 and it's additions make it a worth the upgrade.

Mobile Tech Review:

If your MDA is gettng old and creaky, the Wing will make a nice replacement with its appreciably slimmer design, grippy coating, more capable Bluetooth, updated OS and an improved camera. Battery life is super by Windows Mobile Professional standards, but the slower CPU speed vs. competitors from other carriers isn't a plus.

CNET (opens in new tab):

With the addition of Windows Mobile 6, the T-Mobile Wing adds a powerful smart phone to the carrier's lineup; however, performance falls a bit short of the competition.


we recommend the Wing if you're looking for the latest and greatest on T-Mobile.

LAPTOP Magazine:

If you're sold on Window Mobile 6 and T-Mobile, the Wing is a solid choice. Power users who can afford the $100 premium over the Dash will appreciate its larger screen and roomier keyboard, and that it runs the full version of Office Mobile.

PC Magazine:

We still prefer the Dash with Windows Mobile 6. We also like the 8800; it's a fast and stable handheld, though it lacks a camera. But the T-Mobile Wing's numerous upgrades from the MDA make it a solid, if not ultimately compelling, touch-screen alternative.


While the technical specifications for the T-Mobile Wing are not much different than the old T-Mobile MDA that it replaces, you really can't get any other Windows Mobile 6 Professional device in North America today. Though the new thinness and great build quality are very welcome improvements, really the Wing is all about being the first with Windows Mobile 6 Pro.

WC Staff
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  • I picked up the T-Mobile wing. In many ways it's a good device.
    It's kind of a drag that they don't include any decent sort of memory at all. 50 bucks for 2GB isn't that bad, but contrast that to 8GB of data that comes with an Iphone.
    The Iphone by contrast doesn't have a physical keyboard which I like about the T-Mobile wing.
    The 'user logic' of this device could be better. I feel that I have to go through too many steps to get where I want sometimes.
    The joystick on the out side of the wing with the button in the middle would be great to dial the phone if I could select numbers and dial them, but it doesn't work that way.
    Call me crazy, but I wish I could install a version of Itunes to play ipod video files on this thing. If I could play stuff from both PC and Mac platforms, I'd have to say this would almost be my own dream portable device.
    The processor speed as you noted could be much more. Sheesh. Although, for a portable device, it's the fastest I've ever had, but I know they could do better for the price. C'mon now!
    WIthout a texting package, T-Mobile sticks you with a 10cent bill per text message. This is indeed an amazing business model. One concern I have is that even though I can connect to WiFi, Texting programs like AOL Instant Messenger will still count against my monthly allotment of text messages. When instead, if I'm using my wifi as my data connection, why should I have to pay for that?
    All in all, these devices are getting better. I like this thing, but it's not the greatest value. I payed the full 500 because I'd rather not renew for two years to get the phone for 300. I must say, when you don't renew and pay for the full phone, T-moble treats you like a second class customer. They make me feel insulted after buying a phone for 550 after taxes. It's strange.