How many Nokia Lumia 920s does it take to shoot a commercial?

We've seen the Nokia Lumia 920 make cameos in several venues but this commercial spot for KPN may be the largest gathering of the Windows Phones we've seen to date.

KPN is a mobile service provider in the Netherlands and chose the Lumia 920 to showcase their 4G network. If my count is correct and this isn't some fancy special effects trick, it took 875 Lumia 920's to shoot this twenty-five second spot.  I wonder what they did with the Windows Phones once the commercial was shot?

Source: Youtube; Thanks, Patrick, for the tip!

Nokia JBL PowerUp Wireless Speaker featured in HTC Android Verizon ad

The Nokia JBL PowerUp Wireless Speaker, an accessory that's marketed by the company for its Lumia range of Windows Phones (see our unboxing first impressions), has made an appearance in a Verizon commercial. The advertisement is for the HTC Droid DNA Android smartphone, which sports wireless charging, NFC and Bluetooth for similar functionality to Windows Phone when used with the wireless speaker.

Humorous Windows 8 advertisement illustrates its simplicity

Microsoft has published a rather humorous advertisement on its YouTube channel, which illustrates just how simple Windows 8 is. Consumers are shown to be hovering around a Windows counter with a handful of demonstration PC units available.

An employee approaches said members of public to enquire if they require any assistance, which leads to a child to pop out with a stool to run the weary traveller through the delights of the new operating system. The video is recorded in Portugal and is in the native language with subtitles.

New "Meet Kerri Walsh's Windows Phone" advertisement

The Windows Phone team has published a new advertisement for the platform on its YouTube channel, showing three-time gold medallist in Beach Volleyball Kerri Walsh and her family. The commercial shows the Walsh household making use of Windows Phone, including Kid's Corner and Microsoft Office. Featuring major advantages of Windows Phone is proving to be an effective way to show off what Microsoft has to offer.

HTC 8X advertised in the Metro UK newspaper

HTC has kicked off its advertising campaign for the Windows Phone 8X, the company's flagship Windows Phone 8 handset, with an advertisement spotted in today's Metro newspaper. Running the latest version of Microsoft's mobile OS, the 8X packs a punch with the latest specifications and included Beats Audio.

Nokia releases Lumia #Switch Windows Phone UK adverts

Nokia has published two videos on its UK YouTube account. The two videos are UK advertisements for the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 Windows Phones that were announced last month. Windows Phone 8 launched last Friday, and it's time for Microsoft, carriers, retailers and OEM partners to get cracking.

Samsung shows off ATIV products in commercial

A video of what appears to be a rather unusual commercial is by Samsung has been uploaded to YouTube. The advertisement shows off he Samsung ATIV Windows product line-up. Using an odd script with cheesy acting, the company presents its Windows Phone 8 handset, Windows 8 tablets and laptops.

AT&T and Windows Phone troll Deadspin with 'Hello' advertisement

The clip that went viral within AT&T's latest 4G LTE advert showing off the Lumia 920 has caused quite a stir over at Deadspin, a sports website which publishes commentaries, recaps, as well as sports-related anecdotes, rumors and YouTube videos.

Say hello to AT&T's Lumia 920 in a carrier 4G network advertisement

AT&T has featured Nokia's Lumia 920 Windows Phone in an advertisement, which says "hello!" to the 4G network spanning across North America. The carrier holds an exclusive deal with the Finnish manufacturer to stock the flagship Windows Phone in the US, once the platform launches tomorrow.

Music focused Windows 8 ads going global today

Microsoft have just announced their plans to get the advertising steamroller underway for the launch of Windows 8.

They are set to kick off the full scale assault in 42 countries in the run up to the Windows 8 launch. They have decided to highlight local upcoming bands using “the universal medium of music”. Bands such as Best Coast (US), Lenka (China) and Hogarth (Brazil) are being cited as some examples. Check out the videos below…

Microsoft's Surface gets tossed about in latest ad

Microsoft has released a dandy of an ad for the upcoming Surface Windows 8 Tablet. Titled "The Surface Movement" the sixty second ad highlights the folding kick stand, detachable keyboard/cover along with a glance at the Windows 8 operating system.

The ad combines a catchy tune, an assortment of dancers and a few Surface aerobatic stunts to grab your attention. It closes with the October 26th launch date and the only crucial bit of information missing is the price.

In addition to the ad surfacing on the Surface, there's also a dedicated YouTube Channel for the Surface. We'll keep an eye out for more ads and videos that Microsoft may sneak out ahead of the launch date.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, everyone, for the tip!

Leaked official HTC 8X video reaffirms the Windows Phone sporting LTE?

A video of what appears to be HTC 8X marketing material has been leaked on YouTube, and it reveals an interesting feature of the Windows Phone - LTE support. Earlier last month we took a look at the HTC 8X sporting the Verizon 4G logo, which further confirmed -- alongside the leaked roadmap -- that the US carrier would indeed be taking the handset under its wing, and that it would be compatible with greater network speeds.

New Nokia Lumia 800 "Beautifully Different" UK TV advert [Video]

Nokia UK announced a new TV advertisement for the Lumia 800 today, which follows the recently unveiled U.S. Lumia 900 commercial with the "Beautifully Different" theme. The video focuses more on the visual appeal of the Windows Phone itself and how live tiles can help the consumer.

This could be the beginning of the second wave of marketing from Nokia. We've become used to seeing "The Amazing Everyday" campaigns on a global scale, so perhaps it's time for something different to keep interest peaked? We do agree with the new advertising though - Windows Phone (especially the Lumia handsets) are "beautifully different".

Source: YouTube

AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 'Beautifully Different' advertisement [Video]

The Lumia 900 AT&T 4G Windows Phone has been spotted in an advertisement that we've not yet come across. What makes this different than the countless other videos we've already covered? It's a unique approach to show off the award winning polycarbonate design, with an emphasis on being "beautifully different" when compared to other handsets. This seems to be the new tag-line for the flagship phone as AT&T is also using it on their webpage for the device.

The AT&T 4G Windows Phone is set to launch on April 9th in retail stores, where consumers will finally be able to pick up their own Lumia 900. Nokia and the U.S. carrier are prepping everything for the release, so we expect the dates to be relatively accurate for early April.

Source: YouTube; thanks Ellis for the heads up!

Vodafone RED Box advert with Yoda shows off the Lumia 800 [Video]

Vodafone has always been creative when it comes to television advertising, whether we have bees walking into shop windows, or someone taking photos of himself and a sleeping lady on a flight and getting caught in the act. In the above video, we have a couple preparing to enjoy a meal and are joined by Yoda (a powerful Jedi from Star Wars). He offers to transfer the man's contacts from the old mobile phone to the new Lumia 800 Windows Phone, using the force.

The advert's message is covering contact transferring that Vodafone can do in-store for customers (RED Box service), but it's good to see a Windows Phone being used as prop.

Source: Youtube; thanks Relief for the heads up!

Santa Claus shows up in France; brings giant Nokia Lumia 800 and joy to the world [More Photos]

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and this year he's bringing you a Giant frickin' Windows Phone. On the Champs Elysees in Paris, France, there has arrived a 30 foot tall Nokia Lumia 800 (which we told you about earlier). We've gotten a few more photos from the event unfolding just off of the main street, and it turns out that the phone does indeed bring peace and joy to the masses; Santa Claus himself is the star of the show for each person that comes up to see the magnificent display. Children are accompanied by parents as they all file through and call, text or video chat with Santa Claus himself right up on the big screen. WP7 has scored a double-win in their market this month: parents get a chance to make thier kids excrutiatingly happy with each mega-sized phone call, and they also get to check out the latest new smartphone offerings from Nokia.

The innards of the giant phone remind us a bit of the 55 foot tall Windows Phone that was put on display in New York City. While passers-by only see a giant working screen (because yes, this is a real, live, working Mango phone out there), behind the scenes is a myriad of technicians, computers, engineers and one jolly St. Nick working to make every transition, phone call, text message and video call as enjoyable (and fluid) as possible. Away from the giant phone is a display-walkway of other more easily-grasped phones for people to try out, and we can't forget Santa's Helpers milling about and answering people's questions as they stop to look.

Now if only Santa would grant my wish and bring a Nokia Lumia 800 to my house this year. It doesn't even have to be a big one, I'll take anything! Hit the break to see a few more photos from the structure's first night alive in the city, and let it sink in that Santa really can make dreams come true.

Jil Sander gets full-page ad in Germany's Die Zeit

One of our faithful readers has spotted a couple of ads for the Jil Sander edition LG E906 in Germany's Die ZeitDie Zeit is a highly-respected weekly newspaper in Germany, which also includes a lifestyle magazine called ZEITmagazin.  Typically, purveyors of chic, like Armani and Prada, grace the pages of ZEITmagazin, but this time its the Jil Sander E906 that is being flaunted in a full-page ad.  The ad looks like a still from the video that appeared on the Jil Sander website back in October, and informs readers that they can pick one up at Media Markt (described to us as Germany's version of Best Buy).  

The Jil Sander E906 is essentially a modified LG Optimus 7, sporting a 3.8-inch WVGA display and a 5-megapixel camera capable of shooting 720p. It comes bundled with a Jil Sander app, which allows users to browse clothing collections and more.  The specs are nothing outstanding, but the handset itself, complete with hardware buttons, is as suave as the ads.

Source: Die Zeit; Via: Livven (Thanks for the tip!)

Nokia Windows Phone ad takes over Shopping Center

Nokia is continuing with the full court press to get the word out about Windows Phone. We've seen ads in the paper, video ads, demo apps to give Symbian owners a chance to try Windows Phone and now humungous display in a local shopping mall.

One of our Secret Agents ran across the display while visiting the Bluewater Shopping Center in Kent (over in the U.K.). Hard to miss the advertisement with all it's bright colors, huge flat screen display and convenient directional arrows to the various wireless carriers in the mall.  We have also been informed that there were Nokia ads displayed on the information kiosks located throughout the Shopping Center.

Curious, for those new to Windows Phone, is the latest ad campaign for the new Windows Phones strong enough to lure you over to the Windows Phone side?

Thanks goes out to Agent62 for taking great risks to capture these photos!

Microsoft synergy in action: Skype advertising the HTC Radar

Windows Phone advertisements are popping up all over the place lately. Check out the above ad for the HTC Radar which one of our readers spotted while using Skype.

Seeing as how Skype calling and videoconferencing is coming to Windows Phone later this year and how Microsoft, you know, owns the company, it’s a great example of advertising synergy. If this sort of thing keeps up, Windows Phone may soon achieve brand awareness among the common man - or at least collage artists.

Thanks Zanch for the tip!

HTC Ultimate Brazil advertisement

We've just been made aware of the above advertisement in Brazil, which effectively promotes the HTC Ultimate (Titan). Fabio Castro walks us through how the beast handset lights up his life. "The big screen turns on and my imagination wakes up", more like the big screen wakes up and you feel like you're carrying a futuristic screen around and not a phone. It's a great advert nonetheless and further proves HTC's dedication to promote Windows Phone.

Thanks Lucas for the tip!