Microsoft makes fun of Apple's iPad yet again, brings aboard Dell's XPS 10

Microsoft is once again making fun of Apple’s iPad in its latest commercial; this time, it takes on Dell’s XPS 10 Windows RT Tablet.

The advertisement starts out by picking on the iPad’s home screen; specifically the fact that you can’t zoom around and see an overview of your content. The Apple tablet screams “Ouch” in protest as a user tries to pinch the view unsuccessfully.

Next it’s time to load photos of a car trip from an SD card, an action which the iPad doesn't support natively (you must purchase a separate SD card adapter for $30). As the user tries to find somewhere to fit the card, the iPad reminds the viewer of its limited port selection and expandability.

Microsoft ends by touching on Windows RT’s ability to multitask and the $200 price tag difference between the two options.

Check out the commercial and let us know what you think about Microsoft’s attempt to make Apple juice out of the iPad.

Source: WindowsVideos

Michael Archambault
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  • Haha although valiant, its not any more constructive. A for effort though.
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  • XD. +1
  • It would've been hilarious if they used the British (male) voice for the commercial!!
  • You added no content though. Thus your post is no better than "first" anyways.
  • This is the comment WP central deserves, not the one it needs...
  • I didn't like this one as much as the rest
  • First reply to the second comment. What do I win? :D
  • You win a trip to Wal-Mart! Congratulations! :p
  • That = literal lol
  • Lol.
  • I did.. We need WP commercials like this!! EOS, against iP5!
  • This. +1
  • It does seem a bit more forced, but it's not bad. I do agree the other one was better.  I think they should have removed the limited time offer and just run it like that as is witht he disclaimer at the bottom since I doubt they will run the commercial much past when the deal is over.
  • I loved it.  I may be a bit disturbed, but I like to hear Siri in pain.
  • This is getting over used but like the effort.
  • They have a long way to before it is over used like the Mac vs. PC least these tell the truth not like Apple using old Windows issues that no longer existed to make Mac look better.
  • That is awesome. "that is not cool" had me laughing. Great job.
  • +1
  • Guys im LOVING the video support! Wow, works on the google hated YouTube app and Metrotube like a CHARM! Love it
  • Yes, my son.. It was awesome.. It was awesome.
  • Father... Is that you?! Finally! I see you AND I get great functionality on my phone. It's a good day indeed
  • Be nice if MS would do the same for YouTube links in email etc.
  • I think this is coming soon, seeing as this app is more than capable of doing so, I think it's just cuz they had to rush wp8, sadly. We'll see :)
  • Not as good as the vivotab one, but still solid. See these all the time on hulu.
  • Have they done this with the surface yet?
  • The Surface isn't cheaper then the iPad, so the commercial wouldn't work as well.
  • Point!
  • I honestly don't like the way microsoft advertise by 'comparing' it with apple products. Just let the features shine by themselves. Microsoft was already antagonized enough by 'them' >.
  • This is years of MS pent up rage at the "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" jabs from Apple. I'm loving it.
  • +1000000
  • Meanwhile Apple and Microsoft do business together.  You guys really think corporations are little kids in the backyard.  This is only the result of what the marketing team thinks is necessary based on the particular needs of MSFT at this point.
  • They're trying to target the people who don't realise that there is actually a viable alternative. These people will ignore an ad about Windows tablets, but if they see a de-facto standard product being one-upped they're more likely to take notice.
  • With most of big media houses having declared Windows 8 flop & have to just write negatively (which I don't agree), such ads generate visibility and builds positive mindshare for Windows 8 Tabs portraying how W8 is 10x better than iPad and how it satisfies the number of day to day use-cases for average consumers which the iPad cannot. These are needed to break through the Apple mania.
  • I see.. So that's how it is. Thank you for your explanations :). I'm just worried because my friend said that Apple has 'elegant ' commercials that don't jab its competitors. I didn't know that it turns out that Apple did this kinds of advertising in the past, so it turns out that my friend was not fully correct :p. And maybe Apple can do such 'elegant' commercials now due to they're already popular. It's great that this ad highlight the best features of Windows 8 in which Apple doesn't have, and people really need to know that because the ones who said Windows 8 is a flop, it seemed it was mostly based on subjective opinions, even when they haven't given it a chance or a thought. But what I'm worried is that this commercial will make 'some people' offended, thus they antagonize Microsoft even more. Well.., I hope that won't happen..
  • You dont need aggressive advertising when you are completely dominating your market. The others have to do something disruptive that really gets people's attention. When people want a tablet, the default is an ipad - most people never even consider looking at anything else. MS has to find a way to break through that or most people will never even look at a Windows 8 tablet.
  • I agree. The ads do a good job targeting that demographic.
  • and how will people know windows 8/rt features if you dont show them that? this is just another way of showing it... and they actually shine by themselves because all these features shown are true.
  • Actually, it does make sense since the tablet market is pretty much defined by the iPad.
  • > the tablet market is pretty much defined by the iPad.
    You got that right! Where I work use of the term "iPad" where "tablet" would be more appropriate is rampant. Sometimes I see "iPad/Android" instead. But NEVER do I see anything resembling "Windows 8/RT" or "Windows tablet." Doing what I can to make people realize the company would be much better served by using the generic "tablet" and that there's more than iPad out there.
  • It's just aimed at people that have blinders on and have no idea there are actually alternatives to the almighty iPad
  • No tablets are just casual computing machines to most people who just want to pick something up and play with it, or read, or whatever else can be done in a short time.  The iPad has way better games and kids just love how easy it is to use which for parents is great. I'm not saying this tablet is bad but the small differences its showing off is not something people care about. IMHO 
  • Oh that's not cool (robot voice)
  • That's siri to be exact
  • Siri or Sirimati? People from India will get the joke.
  • LOL
  • Lol
  • If not anything else these ads will get people's attention. And that's the point. Good job Microsoft.
  • Nice commercial. One of the main reasons why people still choose the iPad is the availability of apps and the battery life
  • Actually one of the main reasons is people in general think iPad is synonymous with tablet like how most call a tissue a Kleenex no matter who it's made by. MS needs to let them know there is more to tablets than iPads not to mention better choices.
  • Actually I think you are incorrect. People think the iPad is the iPad. I have heard people compare the iPad (using its name) to tablets.
  • While some people get that, for the majority, iPad is synonymous with tablet. I've heard them used interchangably so many times, even heard some people say it's an Amazon iPad (Kindle Fire).
    It's a shame, but likely stems for the fact Apple practically made the modern tablet market. Other companies tried many times to make a successful tablet, but all flopped. The iPad was the first to catch on, and it took awhile for anyone else to make something equally good. Thus, iPad dominated from the start, and still does, and its name has been drilled into everyone's mind.
  • Actually, this is why I would buy an ipad over a windows tablet right now... even though I like the windows tablet interface and am happy to have a windows phone... The app problem doesn't bother me on the phone because mostly I use my phone as a phone or mail client..
  • Sorry, the iPad battery life isn't differentiated.   Many tablets offer competitive battery life.  The XPS 10 tablet has the same or better battery life.   With the keyboard dock - it get's nearly double the battery life.
  • Love the ads msft keep'em coming.
  • Poor Apple, why don't you sue
  • MS needs to sue Apple over iOS 7...
  • +1
  • +365 (Office 365 reference for those who don't get it :P)
  • I like it. I don't have cable so pretty much all commercials are cool to me!
  • +115 (The number of US dollars I save each month by not having cable/satellite either.)
  • No cable for me either, I cut cable and bought a new car instead.
  • The first one was better, but this is okay.
  • I don't get the zoom argument. I only zoom out on the Start Screen to move/name groups and we already saw a demo of the naming with Windows 8.1 so it becomes even more irrelevant. In general, I wish Microsoft wasn't so bad at talking trash. It just feels so awkward.
  • Take a chill pill & just enjoy how the RT tablet tramples on the iPad
  • When you have a lot of apps pinned it's faster to zoom out and touch the area to zoom into then continuously swipe across.
  • Good call. Thanks for the tip.
  • Wait.....i can open the video in metro tube now??? What happened to let this work?
  • Its great, isn't it! Its called an update! :-)
  • To just this app or can Metrotube now be used to open all SD you tube video links?
  • I went native. Nice update.
  • Youtube app and metrotube opens the video in HD, while native doesn't.
  • Most people I talk to are starting to realize how overrated Apple products are. Nicely done commercials like these can only help.
  • Let's hope that Microsoft doesn't suck onto ads like this like a leech. Microsoft tends to overuse scenarios like that.
  • Best one yet!! MS is really sticking it to em.. Now, why don't they do this with WP?
  • Because WP is still behind IOS and Android.  I love it, but it's the truth.  
  • Behind in what aspect? Because if you're talking about market share then the same thing applies to W8 tablets.. And if you're talking about features then we need to talk.. Lol
  • Sadly, I have to agree. Microsoft needs to get it together. While I'm sure building an OS is not something that can be done overnight, it needs to get done quicker. And no, I'm not hating on Microsoft or WP. I've had two Xboxs, two Zunes, a Lumia 900, and now a Lumia 920. There's a lot of things I live about windows phone 8, and quite a few things I wish would change. Multitasking is one of them. I miss multitasking from my days using Symbian. Though the "tomb stoning" or whatever it's called is nice, it's not as good as full blown multitasking. And having a file system would also be nice. That said, I don't see myself using any other OS other than WP..unless of course Nokia goes to another one. (Yeah, I'm a Nokia fanboy! Lol)
  • Behind in horrible volume control, horrible calendar, horrible video player to name a few issues that would be so easy to fix and that still keep me from truly recommending wp8 to my friends and colleagues.
  • If that's the case we can always name the flaws other platforms have....
  • Beats my logic. Why should even crappier platforms make me any happier?
  • I'm a die hard WP fan who converted a few people already, and even I think that WP lacks behind iOS and Android in some very basic features. Hardware is amazing, but OS needs some work before it can dominate iOS and Android.
  • I took my new VivoTab Smart to school and my team partner already wanted to buy one. When it comes to school, anything without Office feels like a toy. MS should sell that angle.
  • I'm having a hard time understanding where Windows Phone is behind ios or android. If anything its a more advanced OS, as android is the poor man's iOS clone and iOS is pretty much an iPod from 2007.
  • Very good stuff! Pretty funny.
  • Love it. Keep it up MS.
  • I remember Apple's days when they used to make fun of windows by showing fake bill gates.. "I'm Steve jobs".. Now is MS time.. Right in the iF***ing iFace..
  • Lol, love the new "make fun of apple" commercials. Gonna give apple a headache!
  • Nice
  • The video is funny, I know many companies will use w8 to compete with apple. Even sammy uses windows to play safe since windows market share is big. Applying it to phone and tablet may not be easy but still we see growth unlike apple which is going down
  • Take that you apple fanboys! With your Auburn CEO. Another reason why Auburn sucks.
  • Like the ad, but I'm not sure SD card slot is really that big of a deal. Most people I know use their cell phones for pics anyway. Just saying an expansion slot isn't a big deal for most people anymore.
  • I don't need it for a phone, but having it on a tablet makes it more of laptop replacement type device. It would be nice to store, for example, a large library of pdf files that won't otherwise fit on the device. You pay a pretty massive premium for storage space on an ipad... a real limitation and not reflecting the actual cost of the storage.
  • I was very good. Considering how great the first one was, this managed to be just as effective.
  • This still won't sell me on RT. I don't think ARM-based tablets are worth it, at the end of the day. You have to be 100% OK with never accessing legacy software, and I am not. Considering the fact that Atom tablets get comparable battery life to RT devices, whille sitting in the game general price range, I would rather see Microsoft push those to the forefront.
  • Once OEMs get 7" and 8" RT tablets under $299, they'll sell like hotcakes. Personally I would have gotten an Asus vivotab rt or Samsung Ativ tab 500t by now if the price wasn't as high as their atom counterparts. I prefer RT for tablet.
  • +1
    RT is an actual tablet os. If I wanted W8 Pro, I would have bought a laptop with a CD/DVD drive to install that legacy software. Even Surface Pro is a bit bulky for a tablet. Its more of a Netbook/laptop.
  • You have to keep in my mind the RT license is cheaper than a full Windows 8 license in general the tablets running RT will be slightly cheaper. Even MS said they are going to discount RT licensing fees for manufacturers.
  • Anyone notice how Apple's ad strategy has completely changed now? They are way less celebratory and boastful now. So much more somber and subtle. Almost like they're saying, "hey, don't pay attention to those other guys, you know us. You take pics and listen to music, that's all you need." I guess they're realizing that they can't hang, feature-wise, with Windows/WP and Android so they don't even try anymore.
  • I think they are taking the "you already know what this product does because it hasn't changed and that is all you need." approach.
  • Yeah. I think Apple is trying to maintain their base and maybe grab a few of users who may be on the fence or soon to be new to smartphones by appealing to the "herd mentality". "More pictures are taking with the iPhone than any other smartphone and more music is listened to on the iPhone than any other phone or device"(can't remember what the commercial said there.) But the point being is Apple is trying to say "This is what everybody is doing" with the implicit claim being that so many people are doing it something must be right about it. And given Apples position and the brand image of the iphone as the cool or in device to have I think strategically for Apple it's a smart method to solidify their position and defend against the effects of the competition. Most people are not tech followers such as many of us thus features, understanding ecosystems, anticipating pending tech are not what influence the masses buying behavior or mobile choices. It's rather what phones do my friends or family have, or what do they recommend - that's what's cool and that's what they choose - what's familiar- despite clear UI, feature, ecosystem benefits of WP. It can't really be denied(unfortunately) that the iPhone is everywhere, customers at restaurants, people on the bus, customers walking in the store, and family at family gatherings-iPhones. In such an environment those new Apple commercials, probably geared
    most toward retention(and gaining those uncommitted who see the almost ubiquitous presence of the iPhone), is smart. Herd mentality.
  • You sir nailed.... That is one reason Apple is such a dominant force.
  • Inserting micro SD in a Windows RT tablet, will NOT get you the experiance with photos as presented in the comercial. At least not until you map it in the C drive.
  • You have 900 000 applications.
  • This ad is fine. It is a light hearted comparison spot similar to hundreds of others shown each day. I think the first ad was a bit funnier because it used Apple's own demonstration of the iPad playing Chopsticks against the product, but I understand why Microsoft wants to show off the product of all of its OEMs.
    And if you want to see an absolutely awful advert, just check out Apple's latest, which I saw during the same program as the new Windows tablet spot. Apple is usually borderline pretentious in their advertising with the use of words like "magical" to describe new features they borrowed from someone else, but this new advert not only crosses the pretentious line, it strolls miles past it. While we are treated to a series of images of people enjoying various Apple products (which is perfectly normal and fine), a very serious narrator becomes increasing grand in his language about how important these products are until he actually utters the phrase "we enhance the lives of the people we touch." I'm sorry but that is just over the top. Nothing Apple produces or offers is essential. Prosthetic limbs enhance the lives of people with serious injuries. Faith can enhance the lives of people. Shelter and safety, children and grandchildren and education can enhance the lives of people.
    The iPod Touch or a MacBook Air? Nice products, can be helpful. Enhancing lives? No way.
  • Apple knows the 'mainstream' non-techies will believe Apple products can enhance their lives. Those same people who don't know there are more (and better) products than Apple products. Real shame.
  • Haha kinda proud that I own that one. The Dell XPS 10 of course ;) not the other overpriced prestige crap.
  • If I makes you laugh then it's won you over and it was funny to me I also enjoy how Microsoft keep showing how ios is a boring sea of apps
  • Hehehe, careful MS the fruit will sue you
  • Lol, this is a good one... ;-)
  • Argh Microsoft, how many times do I have to tell you: AIR THESE ADS IN THE NETHERLANDS!! People are still very much Apple minded over here. Please cure this country dammit! :D
  • +100000
  • Lol sony can hurt us if sony makes an commercial about play 4 and xbox one
  • Who actually sticks an SD card from a camera into a computer these days? Most pictures are taken and uploaded on phones. Pro users will be wanting compact flash slots which no tablet has.
  • The point is an iPad does not have upgradeable storage. You can use an SD card for more than photos...
  • MS should stop to do things like this, thats embarrassing... The iPad isn't meant to be a tablet-pc..
  • To be honest, the iPad 4 (or whatever they are calling it) is still a better package overall compared to the existing Windows RT tablets. The Software (iOS) is nowhere near WinRT but it's still ok w/ plenty of quality apps, while the Hardware is mostly superior to most (if not all) Windows RT tablets:
    • more powerful CPU/GPU
    • more battery life
    • arguably the best screen around (IPS LCD at insane resolution)
    • build quality only matched by the Surface. So fanboism aside, I think the only RT tablet that comes close to an iPad 4 at the moment is the Surface, although it will best it in the next iteration when it implements Haswell chips (atom).
  • haha great ad, i like it
  • I loving these commercials!
  • Like it :)
  • Ha ha ha. Very smart Microsoft.
  • in yo' face APPLE.
  • I get the adverts, but the Dell XPS is fucking awful. Shocking build quality.
  • I LOLed at the end
  • funny. can we get normal start back in next update for us who dont like metro MS? and also can you give us option to completly disable metro?
    thank you ms
  • No & No.
    Have a nice day,
    Love MS
  • if they wont do that Windows 8 will never be as popular as Windows 7 is. i think there's good ression why people prefer Windows 7 over Windows 8 (and im not talking about tablets, but normal mouse PCs).
    I like MS, but on the other hand I hate some of their products
  • The next update (8.1) will have a start button but all it does is take you back to the start screen. So there you have it...
  • well the thing why most people dont like 8 is because this start metro THING. either they remove it or windows 7 will stay the king and windows 8 will be loser like windows vista
  • Seriously you want to sell people on the Modern UI? Take them to Best Buy and start flicking apps around. It is fun in and of itself. Best UI so far IMO.
  • Actually, like some said before, I'm not liking this one too much either. The other ones are better imho
  • Yeah, definitely a hugh "ouch"
  • LMAO the best shot at Apple
  • They should've done this long time ago.. They should do the same thing with WINDOWS PHONE... Msft always late,I feel like they do it in purpose..
  • Check out the comments about this commercial over at iMore...funny to see the opposing views.
    Most of it sounds like "So what?  My iPad is just better!" LOL
  • It is cool that Windows tablets are cheaper than iPad. But itis sad they really feel alot cheaper too. Splitting screen for apps is nice but kinda useless feature. I never use it with win8. I alt tab apps. If i really have to see two apps I use two monitors. And switching apps on iPad is easier than win tablets imo. I hate mac vs pc adds. I hate these adds as well.
  • The wondrous nature of opinions they are guided by subjective realities and the capabilities of their owners to use a finger-swipe.
  • People who see my surface understand why I have one but never seem able to articulate why they still use an iPad. The madness!
  • But siri speaking in the ad is like backfiring on them as their is no such alternative in their tablets :/