Microsoft makes fun of Apple's iPad yet again, brings aboard Dell's XPS 10

Microsoft is once again making fun of Apple’s iPad in its latest commercial; this time, it takes on Dell’s XPS 10 Windows RT Tablet.

The advertisement starts out by picking on the iPad’s home screen; specifically the fact that you can’t zoom around and see an overview of your content. The Apple tablet screams “Ouch” in protest as a user tries to pinch the view unsuccessfully.

Next it’s time to load photos of a car trip from an SD card, an action which the iPad doesn't support natively (you must purchase a separate SD card adapter for $30). As the user tries to find somewhere to fit the card, the iPad reminds the viewer of its limited port selection and expandability.

Microsoft ends by touching on Windows RT’s ability to multitask and the $200 price tag difference between the two options.

Check out the commercial and let us know what you think about Microsoft’s attempt to make Apple juice out of the iPad.

Source: WindowsVideos

Michael Archambault