Microsoft updates Preview for Developers on Windows Phone

There was a time when a lot of us didn’t have Update 3. It wasn’t until Microsoft announced a Windows Phone Preview for Developers program that allowed a lot of you to grab Update 3 on your handset. They also put out an app, Preview for Developers, that enables you opt into the program on your phone. That little app just picked up an update.

Here's how (and why) Nokia engages with the Windows Phone community

Nokia is a massive company, there's no disputing that fact, but the manufacturer has been able to engage with its community of consumers and developers successfully since joining Windows Phone (and prior to that too). Interacting with customers and the community in general, whether it be through social media or even hosting themed events, is an important task but Nokia is one of those companies which is easy to approach, no matter who you are.

Microsoft makes it easier for developers to plan app launches on Windows 8

Good news for developers on Windows 8. A few days Microsoft announced some changes to the Windows Store that give you more control. They’ve managed to simplify the app certification requirements and improved how you manage when your app is available. Details below.

ProShot developer shares his Windows Phone success story

Making an app that’s successful enough to quit your day job is a dream most mobile devs at one point or another dream of. Eddie Kezeli is living that dream right now with Windows Phone and his ProShot camera app. The Windows Phone Developer Blog recently chatted with Eddie and has some really interesting information and insight on how he went from looking for a job to working solely on his apps and games.

Lomogram passes 4.5 million downloads in Windows Phone Store, big congrats to developer DevRain Solutions

As a mobile platform Windows Phone sits in third place. It’s a distant third however when you compare it to both iOS and Android. Depending on who you ask, we’re at somewhere like 4% marketshare globally. That’s still pretty small, but also presents a huge return for developers who make killer apps. Like the guys at DevRain Solutions who have just reached a killer milestone in the Windows Phone Store – 6 million downloads.

Grab the winners of Nokia's 'Create Master' contest for your Windows Phone and make it great

Nokia kicked off its global Create contest late last year and we've covered new missions kicking off as the program ran its course. Developers were invited to develop apps for a number of categories, ranging from image and photography all the way to work life. Nokia has now announced the grand winner of the Create contest, as well as winning apps for each category.

Pass the break to see who won and pick them up for your phone today!

Useful tips for developers to avoid Windows Phone app certification failures

Whether you are an individual, hobbyist Windows Phone developer or part of a developer studio that builds Windows Phone apps, it’s quite an effort to develop, test, and market the apps.

Therefore, it hurts when an app submission fails certification, and you have to correct and resubmit the apps. Not only does it increase the effort and resources, it also delays the app release and any marketing plans.

Nokia pushing out fix for Play To, addresses issues with GDR3 Developer Preview

Nokia recently confirmed issues with an update for Play To on Windows Phone, which enables users to stream media, such as photos, music and videos to other DLNA enabled devices. The issue was that those running the GDR3 Developer Preview and the latest version of the app were missing crucial software components required for both to get along in harmony.

Today, Nokia has unveiled a fix, which should hit the store in a week or so. 

Developers: improve the quality of your Windows Phone apps with Bugsensitive

BugSense ( is a handy service for developers building apps on Android, iOS, Windows Phone or using other technologies. Helping content creators develop higher quality apps through bug and crash reporting, analytics and more enables consumers to enjoy apps and games with better experiences.

A new BugSense client has been released for Windows Phone and is a must download for any developer. Say hello to Bugsensitive.

Developers: Use the new Xbox Music APIs in your apps and start earning revenue

You’re not a major player if you don’t have APIs for devs to tap into your product. Which is why Xbox Music just went from another streaming service to a bonafide platform. That’s right, Microsoft has done something a little unexpected today. They’ve introduced the Xbox Music API as a way for developers to connect their apps or websites to the Xbox Music service. Let’s check it out.

Windows Store trends suggest Games and Social as top categories

If you are a Windows developer, you would’ve noticed the Explore Store Trends section of the Windows Store Dashboard. The trends section includes user demographics and catalog information. Since few developers can draw useful interpretation from those numbers, Windows App Builder Blog has shared interesting statistics about the most popular app categories.

Developers: Your beta apps will no longer expire on Windows Phone

Developers, we’ve got some news for you if you have or are planning to do a beta for your Windows Phone app. Microsoft has made some updates to how beta apps work based on developer feedback. The biggest change? Beta apps no longer expire.

Microsoft UK launches The Twelve Days of Geekmas competition for devs to win goodies

The TechnNet UK team have announced a new festive competition for developers - say hello to The Twelve Days of Geekmas. Familiar with the original 12 days of Christmas jingle? Well, take that and add in a load of cool giveaways and you'll have the idea as to how Microsoft is going to celebrate the festive countdown. Unwrap the break to see what it's all about.

Nokia announces more Create contest winners; reiterates Mission closure dates

Nokia has once again announced winners from its Create contest. Should you not be familiar with the developer contest, said folk are tasked to create apps for Windows Phone, following certain missions and including desired features - these Mini Missions can be focused on certain features of the operating system or Nokia Lumia handset.

This approach by the company ensures that different types of apps are included in the submissions, with the goal to bring more choice to consumers with high quality apps and filling any holes in the catalogue of content on the Windows Phone Store. Head on past the break to check out which apps won designated missions.

Microsoft unveils free Unity support for its independent developer publishing program on Xbox

Does it feel like you're forking out for tools and the means to create some content for the Xbox console (or any platform for that matter)? Microsoft may have a solution for you with its independent developer self-publishing program for Xbox One. Heard of Unity? The popular, highly rated and expensive kit will be available for free to those who are signed up for the Microsoft program.

Developers, create innovative imaging apps using the new Nokia Imaging SDK

Earlier today at the Slush 2013, one of the top start-up conferences in the world, Nokia announced the latest version of its Imaging SDK (v1.0) to give Windows Phone developers the tools they need to create sophisticated new imaging apps for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones.

Vector Runner Remix and the TreSensa game engine arrive on Windows Phone 8

It’s always good news when a new game engine adds Windows Phone 8 support. Game engines make it easier to develop games for a platform and increase the number of games that can be ported from other platforms. Win-win.

We mention this because the TreSensa Platform engine officially began supporting Windows Phone at the beginning of this month. The first game to use the engine is Vector Runner Remix from DigYourOwnGrave and TreSensa. Vector Runner Remix is a simple, stylish endless running type game (though the levels aren’t endless). Head past the break to learn more about the game and TreSensa’s future plans for Windows Phone!

Microsoft announces changes to unify Windows and Windows Phone developer communities

It was only earlier today when we looked at reports hinting that Microsoft was on the edge of announcing some changes to the Windows Phone and Windows developer account management. Redmond has now confirmed these changes in an announcement article on the official developer blog. So, as a recap, what exactly is changing?

Report: Microsoft to combine Windows and Windows Phone developer communities

As it currently stands, should you wish to develop for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone, you'll need to take out two subscriptions - one for each platform. WPDang now reports that Microsoft is looking to combine both into a combined account, making it easier for developers to move from one platform to the next and cover not only the desktop but also the smartphone too.

Developers: Check out the free Visual Studio 2013 launch event in London

Before the New Developers Conference ( kicks off in London, there's a day planned for Visual Studio 2013. December 3rd will see a free pre-conference workshop set up for developers and co. to check out. The best part? You don't need to be attending NDC to pop along.

Did we mention there's going to be some folks from the VS team in the US present, along with local MS reps?