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Dell XPS 13 Plus now certified for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Dell Xps 13 Plus Press
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What you need to know

  • The Dell XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition is now certified for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.
  • The newer version of Ubuntu improves stability and performance over its predecessor and works with Active Directory.
  • XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition laptops shipped in August 2022 or later will have Ubuntu 22.04 LTS installed out of the box.
  • An automatic update will roll out to devices that have already shipped.

The Dell XPS 13 Plus may have the specs and design to compete with the best Windows laptops, but some prefer to have the machine run Linux. At the moment, the Developer Edition of the laptop ships with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, but the device is now certified for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

Starting in August, the XPS 13 Plus will ship with the newer version of Ubuntu. An update to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS will also roll out automatically to any of the laptops that have already shipped.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS improves stability and performance and includes new features, including GNOME 42. The OS also works with Active Directory, which is important for enterprise users. It will receive up to 10 years of software updates as well. A complete changelog for Ubuntu 22.04 outlines all of the improvements.

The Developer Editions of Dell's laptops are the official continuation of Project Sputnik, as explained by Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu. That initiative started in 2012 and aimed to deliver Dell PCs with Ubuntu preinstalled.

"XPS is an innovation portal for Dell – from its application of cutting-edge technology to experimentation of new user interfaces and experiential design,” said Jaewook Woo, Product Manager, Linux Operating System, Dell Technologies. “By bringing the enhanced performance and power management features of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS to our most advanced premium laptop, Dell and Canonical reinforce our joint commitment to continue delivering the best computing experience for developers using Ubuntu."

Having an Ubuntu certification means that the components of a PC will work as expected. To earn the certification, systems have to pass several tests performed at the Ubuntu certification lab.

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Dell XPS 13 Plus | From $1,289 (opens in new tab)

This laptop features a modern design with thin bezels, an edge-to-edge keyboard, and a unique trackpad. Most people likely recognize the device as a Windows laptop, but its Developer Edition ships with Ubuntu LTS.

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