Unlocked Lumia 950 XL goes up for sale at Expansys Canada

The unlocked variant of the Lumia 950 XL is now available for purchase through Expansys Canada for CDN $894 ($647). The handset was offered exclusively by Microsoft Store Canada thus far, and its availability at Expansys gives customers in the country more options to get their hands on the 950 XL.

Expansys USA is offering the unlocked Lumia 640 LTE for $219

The Lumia 640 in not officially available in the U.S. just yet, but if you're itching to get your hands on one, Expansys is selling an unlocked dual-SIM version (RM-1113) of the device with LTE connectivity on its website for $219.

Unlocked Lumia 535 on sale Wednesday only at Expansys USA for $129.99

The unlocked version of the Lumia 535 became available in the US a month ago via Expansys USA and now that same retailer has sent word that on Wednesday (yes, Christmas Eve) it will sell the Windows Phone 8.1 device for just $129.99.

Lumia 830 in stock on Expansys USA, available unlocked for $449

Looking forward to the Lumia 830? Then you will be happy to know it's available unlocked right now on the Expansys USA site. You'll find it in stock in all available colors: black, white, orange, and green. You can own the "affordable flagship" for $449.99, which is a higher than we expected.

Grab the Nokia Lumia 1020 with free accessories for £559 at Expansys UK

Christmas is soon upon us and retailers are already kicking off some enticing deals to tempt you to part with hard earned cash. Expansys UK has joined the train with a Nokia Lumia 1020 Christmas pack. What's included in the bundle? Only the Windows Phone itself, the Nokia camera grip, wireless charging cover, wireless charging dock and a tripod. You can get all this for £559.99.

Deal Alert: Samsung ATIV S available for £199 at Expansys UK

The Samsung ATIV S is a premium Windows Phone, but Expansys here in the UK have the smartphone on sale with £45 off the original listing price. Boasting a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, the ATIV S powers the latest version of the Windows Phone so you'll be on par with the latest hardware.

Nokia Lumia 1020 now available through Expansys-Australia

While Telstra is due to launch the Nokia Lumia 1020 in Australia any day now (still not showing up on their website), Expansys-Australia is offering the 41MP Windows Phone now.

Expansys-Australia is offering the unlocked version of the Lumia 1020 for $878.38 Australian (about $821 US). Expansys is offering the unlocked Lumia 1020 in white, black and yellow with all three showing "in stock now".

Deal alert: Unlocked Samsung ATIV S for just $259.99

Are you one of those who always ask about the availability of a Windows Phone 7.x version of a particular app? One quick way to stop worrying about whether or not an app works is to make the jump to Windows Phone 8. There are inexpensive paths like the Nokia Lumia 520. But if you’re yearning for a device with slightly higher specs you might want to take advantage of the following deal for the Samsung ATIV S.

HTC Windows Phone 8S available for £159 from Expansys

HTC's low-end sibling to the Windows Phone 8X has gone on sale at Expansys UK. The HTC 8S is available for just £159.99, a full £40 knocked off the listed price. Packing Windows Phone 8, a unique two-toned design, MicroSD expansion and a rather impressive build quality for the price, the 8S is a Windows Phone that's full of surprises.

The massive, 4G-ready Nokia Lumia 625 is now available at Expansys

The Lumia 625 was recently launched by Nokia, sporting the largest display ever installed on a Lumia Windows Phone. The massive 4.7-inch screen enables owners to enjoy the familiar, yet unique experience with everything looking incredibly large. 

Pick up the Samsung ATIV S for just £199 from Expansys UK

The Samsung ATIV S is a premium smartphone running Windows Phone, but it's currently on sale at Expansys UK. Available for just £199, this is an absolute bargain for anyone who's looking for a new Windows Phone. It's the perfect time to get cracking with Samsung too as the manufacturer has started releasing regular updates for exclusive apps, as well as releasing new solutions.

DEAL ALERT: Expansys UK drops the price of the HTC 8X to £189.99

Expansys UK has dropped the price of their hot-selling SIM free HTC 8X from £349.99 to just £189.99. You can choose between the classic Black or the California Blue. The £160.00 price cut includes free 3-5 day shipping.

SIM Unlocked Nokia Lumia 925 now available in Canada via Expansys

While we still don’t have any firm confirmations on Nokia’s plans for the Lumia 925 on Canadian carriers, those itching to pick up the thin metal Windows Phone 8 device can now order it SIM unlocked.

The site Expansys has the device in limited stock for CDN $714.56, ready to ship and in white with 16GB of storage. On board bands include 3G (850/900/1900/2100 MHz) and GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), so make sure you check with your respective carrier for compatibility.

Expansys UK reveals pricing and availability of Nokia Lumia 1020 - fetch your cheque book

The Lumia 1020 was recently announced by Nokia and is already starting to be shipped to those who pre-ordered the Windows Phone in the US. Over here in the UK, we're still waiting for mobile operators to release details regarding availability and pricing. Today, Expansys has revealed that the Lumia 1020 will be sold by the company starting the first week of September (exact date still to be confirmed) for... wait for it... drum roll, please... £599.

Nokia CR-200 Wireless Car Charger available at Expansys and Amazon

The Nokia CR-200 Wireless Car Charger is a car cradle that features wireless charging for compatible Lumia Windows Phones. The charger has been available overseas for just over a month and has now been sighted over at Expansys.com and Amazon.com for the U.S. Market.

The CR-200 is being offered at Expansys.com for $109.99 with shipping cost at $3.99.  The CR-200 is listed as "usually ships in four days". Amazon.com is selling the wireless car charger through a third party vendor, Sunny Savers, for $95 plus $4.99 shipping.

Nokia Lumia 920 available for £329 in Expansys UK flash sale

Expansys UK has announced a limited time offer on the Lumia 920. The Nokia Windows Phone is available for just £329 (previously £429) and is also available on a financial plan for £26.40 per month. The flagship Windows Phone is certainly no slouch, even with the likes of the Lumia 1020 on the way. This is a steal for anyone looking to purchase a high-end smartphone at a reduced price.

Samsung ATIV S available for £229.99 at Expansys UK

Expansys has dropped the price of the Samsung ATIV S once again, but this time we're looking at just £229.99 for the Windows Phone 8 device. If you're seeking a high-end option as your next smartphone, this is a perfect opportunity to choose a mobile phone with exciting features and areas of expansion.

Nokia dominates Expansys USA's most popular list, with help from Samsung

Nokia is currently dominating the most popular smartphone list over at mobile retailer Expansys USA. The unexpected twist to this story is that Samsung is also helping the platform out with the ATIV S taking the number one spot. Following Samsung's flagship Windows Phone is the Nokia Lumia 520, Lumia 920 and Lumia 620 in second, third and fourth positions respectively.

DEAL ALERT: Unlocked Expansys Nokia Lumia 520 for $199

Expansys is offering an unlocked version of the Nokia Lumia 520 for just $199. It ships out within 4 days of order and for no cost to the US. Despite the lead picture above, it looks like Expansys only has the Lumia 520 in cyan, so don't get your hopes up.

Samsung ATIV S available for £244.99 at Expansys UK

The Samsung ATIV S is currently available for just £244.99 at UK retailer Expansys. With the usual price point of £499, this is a superb deal for anyone looking to purchase a new flagship Windows Phone 8 device.