Expansys UK reveals pricing and availability of Nokia Lumia 1020 - fetch your cheque book

The Lumia 1020 was recently announced by Nokia and is already starting to be shipped to those who pre-ordered the Windows Phone in the US. Over here in the UK, we're still waiting for mobile operators to release details regarding availability and pricing. Today, Expansys has revealed that the Lumia 1020 will be sold by the company starting the first week of September (exact date still to be confirmed) for... wait for it... drum roll, please... £599.

Once you've managed to secure a personal loan with your local branch, Expansys will have the Lumia 1020 available in three colours - black, white and (our Daniel Rubino's favourite) yellow. It's definitely worth noting that these handsets are sold unlocked and are not tied to mobile operator contracts. You'll be free to use the handset on any compatible contracted or PAYG (Pay As You Go) plan.

Lumia 1020

The premium price tag is for a premium Windows Phone experience. Nokia is attempting to cater for all types of consumers. Some examples: the Lumia 520 is for those with tight budgets, the Lumia 920 is perfect for anyone who likes to have all features and functionality for a reasonable price, and now the Lumia 1020 if you wish to take full advantage of a 41MP camera with incredible optics.

The Carphone Warehouse is also looking to rock the night away with the Lumia 1020 soon enough too. If you haven't already checked out our previous coverage of the device, our in-depth review is certainly a must-read. It was noted in Dan's review how the handset is an expensive, yet niche Windows Phone. Don't take many shots with your phone? This thing is probably not for you.

Lumia 92x owners: don't feel forced to upgrade if you're happy with your current handset. While there are improvements included in the Lumia 1020, you'll not be selling Lumia Windows Phone 8 hardware at antique auctions anytime soon. We'll look to update you all once the Lumia 1020 goes on sale here in the UK. Head on over to Expansys UK to pre-order.

Source: Expansys (Lumia 1020 - black, white, yellow)

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