Nokia Lumia 1020 makes an appearance at Carphone Warehouse

Windows Phone users in the UK may be close to getting their hands on the Nokia Lumia 1020 with it's stunning 41MP PureView camera. We've been tipped that the Lumia 1020 has popped up in Carphone Warehouse's inventory.

The inventory screen that was sent to Windows Phone Central doesn't display any pricing information but does list the Lumia 1020 in the black, white, and yellow varieties.

Carphone Warehouse already has the Lumia 1020 listed on their website (opens in new tab) to allow customers to register their interest in the Windows Phone and notes availability being sometime around September 2013. With the Lumia 1020 showing up with inventory codes, could we see the 1020 become available sooner?

Thanks, anonymous, for the tip!

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  • bring it to philippines
  • +1020..come here to the philippines..
  • Come on Nokia
  • I'm somewhat disapointed they didn't make a blue one. :/ Yellow's not really my style (nor do I want a bland white/black one!) hopefully they'll release more colors later.
  • Does this have a 16:9 screen?
  • No, it has a 5:3 screen.
  • Or 15:9
  • More like 50:30
  • And also this time Nokia forgot from the company is actually from.. Nokia Lumia always arriving later in Finland..
  • Oh stop it. Finland is still among the countries getting much of the phones on the first wave with availibity everywhere on no such thing as operator locked even excists. There's not many countries that can say that It's a global company, always gas been.
    Go back to Iltasanomat complaining.
  • How much is what I want to know! My 920 cost £469 if memory serves me correctly. Hope it's not too far off that.
  • I've a horrible feeling it'll be near on £600 sim free in uk or £45-50 pm on contract.
    Really hope I'm wrong though.
  • Will it come unlocked for use in other European countries, and the US?
  • Carphone warehouse phones are all unlocked ;)
  • Oh, thanks!
  • It needs to make an appearance at VerizonPhone Warehouse❕
  • They're taking far too long to release it in the UK, why do Nokia always give the competition time to catch up? :(
  • I'm curious if many countries will be getting this phone at all.
  • I don't see this phone selling massively. Apart from people wanting great camera the rest of the specs is just another 920. It's just not competetive enough in the smartphone world and am afraid Nokia needs to realise that they need to be more than just a great camera phone. A fear battery life will be poor why didn't they up the battery size?? If Samsung can do it in slim devices then surely Nokia can?? I won't be buying one and for early adopters good luck with the software bugs
  • It's interesting to see this listed on the CPW screen. I wonder whether the 625 is there also? On the CPW "Coming Soon" page on the website, the 625 is listed before the 1020, which makes me wonder...
    Anyone know anything more yet on dates and prices?