Expansys USA is offering the unlocked Lumia 640 LTE for $219

The Lumia 640 in not officially available in the U.S. just yet, but if you're itching to get your hands on one, Expansys is selling an unlocked dual-SIM version (RM-1113) of the device with LTE connectivity on its website for $219.

The price is for the black color variant, with the orange and cyan models also listed at a slightly higher price of $244. As for official availability, that's set to commence shortly, with T-Mobile listing the device{.nofollow} as "coming soon" on its website.

In terms of specs, the Lumia 640 comes with a 5-inch 720p display, 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, microSD card slot, 8MP camera at the back, 1MP front shooter and a 2,500mAh battery. The software side of things includes the latest Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2, which is currently only available on the Lumia 640 and its larger sibling, the Lumia 640 XL.

If you're interested in the handset, be sure to check out our first impressions video:

Buy Lumia 640 LTE from Expansys USA ($219){.cta.nofollow}

Thanks for the tip Guytronic!

  • Not bad at all
  • I wanna be excited, but we just had a deal for a $199 Lumia 830 which has NFC, a better camera, twice the storage, way better build quality, and the camera launch button that's been absent since Nokia split. Why has our camera launch button vanished? Or maybe the better question is why doesn't WP8.1 have the lock screen alternate swipe camera launch that W8.1 on desktop/tablet does?
  • The camera button has disappeared because lots of people (most people?) don't know what it is, much less how to use it. Even my wife, who is generally pretty technically savvy for someone who does not immerse herself in tech news like I do, just recently figured out (after almost 2.5 years!) that she had a camera button on her 920! As if that didn't blow her away enough she was really shocked to find out that it was a dual action button that could be used to focus before taking a picture. I mean just look at all of the poor masses who only take portrait videos with their cell phones because they don't realize that the camera will shoot in wide-screen! If the people buying low and midrange devices don't know how to use a camera button then why not remove it and pocket the cash? Just so long as they leave it on the high end devices so that people like you and I who care about such things can have our cake and eat it too then it is fine.
  • Yeah, the tech world doesn't actually operate off a "omit it because most people don't know how to use it" rule. If they did, there wouldn't have been a lick of technological advances.
    The notion that high-end devices will still include it is optimistic... unfortunately we don't even know that since Microsoft Mobile has adapted a strategy where we get floods of low end phones and only rumors of high end phones.
  • The camera button exists on Pureview camera devices. As you put it, the 830 has a better camera, it's a Pureview.
  • The 640 has NFC according to Microsoft's website.  I agree with the rest though, but because of the fact that it does have NFC, I will definitely look to try to buy one as a backup for my Icon and to sell my 635 (for whatever I can get from it lol).
  • The Lumia 830 is a nice device, but it's a single-SIM only which makes it irrelevant to those who want/need dual-SIM on their next device.  I'm now in that camp.
  • Where did you get such a deal? I'd deciding between a Lumia 830 and Lumia 640. I haven't been able to get my hands on a 640 yet. I've seen the 830 and like it but how much more am I willing to pay for the better camera and a little more memory? At $199, you make the right decision to get the 830.
  • How usable is a phone with only 8gb onboard storage if you install a 128gb SD? Once you have 200+ apps installed, will you run into issues? Someone should do a comparison with an android device to see which platform handles it better.
  • Neato!
  • Coming soon has got to be trademarked by Microsoft
  • Buahahaha and patented of course
  • Unlocked 640 (work on any network) in UK cost £99. Really nice phone.
    But way cost so much in US?
  • 640LTE? I don't think it's just £99
  • No it's £120 at Carphone warehouse with LTE. On board. Still very good price.
  • 189 euro in most italy shops ,i`ve seen with 160 online.I just bought an orange one for 180.Only thing that bothers me is the lacking of camera buton.In rest i like it as much as my 925.
  • Yeah, LTE capability adds to the price a good bit I'm afraid.
  • In addition to what others have said, it's been officially released in the UK, but it's being imported by Expansys which unavoidably increases the price.  On top of the fact that you're likely comparing a single-SIM, 3G-only variant against a dual-SIM LTE variant.
  • This seems,to be dual sim LTE. There are many variants.
  • I thought several phone had update 2 by now. I'm running 8.1 update 2 on my BLU WIN HD LTE...
  • Wait really?
  • Yeah I kinda guessed it will come preinstalled on the LTE version...its just come out right...btw how's the phone??
  • My Blu Win HD LTE is running Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. That seems to be the case for all the online video reviews, etc., that I've seen, too. Strange.
  • Can you list a screen shot? Did it come with it, or were you promoted to download it? I was prompted to download an update, but it failed.
  • When the hell is it coming to at&t 1st world problems
  • Is it coming to ATT? On their website it only lists the XL as 'coming soon'. I was planning on picking up an unlocked 640 to use on ATT if one came available with ATT LTE bands.
  • The dual-SIM variant, as discussed in the article, is likely never coming to AT&T sadly.
  • Wow that's cheap!
  • Off topic: Someone please tell me how to copy text in opera mini??
  • Say: Hey Cortana, copy!
  • I'm not on denim.
  • Forums...
  • So no one knows how to copy text.
  • Press and hold, and select copy.
  • Press Alt F4 .. So you pested the forum already and they dont have a solution so you ask here. patience is not very strong in you
  • Ask Google search or trial and error. Pestering commenters for answers won't do you any favors.
  • Another pennies on the dollar budget POS. Flagship please. I've moved to another platform but do enjoy the popcorn. This trainwreck is entertaining. Still put my SIM in my 1020 on occasion, wishing it was a modern 1030 or something. But do carry on with the low end hardware, MSFT. It's the least path of resistance to market share I guess. Like Elop once said, the platform is burning. Guys, it's burning. Step it up or it's over.
  • They are working on flagship devices. But it makes no sense at all to release such an expensive and high profile device just moments before the official release of Windows 10. That's why they have been focusing on low end and mid range Lumia devices for the last month's. In hopes of creating a large userbase and marketshare to pave the way for the release of Windows 10 accompanied by a high end Lumia. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have some bad news for you. The low end market dump didn't start within the last month. It's been going on for at least 6 months, maybe more. I get it. $29-99-199 devices off contract grab market share. Cool. Will those buyers convert into $699 1030/1530 buyers? Nah, but keep singing the promise of Win10 coupled with stupid good flagship releases to save the platform. Flipfone upgraders (those buying these cheap, molassas devices) won't have any of it and loyalsts (like myself) have already bailed on the plaform. The target market for a 520/635/640/whatever cheap de jour are never going to drop $800 on a flagship. I would happily do so, but it's too late, sorry. I've moved on. But they have it all figured out, I guess. Nah.
  • I did say month's, didn't I? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And Microsoft has clearly been focusing on emerging markets where the future growth of the smartphone market wil take place. They know they have lost the Western World high end market for now to Apple and Samsung, no need to burn piles of cash fighting an Up Hill battle with an OS that would be out dated in a couple of month's. So they focus on growing sales and marketshare in markets where the growth is untill they can come with a compelling product that can stand the fight against Apple and Samsung in the high end space. It is the right strategy for Microsoft,but it's a pain for the platform enthusiasts who are left without a treu successor to there current flagship Lumia, atleast for the time being ;-) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Loyalists like "you"? If you are what is considered to be "loyal", then loyalty sure has taken a turn for the worst since I learned its definition. Your feelings and actions do not speak for the entire Windows Phone Loyalists, so stop with this absurd notion. I am a WPL since launch, and I am extremely comfortable with my L1520 until a new flagship is available with W10. Why? My L1520 still has THE best camera, minus the L1020, an amazing screen, amazing battery, and all the apps I personally want and use. So don't speak for the entire WPL with claims of absolutes and condescending assumptions. STFU & GTFO. Thanks.
  • I'm with Coolbreeze on this one.  I have also moved on and considered myself a loyal WP user (I own 635, 720, 1020, 1320, and 1520.)  I know at least two people last year willing to jump on Windows Phone but didn't because their best offering was either too big (1520) or not on ATT (Icon.)  So yeah, not having a flagship Lumia in a while hasn't really helped things either.  And frankly all these companies abondoning WP by taking away their apps isn't helping either.  IMO Microsoft has two options; find a way to get Android apps to run on WP or kill WP and make an Android version.  It's only a matter of time before this platform dies just like Windows RT. Oh and the Windows 10 preview for phones isn't giving anyone goosebumps. 
  • I would never buy a Ms android phone.Even i hate apple ,i will buy their piece of shit
  • At the risk of stating the obvious...  why do we need people buying entry-level and mid-range handsets to later buy $700 flagships?  Is that important in some way? I'm a former WP flagship owner who's switched to the Blu Win HD LTE.  I'm loving it.  May later switch to one of the dual-SIM variants of the 640 or 640 XL. Dual-SIM saves me mountains of cash each month on my bill.  Where I live it's drastically cheaper to get a talk&text SIM, and a flex data SIM (such as offered for tablets and mobile hotspots) versus a plan that bundles it all together.  Flagships are rarely made available in dual-SIM (never on iOS and Windows Phone, rarely on Android).  Dual-SIM is now a key feature for me. Flagships I've owned:  OG iPhone, Samsung Focus, Lumia 920, Lumia 1020, and Lumia 1520.  What I've discovered is that mid-range devices can offer much better battery life.  High-end specs demand high-end power draw.  I'm not into demanding mobile gaming, so high-end specs successfully make the device more expensive but rarely improve my mobile usage.  I mostly do email, browsing, and other tasks that aren't that CPU or GPU intensive. In North America we're into owning flagships because we used to get them subsidized by our carriers.  They weren't free/cheap, as it made our service more expensive to make up for it.  It's time to ask ourselves whether we really want to spend that much more on our devices (directly or indirectly), whether we're really prepared to take the hit to battery life, etc.  When I read people saying they want 2K or 4K resolution on their phones I just shake my head.  How is that *really* a benefit to the typical user?  3GB or 4GB of RAM on (with the recent crashing and burning of iOS's performance) probably the best performing mobile OS out there?  I don't see the advantage. Not to say that there isn't someone who could benefit from ridiculously high-end features on a Windows phone.  I'm sure some people could.  However, your whole premise is that someone it's important to get a high proportion of people onto flagships and I don't see why.
  • Very well said. Glad you have found the Blue HD dual sim phone and its working for you. Haveing been with T-Moble for 8 years we already know how much the phone really cost without subsidies, and i pay cash for phones any way. Looking forward to the Lumia 640 here SOON.
  • Until they release windows 10, releasing a phone with good specs and a sub par (general public opinion) and foreign operating system is useless. Once you have the new operating system with the swipe down to text and familiar browser, massive selection of quick actions, Lumia camera 5.5, an operating system almost identical to most peoples' computers, and a large selection of apps that already are installed as universal apps on your computer, then it makes sense to release a phone with 4GB of ram, an Intel Atom processor, a 30 MP+ sensor with slow mo video video stabilisation all for $200 on contract to put a nail in the coffin.
  • I know this is another "just wait until WinPhone 10 drops!!!!" post, but it's nothing more than a demonstration of the foot dragging that's gone on for far too long. I put the preview on my 1020, up until the most recent update and I finally gave up tonight and restored with the Lumia tool. It's awful and they need to figure it out ASAP. Everything is broken and it's terrible. I guess Microsoft has this massive tactical plan to blast out WP10 and stunning flagships at some point, but they are operating at the speed of molassas flowing downwards at 40 degrees. Too many ficticious promises too late. I'm out. Again, the platform is burning. Sure I'm one guy, but I'm one guy who is happy to not have to grapple with the horror that is the Xbox music app. I can go on, but I won't. I know people silently understand. I can go on. Big trouble in little Bellvue I say. I know, WP10 and stupud good flagships will fix. Right. WP 7, 8, 8.1 and now 10 did this. Oh, wait.
  • @coolbreeze78
    You talk about flagship.
    930 is THE flagship WP. In UK cost as low as £220 sim free. Absolutely stunning device. Easily on par with most newer offering include iPhone 6. Have you consider it?
  • Let the door hit you on the way out.
  • @mango.lover
    Looks like the door already hit you badly. On paper the aging 930 have similar spec/features than iPhone 6. In some cases is even better (screen, sound, video recording, kids corner, ...). The most important is how phones compare when used.
    I have iPhone 6 as work phone. Using BOTH phone as my daily drivers. I know exactly what I am talking about.
    Not to mention the single most important feature in mob phone (as voted by mob users): the camera.
    Recently 930 was voted the best camera (20 mgp) phone by blind test (think by phone arena). Yes, iPhone 6 (8mpg) and ALL other recent flagship phones took part.
    Did I mentioned the seamless integration with other WP8.1 devices (I am using SP3)?
    Small matter of cost. iPhone 6 cost nearly 3 times more than 930!!!
    In this light looks like not only the DOOR hit you badly, but your brainwashed BRAIN and bank ACCOUNT as well.
    Feel sorry for you.
    Friendly advice: stick to your mangos, mango lover :)
  • Um...i think he's on our side...:P he probably meant to reply to one of the 'ex loyalists'... :D
  • If that's the case, sorry mango lover
  • Yes I meant to reply to Coolbreeze78, so my apologies as well.
  • The single most important feature in a *smartphone* are the apps. Otherwise, it's just a feature phone with a nice camera bolted on.
  • I have all the apps  i need in WP
  • At work a couple of days ago, I had a person ask me about my phone.  This was completely umprompted, I had my Lumia 1020 with Qi case sitting on top of a Qi charging pad.  He asked how I liked it, I indicated I really enjoyed it, and he said he was going to get his first Windows Phone after Windows 10 came out as he felt tying it more closely to desktop Windows would close the app gap over time. Just as you're just one person, so is he.  But the exchange completely caught me off guard as I didn't solicit it in any way, and I'm in Canada which has one of the lowest percentages of Windows phone penetration anywhere in the world.  :)
  • You guard that 1020 wireless case with your life. I lost mine and am currently trying to replace it and it's the most expensive phone accessory I have ever bought, counting even the Microsoft Band.
  • And flagship phones from Android and Apple are setting the worlds markets share numbers on fire... No. Low end devices create world wide market share. Market share attracts developers. Apps attract the wealthy 1st world critics that think the world revolved around western countries. It might not be pretty, but that's the way things work. Unfortunately, Microsoft's strategy to flood the low end to try to beat Android is flawed because cheap devices with access to multiples more apps will sell more than an equally priced phone with access to a fraction of apps.
  • Yep, I hear cyan ore is more expensive to mine this year.
  • A bit costly than what ut should have benn
  • I'm thinking which first to buy, a laptop or the 640...
  • What about 640xl, that would cross 300$ I guess.
  • Is it AT&T LTE band tho?
  • The 810 returns with more colors and better specs.  I like it. It's certainly worth a look into.  
  • it's costly considering we get l830 at 260$
  • I wish they sold the orange variant in the Microsoft Store in my country but noooo, only the black and white variant :-(
  • I just emailed them last week asking when these (including XL) would be available to order, but they didn't know. I've been looking at the 640 XL LTE dual sim model since I'm on T-Mobile. I ended buying 1520 on eBay in perfect condition.
  • Noooo!!!  I want the 640XL LTE for $119! Seriously, though, this is a pretty good deal, though I've already determined that even the 640 is too big to fit in my hands. I just don't handle 5"+ phones too well. Wish I could, would love the real estate, but just can't handle it.
  • 640XL unlocked for $219 on the other hand would've made a nice mother's day gift.
  • Far to expensive. I may be a tad impatient but im not desperate. I'll wait. Heck a year from now this baby will be available for $69.
  • Not this one, it'll likely be a single-SIM variant.  If you want dual-SIM (and if you play your cards right, in some areas you can use that to save money on your monthly service), then it may take a while to get any much cheaper.
  • $49 by Black Friday when the flagship(s) come out.
  • How about adding some useful information in the blog? 1.Will it work in ATT? 2.Will it work in Tmobile?   Why leave readers scratcing the head? 
  • 3. Wen in India?
  • Yeah,  description says all these LTE bands present on this phone? Is this correct? Network: 4G: FDD-LTE Band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/20/28, TD-LTE Band 38/40/41* / 3G: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz / GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz  
  • wondering this myself. What US carriers will this work on? 
  • Thanks for the heads-up.  A few notes about accuracy of the article: "The price is for the black color variant, with the orange and cyan models also listed at a slightly higher price of $244."    True.  Also worthy of note is that white is also available for the same price as black.  At least at Expansys.ca. "As for official availability, that's set to commence shortly, with T-Mobile listing the device as "coming soon" on its website."    T-Mobile is releasing the dual-SIM LTE variant?  Or another device?  I had presumed it would be a single-SIM variant, not the RM-1113 that Expansys is selling. "The software side of things includes the latest Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2, which is currently only available on the Lumia 640 and its larger sibling, the Lumia 640 XL."    Didn't Windows Central report that Lumia 930 and/or Icon users who signed up for the Windows 10 Technical Preview were in fact getting 8.1 Update 2 instead?"
  • Coolbreeze78 is quite correct in what has been an absolute debacle when it comes to WP flagships. I totally understand that they want to keep their powder dry to introduce WP10 with new flagships. But the barrage of cheap phones is getting to be a bit much. There is a saying that if you are standing still and not moving forward you are falling back. That is what MS has been doing for well past the last 6 months. So here we have the 640. Another low end phone with not enough to get firefly light up. The 930 should never been an exclusive with Verizon. By the time it wasn't the interest was lost. Meanwhile we get the same hardware in various sizes with basically meaningless differentiations. The 925 was the last real flagship tmo had and have passed on much of everything else. The W8 is probably the best real flagship we have here. Though it's just a reimaged M8. Nevermind the fact that most of both MS and Google services can be done on iOS and Android but not WP? It really is time to fish or cut bait. Sadly I think that ship has sailed to. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The one thing that matters to me is the Windows mobile experience even in a low end device.... Period.
  • Will it get T-Mobile lte?
  • Not with the cheaper RM-1077 they are shipping in place of what they allegedly sell. Only 2G/3G on mine and a whopping 2Mbps download.   They won't replace it either unless I buy a new one and then I ship the wrong one back - all at my expense. Some customer service...   Last time I'll deal with those scam artists.  Guess I'll be stuck with this craptastical model now until Microsoft starts selling them in the US.