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If there was one phone that really piqued the interest of our Western readers, it would be the Toshiba-Fujitsu IS12T. Coming in bright pink, yellow and blue, the phone is completely unique mostly due to its specs: 32GB of storage, 13MP camera, water/dust proof and a 4" screen.

So we were quite excited to see a few of them on display here at CES as it was our first and perhaps only time to be able to take it for a spin. The phone is certainly interesting but those tiny front buttons are a little difficult at times to just "look and feel", though we suppose they may be better than all-capacitive for some of you. It is very plastic-y and feels quite nice in the hand, though the screen itself is a bit under whelming (it is similar to the HTC Arrive's in terms of contrast).

Definitely a great phone for  those in Japan but we'll still take a Nokia any day if given the choice.

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Looks like Microsoft in conjunction with Fujitsu and their IS12T have launched a nice little media campaign in Japan. Focusing on two train stations, Shinjuku and Akihabara, with the former being the busiest in the world with 3.5 million travelers a day, they have managed to create a hands-on booth as well as plastering the walls with that familiar red logo. At the booth, you can play with the IS12T in addition to the Kinect, giving the daily commuter a bit of respite in between travels.

Certainly a good sign to see Microsoft stepping up their visibility on that country. See more photos at Nanapho.

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Remember the Fujitsu IS12T? The funky, totally unique Windows Phone sold primarily in Japan has been the envy for many of us but has been overshadowed in recent months (mostly due to Nokia, ahem).

Not to be forgotten, Fujitsu and KDDI have announced that the 7740 OS update should be hitting that phone basically right now. We're told that since IS12T doesn't have voicemail in the traditional sense, that aspect of the OS update is negligible here. So only the Exchange 2003 bug fix is really all users will be getting--which makes us wonder why US carriers are so trigger-shy about rolling out here.

For the record, the IS12T is the only Windows Phone with 32GB of memory on board, a 3.7" screen, 13.2 MP camera and is waterproof. That's right, it's a super phone. It's also had three previous software updates, meaning Fujitsu seems keen on keeping it in shape. Now excuse us as we think about buying one...

via: Nanapho

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Fujitsu IS12T receives firmware update

The Fujitsu IS12T, while being absent from the present Mango mayhem, has received a firmware update according to Nanapho. So what's included? A 30MB fix for apparent firmware trouble that led to power loss and device hard reboots. Nasty stuff.

Here are the reported changes:

  • OS version 7.10.7720.68 (no change)
  • Firmware revision number: 5008.1907.1160.550-5008.1907...1182.660
  • Wireless software version: >
  • Wireless hardware version: 8655 (no change)
  • Boot loader version: (no change)
  • Chip SOC version: (no change)

Source: Nanapho (Bing Translate)

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Rumor: Fujitsu IS12T coming to Taiwan next month

Looks like Taiwan is getting all sorts of rumors tonight, which must make those folks happy (or disappointed if proven false). The latest comes from, which evidently is a reputable source for phone rumors and news. But instead of a Mango update, this is about a new Mango phone.

They're reporting that the Fujitsu IS12T, that super cool and waterproofed Mango phone, will be hitting Taiwan "next month". No word about where this info has come from, but others seem to put some faith in it and lets be honest, it's hardly a stretch of the imagination, what with Japanese and Chinese support being available in Mango.

Source:; via I Love Windows Phones; Thanks, @Tortue, for the Twitter tip!

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Looking to pick up the a new HTC Titan or Radar when released? Have questions about the Fujitsu IS12T? Or just want to discuss why these devices are totally 'leet? Then hop on into the WPCentral Forums where we've recently created dedicated sub-forums to these upcoming phones, in addition out our cadre of existing devices.

So come on by and add your two cents...

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KDDI, the Japanese carrier that launched the Fujitsu IS12T, has published an app in the Marketplace that enables users to migrate contact information from feature phones to their new Windows Phone handset. To do this developers will need system access to be able to manipulate base functionality.

To achieve this level of access, the contacts migration app uses the Microsoft.Phone.InteropServices.dll. The guys over at have published a short tutorial on how to carry out this native programming yourself. They do note however that the Marketplace doesn't allow this so it's only gravy for homebrew developers who wish to gain native access. Also, the registry is not included for the time being.


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We all know how Microsoft needs a little help with promotion for Windows Phone. But they are getting better at it and with Brandon Foy having graced Microsoft with his talents (though not in marketing), we think they'll make a turn around this fall.

Still, no one sets the bar like the Japanese. For anything. Case in point, this awesome ad for the Fujitsu IS12T. Oh we have no idea what he's saying but does it matter? Nope, it does not. Don't ever change Japan, we love you.

"Skydrive Toi toi toi!"

Thanks, @Kinsoft_Apps, for the tip!

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Although the Fujitsu IS12T looks like a killer device with a 13MP camera, 32Gb of storage and a waterproof case, it is Fujitsu's first Windows Phone and it's the first WP7 device in Japan, meaning we shouldn't expect it to be perfect. And as to be expected, there are a few flaws. Evidently a famous Japanese blogger, @tunakko_, has gone public with some of the bugs and limitations:

  1. No C-mail feature. On KTTI (the carrier for the IS12T, SMS is done via data and is called C-mail. Not too surprising is the fact that Windows Phone doesn't support this, even though it sounds a lot like MMS. Fujitsu and KDDI are working on it, but a fix is not expected till January 2012.
  2. No screenshot ability. As a blogger and tech writer, Tunakko would like to use this feature. Enough said.
  3. Mapping. We're told that maps "don't look right" or more specifically, the map looks like an outline. Not so much a technical issue but rather one of mapping rights. Once again, Microsoft Japan is said to be "working on it"

The good news is that lots of shops and salespeople are being honest with customers about these limitations, but at least in Tunakko's case, this didn't happen when she bought it. Having said that, the IS12T took 39th in sales ranking during it's first week--which doesn't sound like it's on fire, but then again we know competition is stiff in Japan.

via: Nanapho 1, 2

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This is interesting to say the least. The Japanese version of the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 RC is now available to download for developers based in the country of the upcoming IS12T handset from Fujitsu, which is to launch in the next couple of days. Reported reasoning for the addition of a second language is the high priority for Japanese developers to get apps built for the platform.

We covered the release of version 7.1 of the SDK yesterday, as well as the opening of "Mango" app submissions. All systems are green and our Daniel Rubino rightfully put it: 'go, go, go!'. You can download the Japanese version of the SDK from the Microsoft Download Center.

Source: MSDN (Microsoft Translator)

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We've been talking up the Fujitsu IS12T for some time now. Not only is it Japan's first Windows Phone, it's also the first Windows Phone with Mango and some killer new specs to hit the market. We've heard that it was coming August 25th and sure enough, it's now official. Makes sense now why the Windows Phone developer tools (RC) was pushed today with Japanese language support.

KDDI has posted on their site that the IS12T will be available in certain regions starting on the 25th, which is in just two days--lucky! Those regions and dates, according to KKDI are as follows:

  • August 25 (Thursday): Hokkaido · Tohoku · Kanto · Central · Kansai · Kyushu · Okinawa
  • August 26 (Friday): Chugoku
  • August 27 (Sat): Shikoku

The 32GB phone with a 13.2MP camera, water proof case and latest-generation Qualcomm chipset/GPU (see benchmarks) makes this one unique and tempting device. Big congrats to Japan, KDDI and Fujitsu for the launch and being the first.

Source: KDDI; via NanaPho

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Tezawaly of NanaPho over in Japan managed to get his hands on the Fujitsu IS12T, which is expected to ship within 3 days. He did the smart thing and ran WP BenchMark on it to see if there was anything different. While we don't know all of the specs of the IS12T, there's little doubt that it has to have the Adreno 205 GPU chipset on board due to the outstanding performance, in addition it has the later-gen Qualcomm MSM8655 at 1GHz. You can see Tezawaly's results compared to other "normal" Windows Phone in WP Benchmark's stats below:

Needless to say, the results are impressive. Next up you can see it compared to the more popular Samsung Focus. Once again, the GPU average at 40 on the IS12T versus just 19 on the Samsung Focus. Looks like that new Mango hardware will be harder and hader to resist, no?

Source: NanaPho; Related: See the HTC Mazaa benchmark results for comparison

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There's been a lot of talk about when the Fujitsu IS12T is launching exactly in Japan. There was mention of "end of August" and the "After September".  And to be clear, we're still not 100% sure. But what we do know is that the carrier, AU, who has the big exclusive deal to sell the phone, is taking reservations now for delivery on August 25th.

Japanese Windows Phone news site NanaPho reports on one AU shop in Nishikasai, Tokyo taking such reservations. Going further, one of our readers, Chris Loguidice, let us know that he too was able to place an order:

"Just reserved my Toshiba IS12T at AU yesterday arrives next week on the 25th. So I guess that's the official drop date for mango."

Indeed, translated from the AU Shop page:

"This title will be released in stores August 25, we accepted from today pre-ordered!"

So either one of two things: come August 25th there will be a lot of thrilled new IS12T owners, or conversely a lot of disappointed ones. We should note that the official site for the phone still lists "after September 2011", so who knows--it's not like we've never experienced Best Buy report a false sale date, amirite?

Update: Tezawaly from NanaPho sent the above shot (and a few others) showing the phone stocking up and ready to sell, so August 25th now seems like a go!

Source: NanaPho, @cloguidice

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Even though Microsoft is reportedly shooting for that low-end price range, eventually, with Windows Phone, the Fujitsu IS12T won't be the phone to do it. In fact quite the opposite.

Pricing for the phone in various contexts i.e. out of contract, in contract, etc. have been revealed on the website for KDDI-AU, the carrier launching the device. From NanaPho who was kind enough to do the math for us:

  • IS12T New retail price $958
  • IS12T MNP retail price $753
  • IS12T New price with 2-year contract $458
  • IS12T MNP price with 2-year contract $252

(USD/JPY = 76.715)

(MNP price is for NTT docomo and Softbank users who want to switch to KDDI)

Yowsers that's a lot, even for a waterproofed, brightly colored, 32GB, 13MP camera phone running Mango. So far, this is the only announced device for Japan, so a lot is riding on it for success. While it's nice to have a flagship high-end phone, we're hoping that some other companies can bring some more mid-range offerings to Nipppon for competitions sake.

Source: Official AU Blog; via NanaPho

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Toshiba is breaking up with Fujitsu

While not earth shattering news, it's worth mentioning that the honeymoon between Toshiba and Fujitsu appears to be over, with Toshiba packing up and going home. This as both companies are on the cusp of launching the imaginative and unique IS12T running Windows Phone "Mango". While that launch will of course go forward, what this means is that for 2012, Fujitsu is preparing to buy out Toshiba's nearly 20% stake in the joint venture, going solo afterwards.

Here in the West, this won't really mean too much as Fujitsu will still carry on and they are even reportedly doing pretty well. At least for bloggers and tech journalists, we can save a few keystrokes in the future instead of having to write Toshiba-Fujitsu every time. Yay.

Source: 47News; via Engadget

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The Fujitsu-Toshiba IS12T handset, which is to be released this year in Japan, has been updated to RTM build (7720) of Windows Phone "Mango". Previously the device had been reporting 7716.WM7_Main as the OS and NA for name, model and carrier fields. If you glance at the photo above, you'll see "FujitsuToshibaMobileCommun IS12T" has populated the missing labels, with KDDI for carrier and "Windows Phone Mango RTM" for OS.

Source:, thanks tezawaly for the tip!

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File this under: cool feature

Turns out a lot of phones in Japan have an earthquake early warning system built in, giving notice to the user via an alert before an earthquake which may just give the user enough time to find that door frame for safety.

Luckily, the Toshiba-Fujitsu IS12T is no different as it features the app/system built into the phone. Tezawaly from NanaPho lets us know that it works too:

"On August 1st, 6.1-magnitude earthquake hit Shizuoka Japan. The warning arrived on IS12T a few seconds before the earthquake hit. It has two button "save" and "close". You can save it as a SMS clicking on the save button."

Now that's a smartphone if you ask us and we're glad those in Japan can have this potential life-saving tool built into that Windows Phone, exclusively for KDDI.

Source: NanaPho

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Some pretty exciting stuff popping up at Nanapho with regards to a language change on the IS12T to English and a quick run through. One of the things you'll notice is the addition of adding a WiFi network (hidden SSID), which our Daniel Rubino previously covered as being present in the RTM build of "Mango"

The device, being shown off at the KDDI Designing Studio in Harajuku Tokyo Japan, is running the build 7716. Not 7720 RTM, but close nonetheless. Noted in the article is the handset isn't running final hardware or - of course - software. 

For more images, check out the article at the link below.


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KDDI and Toshiba seem to revving up for the IS12T's release, expected sometime in September. The device was revealed in detail just a few days ago and now a new commercial is floating around. It's actually an extension of their website flash video but nonetheless, it looks pretty snazzy as a teaser of sorts.

No doubt it will be interesting to see how Windows Phone fairs in Japan upon release, notoriously a tough market to crack (even the iPhone took time), as it offers plenty of opportunity for Microsoft if it succeeds.


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The other big news today is the two new accent colors found on the Toshiba IS12T--namely a grey and citrus. Some people have taken this to mean that Mango itself will have these additional colors, to which we reply "probably not".

For one, Joe Belifiore has stated before that there are no new colors in "Mango" and we see no reason why that would change in the remaining builds of the OS. Second, OEMs and carriers have always had the ability to add custom accents to their devices. Case in point, my HTC Mozart from Orange UK--it literally has an accent called "Orange UK" and yes, it's different and in addition to the regular Orange (the former is darker).

That's obviously what is going on here as Toshiba wanted accent colors to match their unorthodox bright scheme--so they did. But we're going to bet you won't have any citrus in the final Mango build.

via: WPSauce, Mon Windows Phone, WinRumors

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