Fujitsu IS12T receives 7740 update too

Remember the Fujitsu IS12T? The funky, totally unique Windows Phone sold primarily in Japan has been the envy for many of us but has been overshadowed in recent months (mostly due to Nokia, ahem).

Not to be forgotten, Fujitsu and KDDI have announced that the 7740 OS update should be hitting that phone basically right now. We're told that since IS12T doesn't have voicemail in the traditional sense, that aspect of the OS update is negligible here. So only the Exchange 2003 bug fix is really all users will be getting--which makes us wonder why US carriers are so trigger-shy about rolling out here.

For the record, the IS12T is the only Windows Phone with 32GB of memory on board, a 3.7" screen, 13.2 MP camera and is waterproof. That's right, it's a super phone. It's also had three previous software updates, meaning Fujitsu seems keen on keeping it in shape. Now excuse us as we think about buying one...

via: Nanapho

Daniel Rubino

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  • Not going to lie, that really is an impressive phone. Now, about that 13.2MP camera, has anyone put it thru it's paces and compared the picture quality to other phones? I was always curious about that.
  • I'm not sure anyone has compared to other WP7 phones. The IS12T feels like a forgotten about phone. I've found the camera to be ok. I see a problem with the white balance settings and a lot of noise in dark shots. It's a lot better than my other Sanyo feature phone.
  • Why can't we have this kind of phone in North America...
  • Daniel, my website is "Nanapho" not "NanoPho". 
    "Nana" means Seven in Japanese, so people in Japan feel the name like "Seven Phone". Thanks.
  • Sorry, fixed!
  • Is there anyway to import this?
    This looks like the perfect windows phone...
    does it have a front facing camera?
  • It's CDMA (R-UIM) so even if you could, it'd be of little use on most carriers (non-GSM).
  • It's branded as a world phone, but not dual band I believe. It might work on the Verizon network in the US, but are there any CDMA carrier in Europe?
  • Yes, you could import it and it might work. The IS12T is a world CDMA phone so you will work outside of Japan, but you might have a hell of a time getting it to run on Verzon in the US. I'm visiting the US in May, so we'll see. Yeah, it's a long time from now. :(  No, no front camera, but it comes in an awesome bright cirus yellow. ;)
  • It is possible to get non-branded Verizon CDMA handsets on Verizon. The trick is to go through the reseller Page Plus Cellular.
    I personally have put in the past a Sprint HTC Touch Pro, 2 Sprint Touch Pro 2, and now *drumroll* 5 HTC Arrive's for myself, friends and family.
    The only thing I haven't been able to get working on them is the picture messaging. The calls, text and data work just fine.
    Do remember that this reseller does NOT have excellent data plans whatsoever which would be a major deal breaker for 98% of people on this site;-) - For us, we need to run an awesome smartphone for great prices and use the available wi-fi we're always by for the data needs.
    If Metro or CricKet were an option for some of you that would be your unlimited data solution. So, I think it's possible to get it working in the U.S. and I wish one of them were around to try. My HTC Arrive was upgraded to 32GB which is a necessity for me so I'm glad this phone qualifies for me. I've always liked the waterproof aspect of it. Screen protection can most likely be solved through a modified Zagg solution.
  • cricket is not unlimited, depending on how much u pay after 1GB or 3GB the connection gets throttled down
  • The worst feature about this phone is lack of good screen protection. I wish it had gorilla glass.
    I nicked my screen when it was in the same pcoket with my keys and learned that the hard way. I have a plastic flim cover on it now that you'd never notice, but the small nick is still there. :(
  • Hey,
    I got the Update 7740 at monday. The IS12T global passport is a dualband handset (CDMA and GSM). I live in Germany and get the Smartphone by Import by
    Now I'm looking for a way to use this nice handset.
  • This phone destroys anything out there right now and for the at least the next 6-9 months.  
  • Being a convert from WMPU, I was beginning to think you guys hadn't heard of the IS12T/TSI12.  If VZW actually fulfills Operation No-Love, I just might be hitting up my friend stationed there. Albeit, I haven't found any concrete info on the 2100MHz band…ho-hum.
    At least it's on the front page of the carrier's (english) site - first after the new phones, even. Mmm, black with gray tiles.