UbiShow, turning your Windows Phone 8 photos into a video slideshow

UbiShow is a slideshow maker for Windows Phone 8 where you can take your pictures, add background music and create a video slideshow that can be shared through OneDrive or uploaded to YouTube.

The interface does take a little time to get used to but in tinkering with UbiShow for a short while, it makes a nice first impression. UbiShow is an easy way to turn your Windows Phone 8 still images into a video slideshow.

Bing introduces Image Match to help you find the right picture

When you are searching for an image on, you can always pick the one you like while sorting through hundreds of them. However, once you’ve made the choice, sometimes you find that it’s low resolution, watermarked or an odd dimension leaving you to go back to scrolling through the results page.

The Bing team has introduced a new feature, Image Match, to take care of this common hassle.

Tip: Create your own photo album folders on your Windows Phone

If you're anything like most of us here at Windows Phone Central, your phone is probably loaded with pictures from all over the place. Wouldn't it be nice to organize them better, so you don't have to scroll through all of them to find what you are looking for?

Reddit user, DashThePunk, posted a way to do just that by using your computer.  It turns out to be shockingly easy. Take a gander after the jump for step-by-step instructions.

Imagine Cam, a simple Windows Phone 8 photography app

The Windows Phone Store is definitely not lacking with respects to photography apps. We are fortunate enough to have plenty of quality choices to help meet our photography needs. Imagine Cam is one of the more recent additions to the photography aisle in the Windows Phone Store.

Imagine Cam is one of the more simple camera alternatives available and has an equally simple photo editor to add a little something-something to your images.  There's room for improvement but if you're looking for simplicity, take a look at Imagine Cam for Windows Phone 8.

Phototastic for Windows Phone updated with a new user interface and more

Phototastic is a feature rich photo editor for your Windows Phone that is primarily focused on collages but has some rather nifty effects filters and editing tools to help make your photos stand out.

The Windows Phone photography app was recently updated to version 2.4 and gets a refresh on the user interface, changeable collage aspect ratios, text options and a ton of new collage templates.

Nokia Lumia 1020: Photo samples

While the Nokia Lumia 1020 for AT&T is a stellar Windows Phone for checking your emails, posting to Twitter or listening to music, that’s not why you want to buy one, right? Nope, it’s for those 41MP images (and oversampled smaller ones).

As a preview to our review, here are some sample photos that we took today. The images posted here are the smaller 5MP photos with Nokia’s oversampling i.e. these are the ones you would share. They’re also resized to fit your computer display.

Fear not pixel peepers as we have the originals, in their full HD glory, right here for downloading (via SkyDrive). Warning though, it’s an 85 MB ZIP file.

HD Photo Viewer updated, adds editing tools and Cinemagraph support

HD Photo Viewer is a Pictures Hub alternative for our Windows Phone 8 devices. The native Windows Phone Pictures Hub reduces image resolution to improve performance and speed when you pan/zoom images. HD Photo Viewer maintains the original resolution giving your photos a sharper look.  Especially when you are viewing larger DSLR images from your Windows Phone.

The version 3.0.1 update adds a few basic editing tools to HD Photo Viewer and cinemagraph support for viewing and sharing your animated .gif files. The update also adds the ability to email full resolution photos as attachments.

#2InstaWithMassiveLove, an Instagram client not to be overlooked, especially for Windows Phone 7.x

Instagram has been a hot topic of late with the Windows Phone community. We have Instagraph that was the first to find a work around to let us upload photos to Instagram by loading images to their servers first, then to Instagram. Instance (formerly known as Itsdagram) was the first to crack the code and allow for direct uploads.

While all this was going on we had another Instagram client following along in the shadows. #2InstaWithMassiveLove is a fully featured Instagram client for Windows Phone 7 and 8 devices. You can view your feeds, view your profile, upload images and even order prints.

We did run into a few bumps in the road while giving #2InstaWithMassiveLove a try, but overall it's a fair option to consider when looking for a Windows Phone Instagram client.

SuperPhoto Free, a hefty collection of filters, effects and more.

SuperPhoto Free is a photo editing app for your Windows Phone 8 or 7.x device that boasts to have hundreds of awesome effects.

Admittedly, SuperPhoto Free does have a healthy selection of filters, effects and other photo editing effects. The app's secret? None of the effects are stored on your Windows Phone. Instead, the effects are downloaded to your Windows Phone when selected.

This system not only gives you a large selection of photo editing tools but also keeps the from taking up too much storage space. Minimizing the need for on-board storage is SuperPhoto Free's strength but beyond that, the app is a little cumbersome.

Windows Phone photo apps that you may have overlooked

Windows Phone App Roundup: Photo Apps
Windows Phone Central App Roundup: Photo Apps

When I sift through all the apps on my Windows Phone, photo apps seem to be the dominant app of choice. Everything from Instagraph to Soviet Kam to Photo360 seems to have found its way onto my phone.

But what about the seldom seen Windows Phone photo apps? For this week's roundup, we went all the way to the last page of the "best rated" photo app listing in the Windows Phone Store. We picked out four of the dozen or so photo apps that were on the back page to highlight.

Most are fairly simple photo editing/enhancement apps but simple isn't necessarily bad.

Fotor for Windows Phone 8, a simple yet effective photo editor

Looking for a simple photo editor for your Windows Phone 8 device? You will want to take a gander at Fotor.

Fotor is a nicely laid out photo editor that will let you edit new images or pull the older photos out of your Pictures Hub to edit. The tools range from cropping, exposure, to special effects. The best part of it all... Fotor is a free Windows Phone 8 app.

PhotoWeather Pro, photos and weather rolled into one

PhotoWeather Pro is a Windows Phone photography app that lets you create, more or less, picture postcards with a weather/location information overlay. The weather information is based on your current location and can be added to photographs in several shapes, forms and fashion.

PhotoWeather Pro also includes a basic photo editor to help you fine tune your photos before saving. PhotoWeather Pro isn't too shabby of a photography app for your Windows Phone 8 or 7.x device but will likely be held back due to the lack of a trial.

Camera360 for Windows Phone 8 hits the Store shelves

Camera360 for Windows Phone 8 has landed in the Windows Phone Store. Camera360 is a popular photography app over on the Android and iOS platforms that presents a unique user interface that applies various filters and effects to your images.  The interface takes a little time to get used to but after a few minutes, it's rather nice.

Tapping into a "less is more" concept, Camera360 has a central dial, a creative compass, that lets you scan through the various shooting themes and then side swipe the screen to choose the effects for each theme. You also have several frames to choose from and a photo diary to review your photos by date taken.

Windows Phone 8 version of Fhotoroom hits the Store

Fhotoroom is a fantastic Windows Phone photography app that had it's Windows Phone 7.x version updated to version 3.0. When that update when live, the developers mentioned that a Windows Phone 8 version was in the works and today, that version went live.  Fhotoroom (version 8.0) hit the Windows Phone Store today which brings many of the features the Windows Phone 7.x version reccieved plus Windows Phone 8 support.

As with the 7.x version, Fhotoroom for Windows Phone 8 has recieved a significant makeover with user interface updates throughout the app.

HD Photo Viewer, a sharper view of your Windows Phone 8 photos?

If your Windows Phone 8 photos look a little soft when viewed from your phone, take a look at HD Photo Viewer. The app was created from the need to view sharper images from the developer's Nokia Lumia 920.

The idea behind HD Photo Viewer is that the softness and blurry images viewed from the Picture Hub's photo viewer is that image quality is reduced to improve performance and speed when you pan/zoom about the photo. HD Photo Viewer maintains the original quality to present your photos in a sharper fashion.

BW Camera, Windows Phone photography where color is optional

BW Camera is a Windows Phone app designed to take black and white images. It's a rather nice photography app that allows you to capture images from default settings or tweak the relative amounts of red, green and blue channels to match your own tastes.

Black and White photography has always been an interest and BW Camera does a good job of capturing gray scale images. There's still some ironing out to do but BW Camera is a nice addition to the Windows Phone photography library of apps.

Filter your photos with SophieLens Pro for Windows Phone 8

SophieLens Pro is a photo editing app for your Windows Phone 8 device that lets you apply a wide range of filters to your photos.

SophieLens Pro is a fairly straight forward photography app that launches straight to a camera app that previews the selected filter in the view finder. The filter style is noted in the bottom left corner of the view finder and two button controls sit on the right edge of the view finder that controls the flash and changes the filter.

Lomogram, a fantastic photo app, passes one million downloads

Lomogram is a great photo editing app for your Windows Phone that just passed one million downloads. And it only took the app 219 days to get there.

The Windows Phone photography app gets good reviews over in the Windows Phone Store (4.5 stars) and we thought it was time to take a look at things and see what all the excitement was about.  Lomogram is nicely laid out with over forty filters, tons of borders and light effects that can be applied to new photos as well as photos already in your Pictures Hub.

Lomogram is a really nice option for those wanting to add a little zip to their photos and a great addition to you Windows Phone photography library.

HDR Camera: Giving your Windows Phone 8 photos some high dynamics

HDR Camera is another HDR photo app for your Windows Phone 8 device. Like HDR Photo Camera, HDR Camera captures three images where the exposure is bracketed and merges them into one photo. The end result should have greater dynamic range with the colors.

HDR Camera offers a little more control with the camera operation with settings tweaks and processing adjustments. HDR Camera will also let you merge three existing photos into an HDR image. It's a nice camera app but there are a handful of issues that really holds this app back.

PhotoFunia: Taking your Windows Phone photo editing to the Cloud

PhotoFunia is a very nice Windows Phone app for editing and customizing your Windows Phone photos. PhotoFunia won't let you crop, adjust color balance or sharpen your photos. Instead it offers over three hundred effects that can be applied to your photos.

From adding a vintage photo filter to slapping your photo on a magazine cover, PhotoFunia offers a tremendous resource for being creative with your photos. And it all happens from the cloud in that the effects are downloaded to your Windows Phone and applied to your images. While this keeps the app on the light side (only 3MB) it does make a WiFi or data connection a must.

PhotoFunia is a great option for applying effects to your photos and dare we say it is a must have app for your Windows Phone photography app library.