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Rum Run updated with a plethora of new features

Rum Run, a popular game for Windows Phone, has been bumped to version 1.5. The latest release includes a number of updates that will improve the experience of the strategy game. So what's Rum Run all about? We reviewed the title a while ago, but if you're not familiar the story puts the player in the role of a ship captain who is tasked to deliver food to a starving village. Sounds dangerous, right?

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Pirates Plunder is a nice Windows Phone game that is very similar to Flight Control but instead of controlling airplanes, you control pirate ships as they set sail to port to unload their bounty. Pirates Plunder 2 is the sequel and while you still have the original game, the developer has added a healthy portion of side games as well.

Pirates Plunder 2 has over seventy missions and, as with the original, is a decent way to pass the time with.

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Pirates Plunder: Windows Phone Game Review

Pirate's Plunder is Flight Control styled game where you direct trade ships to the appropriate port, avoid high seas collisions, pirates, sea monsters and other dangers along the way.

Along with the main objective of docking your ships, there are a handful of side games with Pirate's Plunder that crop up to keep things interesting. Animations are nice, game play challenging, but the game has a cluttered feel to it. Still Pirate's Plunder has a bit of appeal to it and is worth a try.

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The Windows Phone game Rum Run is now available in at the Windows Phone Store. We took an early look at the game a few weeks ago and found it to be a challenging time management/strategy game set on the high seas.

You play the role of a ship captain who is tasked to deliver food to a starving village. You buy/sell rum and food at various ports to finance the operation while dodging storms and pirate raids.  You need to feed 100% of the village before they run out of the food.  If they run out, the game's over.

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Rum Run - Windows Phone Game Review

Rum Run is a new game for our Windows Phone and we have been able to get our hands on an advanced copy.  Rum Run is a game that tests your skills as a Captain on the high seas as well as your skills as a trader.

The game premise is that you have to supply food to a village to help feed 100% of the population. You buy and trade food and rum to finance your operation and provide food to the hungry villagers. You have pirates roaming the waters who will raid your ships of rum and storm fronts that will destroy food shipments.

Rum Run may not be an action packed game but it does have a fast pace to it. You'll have to stay on your toes to keep the village fed and avoid running dry on funds.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Pirate Tales

Pirate Tales is an entertaining, simple game for your Windows Phone. You play the role of the pirate captain and must defeat various naval forces as you work your way across the Caribbean. The multi-level game has you battling fleets from Spain, Great Britain, and other countries. You plunder gold from your victories to improve your ship with upgraded cannons, armor, additional pirates, and sailing performance upgrades.

Pirate Tales is a nicely animated, entertaining game for your Windows Phone. In many ways it comes across as an abridged version of Sid Meier's Pirates. Pirate Tales lacks that bar maidens but covers the high seas battles nicely.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Draw Wars Save Yer Booty

Draw Wars Save Yer Booty is a Windows Phone game that brings the rather unique conflict between pirates and vikings to your Windows Phone. The arcade games calls for you to defend your pirate ship from those pesky Nordic warriors who are trying to sink it.  If one of the vikings gets past your ship, your booty is lost and the game over.

Draw Wars Save Yer Booty is a wonderfully animated game, has a decent premise but comes up a little short with respect to game play. Still, for a free game it isn't too shabby. You just need a little patience.

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Last week’s Xbox Live release, Civilization Revolution, is part of a series crafted by design genius Sid Meier. This week, 2K Games follows up with another of Meier’s creations: Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Pirates! is a strategy game/sim that debuted on the Commodore 64 computer in 1987. It was then remade for consoles and PCs in 2004. Unlike Civilization Revolution, Pirates! never came to iPhone, though the iPad version (pictured) is highly regarded by critics. Microsoft couldn’t provide screens for the Windows Phone version in time for this article; let’s hope the graphical fidelity hasn’t taken too much of a hit this time.

As for Pirates!’ gameplay, it primarily involves sailing around the Caribbean, attacking other ships and stealing their treasure. In addition to ship-to-ship battles, players can bombard towns with cannon fire and even take part in sword fights. Managing good and bad relationships with other nations is key; otherwise you’ll find nothing but hostile ports when you come to land. At port you can hire new crew mates, buy and sell goods, and talk to the locals for news.

Sid Meier’s Pirates! comes to Windows Phone on Wednesday, April 11. We don’t have an official price yet, but $2.99 is likely.

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Our friends at Xbox360Achievements.org recently spent some face time with Microsoft’s Raymond Estrada, who showcased several current and upcoming Xbox live titles for them. The video is our first chance to see several of these games in motion, plus it confirms a few choice details like Pinball FX 2’s payment structure. Head past the break for a full description of each game and links to our previous coverage.

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Good news for those of you who enjoy Sid Meier’s work on lush and detailed strategy games, we'll be getting not one but two offerings sporting his name:

  • “Civilization Revolution” (2K) – Award winning Sid Meier’s “Civilization Revolution” is coming to Windows Phone! Build, Discover, Rule the world.
  • Pirates!” – Sid Meier’s “Pirates!” is an exciting high-seas adventure overflowing with intense pirate action and a treasure chest of gameplay riches!

Those titles should be familiar to those who indulge in strategy games as they are both ports from other systems, but that shouldn't stop the excitement as they are considered to be solid games.

Pirates! is already available on Xbox 360 (since 2005) so you can go ahead and try that now to get an idea for the game. The original Pirates! goes back to 1987 but was re-released and updated in 2004 and it is still getting ported to new platforms (including the iPad). It's your normal sail around the world, engage in battles and grab some booty game.

Civilization Revolution, known as the game Meier's "always wanted to make", is widely available on multiple platforms and continues the Civilization/empire building turn-based-strategy stylings of previous games in the same series.

No word on release dates but we imagine it will be sometime this Spring, giving Windows Phone users plenty of options and some skilled strategy gaming.

Source: Major Nelson; Thanks, Daniel G., for the tip

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Windows Phone Game Review: River Pirates

The majority of the Windows Phones tower defense games take place on dry land. River Pirates is the latest tower defense game for your Windows Phone that adds a little water into the mix.

River Pirates has an invading horde of pirates sailing up river to attack your stronghold. You defend your keep by placing a variety of defenses along the river's banks to prevent the pirates from navigating the river from one side of the screen to the other.

River Pirates is a simple tower defense game that has enough challenge to it to keep you interested. Graphics and animations are nice but also simple. There's just not a lot of pop to the game but for some reason River Pirates kept pulling me back in.

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Blackjack Caribbean - Review

Looking for a simple game of blackjack? One with a pirate feel to it? Blackjack Caribbean from XIMAD is being offered over at the Windows Phone Marketplace that might fit the bill.

Blackjack Caribbean is a simply, yet entertaining, version of blackjack. The game's graphics are nice and the game ran smoothly with no bumps, glitches or crashes experienced. Blackjack Caribbean is a free, ad-supported game and to read more on the game, hit the break.

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Star Ninja - Review

Star Ninja has been available at the Windows Phone Marketplace for some time now and pits ninjas against pirates. Not exactly your classic conflict but entertaining nonetheless.

The game includes four game modes and fifty levels of play. It does have a Shuriken Ninja feel to it but challenging enough to stand on its own. To find out more about Star Ninja, skip on past the break.

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Pirates Assault - Review

Pirates Assault is available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace and put's a swash buckling twist on the tower defense games. The goal with Pirates' Assault is to protect your treasure chest from raiding pirates.

You do so by strategically placing canons along the coastline in hopes of blasting the pirates out of the water before they can sail off with the loot. Pirates' Assault is a little more than your typical tower defense game and to find out how it keeps you on your toes, sail on past the break.

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Pirate's Mind - Review

Puzzle games are a great fit for mobile gaming. They’re playable in short bursts and appeal to a wide audience. They’re also very easy to create, as every seemingly Indie developer and his brother has at least a couple of the Marketplace. Developer M80 games’ Pirate’s Mind manages to stand out from the crowd thanks to its unique game play and high-quality presentation.

Pirates are a greedy sort, spending much of their time thinking about treasure. So a pirate themed puzzle game must naturally revolve around collecting money. In Pirate’s Mind, the playing field consists of 30 coins. Every coin’s back looks identical, but there are actually three kinds of coins to match: bronze, silver, and gold. Matching coins works kind of like the card game Memory in that after flipping two coins, if they aren’t a match, those two coins will still be in the same place. Then you can flip a new, random coin and try to match it with the ones you’ve already seen.

Learn more of Pirate’s Mind’s secrets after the jump.

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