See Civilization Revolution, Pinball FX2, and more upcoming Xbox Live games in action on Windows Phone

Our friends at recently spent some face time with Microsoft’s Raymond Estrada, who showcased several current and upcoming Xbox live titles for them. The video is our first chance to see several of these games in motion, plus it confirms a few choice details like Pinball FX 2’s payment structure. Head past the break for a full description of each game and links to our previous coverage.

Wordament: Announced back in February, Wordament is an indie game turned Xbox Live title. Like the current indie game, the Xbox live version will be free and supported by ads. Wordament is a massively multiplayer word game in which players compete to find as many words as possible from the same field of 16 letters. Visually it’s very Metro (plain), but the multiplayer/leaderboard aspect is compelling.

geoDefense Swarm: Critical Thought’s follow-up to popular tower defense game geoDefense switches from linear paths to a hex-grid system.  It still retains the series’ signature neon look and established towers though. I’m betting it will be easy to get into but have some balance issues like its predecessor.

Carcassonne: The popular board game comes to Windows Phone courtesy of German developer Exozet Games, who previously handled the Android and Blackberry ports. In Carcassonne, each player takes turns placing land tiles in an effort to build cities, roads, and cloisters. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins. The Xbox 360 version runs 800 MS Points ($10) and is a ton of fun. The Windows Phone port includes both ‘The River II’ expansion and online multiplayer, so it should be a blast as well.

Gerbil Physics: Released on March 14, Pencel games’ Gerbil Physics is a lot like Implode! but with Gerbils. Each level presents stacks of adorable, well drawn gerbils which players must then knock over with well-placed bombs. The Windows Phone version includes three times as many levels as the original, plus lots of new animations and music. Gerbil Physics is now available for $2.99.

Shoot1UP: We’ve already covered Mommy’s Best Games’ Shoot1UP several times in the past. Like Gerbil Physics, it started out as an XBLIG game (opens in new tab) before moving to mobile Xbox Live status. A vertically-scrolling 2D shoot-em-up, Shoot1UP features tons of ships on-screen and surreal art design. Check out WPCentral’s exclusive preview for more details.

Civilization Revolution: Coming this Wednesday, Sid Meier’s strategy classic will finally be available on Windows Phone! In the Civilization games, players start at the dawn of humanity and lead their civilization through the ages, including modern times and even the future. You’ll need to gather resources, build new cities, research technologies, and either war against or form alliances with neighboring countries. The mobile version of Civilization Revolution includes 16 countries to choose from, and four possible victory conditions: Technology, Economic, Cultural, and Domination (war).

PES 2012: Available since March 21, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is the latest version of Konami’s hit soccer series. Improvements over last year’s edition include better graphics, enhanced AI, faster loading, and the ability to save replays.

Sid Meier’s Pirates!: Announced on March 5 along with Civilization Revolution, this title allows players to take to the seas as treasure-hungry farmers, I mean, pirates. Strategic gameplay, an interesting story, sea battles, and even swashbuckling swordfights round out this rather unique game. The Xbox version is considered a classic – hopefully the Windows Phone version lives up to its forbear.

Pinball FX 2:  Zen Studios’ XBLA pinball hit comes to Windows Phone! The original is known for its pretty-good physics and large number of downloadable tables. Like the XBLA version, downloading the ‘base game’ (a bunch of trial tables) is free, but you’ll need to pay for individual tables. This version supports both portrait and landscape configurations, and high scores and Wizard score (a combination of your friends’ scores) will transfer between both XBLA and WP7. The XBLA game’s Achievements are rubbish (to put it nicely), so Achievement hunters beware.

Dodonpachi Maximum: Available since March 7, Dodonpachi Maximum is already a big hit with fans of bullet hell shmups. WPCentral ‘s interview with CAVE reveals the effort and thought that went into Maximum. We’ll have a full review of the game really soon!

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  • This wave of games has me excited. Really looking forward to Pinball FX2. If it anything like previous WP games, add-ons are paid for using Microsoft Points. There's no credit card associated with my phone and that's the way I want to keep it.
  • I'm not seeing the video unless I have to click the link for x360. So when will the game with multiplayer show up and can the current OS support it.
  • Is there any further sign of Sonic CD yet? I've been waiting on that title for a good few months now.
  • We've hit up SEGA and even the actual developer several times and they simply won't tell us.
  • Ahh, thanks for the update. I am just hoping that development on it hasn't stalled given Sega's recent financial reports.
  • So I'm guessing with Wordament you will have to repurchase the game like they made you do with doodle god?
  • Considering it's free with ads, yes, you'll have to repurchase it :|
  • Civ Rev, GeoDefense and Wordament. Better get ready for some serious face time with my phone.
  • Good games coming.
  • I can't wait for Civ Rev and Live Wordament. I just discovered Wordament the other day, and I have been playing the heck out of it. Carccassone sounds like it is going to be great too.
  • "the xbox version is considered a classic"? O_o It makes me feel old as I think of the C64 version as being 'the classic'. The Amiga version that came out a few years later was awesome too. The PC version (2004) was pretty good as improved a lot of areas, but it was also a bit more arcadey... I guess a faster pace is better these days. I've never seen the 2005 xbox version (I assume similar to the original PC version?) but I really look forward to the WP7 one!
  • I'm referring to Pirates! of course :P
  • I just watched the video and it's the same as the original PC version (later ported to Xbox) and it looks pretty awesome!
  • Of course I'm aware of older versions, but I just wanted to refer to the Xbox 1 game since it's well-liked and somewhat recent.
  • So when will they actually deliver the games?! GeoDefense Swarm was announced back at New Years and the dev said it was in for release approval...trickling games out is BS, just unload a whole pile at once for crying out loud.
  • The anticipation factor is better. Not BS to say the least
  • If they pushed them all out at once, then there'd be some weeks with no new releases, and nobody likes that. On the occasions that Microsoft really does have enough games to release more than 1 per week, they do - there have been 2 in one week on multiple occasions. Besides, a lot of the games in the video are already out, and the rest will be coming along soon.
  • Pirates! Yes!
  • Any idea when pirates is coming out?
  • Awesome video, definitely looking forward to Pinball FX (even though I suck at it).  I hope the tables are reasonably priced.
    Wordament for free looks awesome too!!
  • Wow, imagine when this platform has 100 million plus users. I play too much Wordament as it is so I hope they don't improve it. I'll check out Pirates and Carc. Ax well.
  • Pirates looks the best of them all
  • It looks like Wordament, Pirates! and Pinball FX2 will be eating into my free time in the near future. I'm actually glad they realease only one new game a week, gives me a chance to try them out and play them for a little while if I purchase them.
  • Civrev is up!!