Qualcomm offering $200,000 for best Windows RT apps

Qualcomm has announced a Windows RT Metro Style App developer contest at Uplinq 2012. Before you get yourself excited, the competition is only available to those who reside in the states, but should you be eligible you can pocket a chunk of the $200,000 prize - not bad, eh?

Winners will be selected in a number of categories, including 'Best Overall Windows RT app" ($100,000), "Best Compelling Connectivity Use Case" ($20,000), "Best Gaming App" ($20,000), "Best Productivity App" ($20,000) and "Best AllJoyn Peer-to-peer app" ($40,000). Each entered app will be evaluated by a panel.

To enter one must submit their working application where it will then be judged. The entry period is active until October 1st 2012. For more information, check out the competition website. Full press release can be found after the break.

Globe Telecom giving away free Lumia 800, pre-orders now available for P1,499

Globe Telecom are celebrating the upcoming release of the Lumia 800 Windows Phone by giving one away for free on Twitter. Partnering up with Nokia, the carrier has a shiny new 800 to give away to a lucky Twitter user. So how does one enter this small contest?

Simply tweet @enjoyGlobe with your favourite Nokia handset and when you purchased it, followed by "I want a Nokia Lumia 800 from Globe! #GlobeLumia800". It's that simple, and you'll then have a good chance of pocketing your own 800 for absolutely nothing at all.

Be sure to get your tweets in now to be in with a chance of winning a free Lumia 800 as we're told it's only open for today. You can now also pre-order the Lumia 800 from Globe for just P1,499 /mo, which are expected to be available by April 16th.

Source: @enjoyGlobe; thanks Bon for the heads up!

Sign up to the Microsoft Virtual Academy and you could win a Lumia 800 and a Ferrari for the weekend

Microsoft is giving away five Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phones and a voucher for a winner to experience a Ferrari for the weekend. The Microsoft Virtual Academy enables students (or those who wish to become IT professionals) to enter available tracks, choosing materials to study and expand knowledge about Microsoft cloud products, for free. Think of it as an e-college.

How does one have a chance of winning the prizes? Should you be a UK resident, simply enter the code "MVAUKREG" in the 'redeem code' field once signed up. Some important details surrounding the Ferrari that should be noted:

  • Only drivers aged 28-70 will be permitted to drive the car.
  • For drivers between ages 25 and 27, Winner will be offered an alternative supercar (subject to availability)
  • Drivers must have no more than 6 points on their license and hold a valid full UK or EU Driving license and have held such for at least 2 years
    • Only 300 miles may be driven over the course of the car hire
    • Fully comprehensive insurance for up to 2 named drivers will be provided
    • Car will be delivered and collected to and from the Microsoft offices in Reading or to and from Winner’s home, at Microsoft’s election

Runner-ups will receive one of five Lumia 800s. Not a bad incentive to learn, eh? Be sure to check the terms and conditions for more information.

Source: Microsoft Virtual Academy; thanks Gmotagi for the tip!

Win a grand prize, including 10,000 Microsoft Points, with Xbox LIVE Rewards

Are you a member of the Xbox Rewards program? No? Then you could be missing out on promotions such as this, which includes 10,000 Microsoft Points. Yes - you read correctly, 10,000 Microsoft Points. But that's not all. The grand prize includes a limited edition Xbox 360 & Kinect Star Wars bundle, Xbox 360 Media Remote, 12-month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership, Kinect Sports: Season 2, Dance Central 2 and Mass Effect 3. 

How does one get the chance to win such a prize, worth over £550? As mentioned above, you need to be enlisted on the Xbox Rewards program. Should you not have an account, it's pretty easy to set up with your Live ID. After your account has been verified, etc. all that's left for you to do is use your Gold Xbox LIVE Membership as you normally would. Purchase points, answer surveys, renew your membership, use services on your Xbox console (Sky, etc.), to name but a few.

You'll then be with a chance of winning some great prizes, such as the above promotion bundle. Should you require more information on the Xbox Rewards program, be sure to check out the FAQ section of the website (as well as the rewards table), which features a handy video walkthrough.

It's certainly interesting for Microsoft to offer such a large volume of points in the entertainment bundle as we've heard a number of rumours that point to the death of Microsoft Points as we know it in the future, which will be positive news for many gamers. How Microsoft will carry out the transition from what would most probably be points to actual local currency is yet to be seen. That aside, 10,000 points, an Xbox 360 Console and 12 months worth of Gold membership is an intriguing prize alone.

Review your favourite must-have game and win a Nokia Lumia 800

Windows Phone UK has announced an exciting competition that celebrates the must-have Xbox Live games of 2012 that have arrived onto the Marketplace - Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, BulletAsylum, Chickens Can’t Fly, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction and Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp.

The team have decided to give away a shiny new Lumia 800 (see our review) Windows Phone as the prize for the best review. To enter the competition and have a chance of winning the Lumia 800, you'll need to:

  1. Review one of the five must-have games listed above. Be sure to include details such as why it's your favourite, what you liked / disliked, etc.
  2. Publish the review on a blog (can be Tumblr, WordPress hosted, Blogger, etc.)
  3. Enter said review by commenting on the Windows Phone UK competition announcement article only (link below).

We're helping to judge this contest, so we'll be selecting the winning review which displays the most originality, relevancy and humour. So head on over to Windows Phone UK to read up on the T&Cs and put forward your entry. Remember that this is for UK residents only and you have until 5pm (GMT) on March 22nd.

Source: Windows Phone UK

'The Amazing Everyday' Cinema Ambient Project Lumia campaign in Poland [Video]

Nokia has taken "The Amazing Everyday" to Cinema City venues in eight cities in Poland, giving away a Lumia 800 to 64 lucky winners of the events. In certain screenings the Finnish manufacturer hid coupons under certain seats and when the Lumia advertisements came on (always being aired last) a Polish celebrity urged viewers to check where they sat.

64 Lumia 800 winners, from 64 film screenings, in 8 cities. Nokia never fails to impress with their marketing campaign, regardless as to what country its taking place in.

Source: YouTube, thanks Ellis for the tip!

Free gadgets for UK dev's [Developers]

Yesterday we covered The Developer Movement where Microsoft Canada was giving away goodies to developers for publishing apps.
Apologies for this being rather delayed but we have good news for those of you in the UK! A while back MSDN UK started their own promotion where you get 1 point for every app you publish in the Marketplace.  You can then redeem those points for gadgetry by either saving up the points for something big, or just redeeming them for prizes as you go.

Here's a brief summary of some of the prizes, but be sure to hit the source link to go find out the rest:

For 1 point:
  • Pure One Mini Black Compact Radio
  • A 12 month magazine subscription
  • A Champagne Afternoon Tea for 2
For 4 points:
  • A Pocket Cinema Projector
  • An Xbox 360 Console (250GB HDD)
  • A Performance Car Experience

There are additional benefits if you are a student.

The closing date is the 5th of February, so I recommend stocking up on your energy drink of choice ASAP.

Source: MSDN UK Team Blog

Win €1000 from the Nokia Mapstronaut

Does €1,000 sound like a good prize to you? The Nokia Mapstronaut has completed his travels, is returning to space and would like to give away the lump sum to a lucky winner. So how does one enter? Simply find your favourite place on Nokia Maps (add the location should it not already be listed), and tweet it to @Nokia_Connects. There are certain themes available:

  1. Shopping.
  2. Eat & Drink.
  3. Going Out.
  4. Sights & Museums.
  5. Wildcard (basically anywhere that isn’t covered in the above categories).

An entry example: "@Nokia_Connects, THE MAPSTRONAUT LOVES THE VINTAGE MAGAZINE STORE IN LONDON – HIS THEME IS SHOPPING #NokiaMaps".  Should you enter one from each theme you'll have a better chance of being selected. We're told that Mapstronaut favours less-known locations with photos, information and reviews.

Be sure to get your entries in by Wednesday, December 14th, by which point the entry period would have closed and the Mapstronaut will select a winner.  After the break, you can catch a video documenting the Mapstronaut's adventures.

Source: Nokia

Telerik Unleashed events special prize

Telerik, the brains behind the Tasks App and RadControls, have announced today the Telerik Special Windows Phone Unleashed Events Grand Prize. There is a selection of the top 25 submitted apps from the Unleashed events organized by Microsoft and local communities. On October 28th, the winner of the grand prize will be selected at random, which will pot the winning developer $5,000.

This is where things get interesting. Telerik is also offering a community favourite prize of $300 for the app with the most tweets. Visit the Telerik Unleashed page (link below) to check out the available apps and tweet your favourite. Do make sure, when tweeting, that "#telerikwp7prize" is included with your selected winner.

Source: Telerik Unleashed

Official Windows Phone UK review competition

I'm sure we're all aware of (and are actually fairly stunned by) how committed Microsoft is to customers with Windows Phone. I think it's fair to say that we have the best support of all products in the software giant's portfolio, and now the UK branch of the platform has set up a customer review section on their website and Facebook page. Should you love your windows Phone dearly, or have a few suggestions on how the operating system can be improved, then leaving a review of your experience and thoughts will be worth while. There's a prize involved too!

Phones that can be reviewed are; HTC 7 Mozart, HTC HD7, HTC 7 Trophy, HTC Radar, HTC Titan, Samsung Omnia 7, and LG Optimus 7. The team has kindly asked WPCentral to take part in the judging process as well as Stuart Miles from Pocket-lint. Entered reviews will be collected and shortlisted for a winner to be chosen from a handful of well written submissions. I'm sure you're wandering what the prize is? It's a Windows Phone-themed goodie bag including:

  • square umbrella
  • USB stick
  • notebook
  • stickers

To get your review in and to have a chance of winning the goodie bag, head on over to the review section of the Windows Phone website or their Facebook page. Please note that this is a UK only competition and will end on October 20th at 6PM (GMT) - be sure to read the T&Cs. Good luck!