Winners from the Windows Phone Central Glance Background contest

Last Thursday, Nokia gave the Lumia community a nice little surprise with their beta app Glance Background. The app allows users with phones that support the Glance Screen to add images to the mix. It was welcomed with open arms and the creativity in the community was on full display with the little contest we put together in the Forums.

It was tough to pick our favorite three, but we finally settled on some images to win some gift cards to the Windows Phone Central Store. Let’s check out the winners.

1st Place: X-Ray Hand submitted by SPNG

Glance Screen 1st

2nd Place: Rain drops submitted by MrHeckles85

Glance Screen 2nd

3rd Place: Cracked screen submitted by Stefano Marchesi

Glance Screen 3rd

Congrats to those three and thank you to everyone else who entered. You helped create a great thread in the Forums where users can get inspired to create awesome backgrounds for their Glance Screens. Check your PM Inbox for a message from me in the Forums if you see your name in the winners list above! Again, congrats!

Didn’t win? Keep your eyeballs on the homepage as we’ll be having more contests over the next few months with all the new gadgets and services launching from Microsoft.

Sam Sabri