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Bing now includes tweets and celebrity Twitter handles in search results (US)

As part of their previously announced partnership with Twitter, Microsoft has now added a new feature to its Bing search service that will allow at least some of its users to search directly for tweets and also celebrity Twitter handles.

Microsoft riffs on Google’s pay-to-promote results in new Bing ad

Microsoft is getting feisty again with their Bing service as they’re taking the fight to Google with quite a snarky holiday ad released on YouTube.

With its "A Visit from St. Nicholas" style narration, the ad takes on Google’s practice of listing shopping results not so much based on lowest price or other reasonable metrics but rather who paid the most. As it turns out, some of the top results in Google are there because a company paid to have them there, as opposed to being what is best for the shopper. Or so that is what Microsoft alleges.

Windows Phone App Short Take: MetroG

For those who prefer Google over Bing, MetroG is a Windows Phone app may be an app worth giving a try. MetroG is a search app for your Windows Phone that reaches out through Google to search the web for all your keywords.

MetroG is a nice looking app with a conservative appearance. The main page has your keyword search field up top and three button search options (news, web and images) down below. On paper, MetroG isn't a bad search application but its performance seemed to fall a little short.

Microsoft's 'Bing it on' marketing challenges Google through results comparison

BYOSE - 'Bing' Your Own Search Engine

Microsoft has kick-started the ‘Bing it on’ challenge, which puts Bing against Google to see which search engine can provide more relevant results. Google has been regarded as the most accurate search engine with Bing still claiming grounds and improving algorithms to catch up to the #1. Has Microsoft really achieved wonders with Bing?

Nokia City Lens (Beta): A Closer Look

Earlier today Nokia Beta Labs released the beta version of City Lens, a local search engine with augmented reality. We took the beta app out for a brief test drive and it's an impressive little app.  City Lens has some really nice features, a simple interface, but we could tell it was still in the beta stages with the augmented reality portion a little shaky on tagging businesses.  

Head on past the break to read our first impressions on City Lens.

Bing increases search engine market share, ever so slightly

Comscore has released its latest search share data reports and while Google is still tops, they lost a little ground while Bing experienced slight gains.

For the calendar year, Google's market share has hovered around 66% but from July 2011 to August 2011, the share fell 3%. Bing on the other hand peaked in February at 16.1% and experienced a 3% bump between July and August.

Other key points from the Comscore report includes:

  • Month of August 2011: U.S. explicit core search was up 9% y/y for the month of August a deceleration from +10% y/y in July. Google search was up 8.1%, Yahoo! up 2% and Microsoft up 44%.
  • September Quarter (Quarter over Quarter) Pacing: We examine how the search quarter is pacing after the second month of the quarter. We define pacing as taking the reported period (month of July and August) and dividing it by the monthly average of the previous quarter. To that end, U.S. explicit core search is pacing up 2.7% q/q for 3QTD (vs. +2.8% as of July), with Google up 1.9%, Yahoo! up 4.7% and Microsoft up 5.2%.

While there is definitely room for improvement, the one positive Microsoft can take away from these reports is that there is some growth and Google's share for the market appears to be stalled. I'd be curious to see how much influence our Windows Phones have on Bing's numbers? As Windows Phones starts to muster larger market shares, could Bing see similar increases?

source: businessinsider

Bing search volume still hurting Google in US

A few months ago, we looked at how Bing was performing above par in comparison to Google, and was growing in marketshare between the months of November and December. We calculated the majority of the increase due to Windows Phone 7 launch with Bing being the used search engine. Now, in the month of March, we can take a quick look back at January and February.

Terra Explorer heading to Windows Phone 7

Ryan Lee, developer of the Favorites Hub, has submitted an interesting application for Windows Phone 7 Marketplace certification. Terra Explorer is a web browser that uses a search engine as a central theme for the browsing experience. Instead of entering a URL, you explorer the internet by searching keywords.  You then have an internal mobile browser to view specific search results.

Searches are returned in a nice range of categories, spread out on hub pages that includes web, news, video, images and wiki results. You can disable the search categories in the settings.  Searches and specific results  can be saved to a favorites list.  Terra Explorer also has theme support with five pre-installed themes and the ability to create custom themes.

Based on the demo video, the app has a clean look to it and a straightforward interface. It will support five languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish and English) and is being submitted as a free application with ad support.  There isn't a time frame for when Terra Explorer will be available at the Marketplace but once it becomes available, we'll get a full review up for it.

Yelp! is looking for help

Yelp!, the travel app that connects you with everything from hotels to gas stations to food joints, is looking for a little help. When asked if their popular Windows Phone 7 app would be updated any time soon, their reply:

Unfortunately, not in the near time frame. Believe it or not, we're still a very small team and as such, our priorities lie with the platforms that see the most engagement (iPhone and Android) BUT, we are actively hiring for more mobile developers, so if you know anyone, please send them our way and I'll also tell our team we have some eager folks out there who'd appreciate an update.

Understandably Yelp! is focusing with areas of the most activity but nice to see that they are wanting to effectively handle additional platforms by increasing their staff. No details on the specifics of the developer's position were available, but you can contact Yelp! through their website here for all the details.

And if you haven't tried Yelp!, you can find your free copy here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Source: Facebook Thanks to George (the other one) for tipping us on this!

Bing hurting Google with search quality and Windows Phone 7?

Google is considered the top search engine in the world, and has held this title for some time since early development. When Microsoft had MSN (later as; Live) deployed as a competitor to Google (and Yahoo! at the time) no one really adapted to the giant’s offering – understandable since the results provided by the index were either slightly off, or just blatently ridiculous.

Requiring a new product (much like Windows Phone 7), Microsoft developed a search engine to create a stronger hold on the search share across the globe. Bing was born. Featuring a new User Interface and supposedly “better related” results, this was the secret weapon to attack Google’s fort.

With continued growth through the redirection of MSN/Live searchers to the new home of Microsoft search, and the acquisition of Yahoo! has had Bing in the spotlight for not only the Search Engine Optimisation world, but for those technologically banded. Not all could remain well for the two competitors however...

Poynt - Review

Poynt is another location based search tool for your Windows Phone. Like Yelp! and Places, the Windows Phone 7 application uses your current location as a point of reference. You have the option to search by keyword or by category.

Categories include Businesses, People, Restuarants, Movies and Gas. Regardless of your method of searching, the results Poynt generates will be within an established search radius (can be set in the apps Settings Menu).  As bonuses, Poynt has your current location's weather conditions on the main page and the main page's graphics reflects the time of day at your location.

To see how well Poynt performed and how it compared to other location based search apps, ease on past the break.

Bing overtakes Yahoo! in the search market


Microsoft's Bing search engine continues to do well, passing Yahoo! in July for the first time to be #2. Not bad for a market that really no one thought would change much, though we should point out Google is in no real trouble yet. Results are based on Chitika's web-ad network, similar to Google's AdSense.

Bing will also power Yahoo!'s search engine by the end of August, gaining them even more power, albeit hidden. Combined with their powering of Facebook's search, the upcoming Windows Phone 7 and maybe even Mozilla/Firefox (once their contract with Google expires), Bing could see some real growth in the next 24 months.

[via WebProNews]

The looming search engine war: Bing vs Google and privacy

Don't know if you've heard the latest comments made by Google CEO Eric Schmidt, but in a recent interview he stated "I think judgment matters,...If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place."

This drew a huge negative reaction from privacy proponents and the Google backlash received some more momentum. Combined with controversial Rupert Murdoch's threat to de-list themselves from Google (due to Google profiting off of Fox New's reporting) and Microsoft literally stepping in and offering them a better deal and we're getting odd bed fellows.

Here's one more.

Asa Dotzler, Mozilla's director of community development, on his personal blog has now linked to Bing and appears to be urging Firefox's development away from Google as their default search engine. We'll leave the details of the Google and Firefox alliance to the great article at ArsTechnica, but this raises the question:

Has the age of Bing begun?  Does Microsoft actually stand a chance to beat Google on their own turf?

What's your personal preference on your Windows phone: Google or Bing for search?  Take theh poll and sound off in comments on your reasons why and what you think about Google's ever-expanding dominance in your personal information management.

Which do you prefer on your Windows phone for searches:(opinion)

Searchme Beta Released

Searchme Inc. has released a beta version of Searchme. Billed as an "innovative mobile search experience with a fun, easy to use interface specially designed for touch screen handsets running on the Windows Mobile platform", Searchme delivers results in web page thumbnail form as well as text descriptions. The results can be thumb panned horizontally or a pop-up menu can be used to scan through the results. Results yielding video or music can be played from the search page.

“Since launching our mobile app a few months ago, we had an overwhelming response from people who love the idea of a richer, more visual search experience on their phones. We’re very excited that we’re now able to introduce millions of Windows Mobile users to this superior mobile search experience that delivers quick page loads and immediate access to relevant information,” said Randy Adams, Searchme Founder and CEO.

For our impressions on the Beta version and some screen shots, follow the break.