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Microsoft announced a ton of upcoming features for its Xbox One console earlier this week, and lots of headlines were generated on the news that the console would be able to stream live TV shows to its Windows, iOS and Android SmartGlass app. Unfortunately, those headlines glossed over the fact that this kind of support won't be coming to the US market anytime soon.

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The Xbox One SmartGlass Beta is a version of the official remote control app for Microsoft's video game console, which consumers can download to check out upcoming features not yet loaded into the main release. We last looked at the app being updated back in May, but today the team has released another update to bring forward some new features.

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You can control your Xbox One with so many modes of input. Use the Xbox One controller, use Kinect or use the Xbox One SmartGlass app on Windows Phone. The phone app is great and we have no major complaints, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft isn’t innovating. The company has just pushed out a beta version of SmartGlass for Windows Phone. The app gives you a sneak peek at new features coming. Let’s check it out.

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Just ahead of Build, Microsoft has previewed a new update to SmartGlass which pulls in all of the OneGuide functions to your mobile. That means you’ll be able to flip through what’s on TV, change the station, and use your device as a TV remote (including powering your set on and off). These features are only rolling out to select Live members in Canada, the U.S., and Europe for the time being.

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If you have an Xbox One and a Windows Phone, your experience just improved a bit today with version of SmartGlass landing in the Store.

On a cursory glance, SmartGlass looks the same as December’s update, but heading under Settings will reveal a new menu item: Game Clips. Using the SmartGlass app, users can now browse through their collection of recorded hits and even play them directly on the phone.

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A few days ago, we mentioned that Microsoft had pushed out an update for their Xbox One SmartGlass app for Windows 8.1 devices. Falling on the heels of that update are similar ones for the Windows Phone apps, including the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions.

Firing up the app for the Xbox One, we’ve noticed the version number has changed from 2.x.xxxx.14001 to 2.x.xxxx.26000 and no new features, at least nothing that popped out. Our guess is this update ties in with some minor bug and performance improvements, including some connectivity issues some users have reported (ours has worked flawlessly since day one).

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The Xbox One launched in 13 countries last Friday, and early adopters (including much of the Windows Phone Central staff) have a fairly robust selection of launch titles to enjoy. That doesn’t mean we’re not already looking to the future, though. When you buy a console during the first month of its release, you’re investing in the games that will come later even more than the first wave of titles.

One of the most exciting early post-launch releases will be Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare from PopCap Games. Garden Warfare now has an official release date of February 18th, 2014 for both Xbox One and Xbox 360. I actually played the game during our visit to Electronic Arts headquarters last week and came away highly impressed. Head past the break for impressions, gameplay footage, and our video interview with Garden Warfare producer, Brian Lindley!

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With only a few days left until the hotly anticipated Xbox One arrives in stores, Microsoft has already unleashed their SmartGlass app for the news system.

SmartGlass, introduced at E3 in 2012, has slowly ramped up as a ‘second-screen’ service, allowing those with smartphones and tablets to augment what is seen on screen. The SmartGlass service is expected to get more robust with the power of Xbox One, and with this app available today, we should be ready for this Friday.

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Does it feel like you're forking out for tools and the means to create some content for the Xbox console (or any platform for that matter)? Microsoft may have a solution for you with its independent developer self-publishing program for Xbox One. Heard of Unity? The popular, highly rated and expensive kit will be available for free to those who are signed up for the Microsoft program.

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SmartGlass was unveiled during Microsoft’s 2012 E3 presentation in Los Angeles. The service allows users to connect to their Xbox 360 in a variety of ways through their smartphones, tablets, and PCs. However, it was introduced late into the Xbox 360's lifecycle, something that impacted performance and features.

The Xbox One has been built with SmartGlass in mind, so we can expect a lot of improvements not just in performance, but new features to take advantage of the platform. Here’s what we can look forward to.

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The last time the SmartGlass app for Windows Phone received an update was way back in January. For that release, we didn’t have a changelog and today, we bring the same news. Version is now live in the Store, though you’ll be hard pressed to find any new features or changes. Our guess would be that the connection logic was probably adjusted to deliver a smoother experience when linking to the console.

In other words, we can consider this a maintenance update.

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This weekend, UFC 163 featherweight bout is going down on your Xbox 360 ( as a pay-per view event and we’re stoked, stocking up on beer and pizza for the Saturday night event.

Normally around this time we would break out our trusty official UFC app for Windows Phone, which lets you view all the upcoming fight cards, stats and it even allows you to choose who you think the winners will be (and by which method). That info could then be shared with your friends for friendly competition adding a unique social networking feature to the otherwise brutal showdown.

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All of us use the World Wide Web every day to connect to our favorite services and we increasingly do so through mobile devices and tablets. According to Microsoft sources, everyday an additional 3.6 million devices are activated worldwide. If that is not enough proof to portray that we live in a connected world then consider this; that number is five times larger than the number of babies born each day. Because of this global expansion rate, Microsoft has introduced a concept known as “The Companion Web”.

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Here we go folks, our last E3 2013 game preview. And you’d better believe I saved the best for last. Xbox One launch games will let players do lots of exciting things: shoot soldiers in Battlefield 4 and Wolfenstein: The New Order, bust zombies in Dead Rising 3, collect millions of LEGO blocks in LEGO Marvel Superheroes, and even beat down fighters in Killer Instinct.

Those are all great games, but they’re also established franchises and genres. Microsoft did announce a game during their E3 Media Briefing that is completely new in every way, though: Project Spark. On the surface, one might confuse Project Spark as being similar to LittleBigPlanet or even the indie title Kodu Game Lab for Xbox 360.

After seeing and hearing more about the game firsthand during E3, we discovered that Project Spark is simultaneously far grander in scale and more approachable than any game creation game that has come before. It’s due out on Xbox One, Windows 8, and Xbox 360 AND supports SmartGlass, so practically all Microsoft fans can get in on the fun.  We’ve got an exclusive hands-on video with Claude Jerome, Game Designer at Microsoft and open beta details after the break!

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