Xbox Video for Windows Phone updated, SmartGlass Beta switches up layout

What the what? How many big updates can we get in one day? Let’s recap today, which will go down in history as one of the most updated days of all time for Windows Phone. Spotify got the ball rolling by picking up a major update with a new design. Beats Music followed with some insane optimizations. Readit went hard and gained more features than we could list. Path hit version 2.0 and introduced Path Shops and Xbox Games picked up a quick update. Pretty busy day right? Not be left out of the fun, Xbox Video and Xbox One SmartGlass Beta picked up Windows Phone updates too. Let’s see what’s new.


Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll find Xbox Video sitting at version 2.5.3886.0. Today’s update? Just minor fixes and improvements. That’s about as detailed as a changelog as you can get, said Sam sarcastically. Do let us know if you notice anything specific about this version of Xbox Video. We are noticing that they’ve dropped the Xbox from the name and are just calling the app Video now in the Windows Phone Store.

Download Xbox Video from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Xbox Video

Xbox One​ SmartGlass Beta

Microsoft introduced the beta version of Xbox One SmartGlass on April 1st. We thought it was a joke too, but the joke was on us as it was a great app that gave you a future look at features coming to the mainstream version of Xbox One SmartGlass. Today’s update puts the app at version in the Windows Phone Store, but you’ll want to head to the app settings to the true version. Do that and you’ll see Xbox One SmartGlass Beta now at 2.2.1405.7009. We’re not seeing a changelog with this update, so we’re going to do this the old fashioned way.

Off the bat we’re noticing that the Activity Feed for your Friends list has been put on the home page of the app. It’s replaced the Featured content that has now been moved to the menu pane. You can now sort Game clips by recent or those saved. Also our name has been put under our Gamertag. Notice anything else new in this update? Do sound off below!

Download Xbox One SmartGlass Beta from the Windows Phone Store.

Everyone! Thank you so much for the tips. You all rock!

QR: Xbox One SmartGlass Beta

Sam Sabri
  • Wow talk about all day headlines
  • headlines will be when Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Skype and WhatsApp get their updates to go to WP8.1 versions.
  • This.
  • Well who knows, maybe companies are finally updating their apps because the increase of phone vendors releasing windows phones. But probably just me being optimistic. :P
  • Add Instagram to that as well!
  • +925
  • +520
  • This.
  • I'm telling you guys, it's patch Tuesday for WP... WP8.1 is awesome..
  • I have just received another Spotify update while ago after the massive one which has come yesterday. But do not see any changes at all.
  • Great!
    Going off topic but Sam can you tell me if wp8.1 will bring USB otg support with it?
  • Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Learn to fish ;)
  • Teach him to fish :D
  • LOL
  • ... said Sam sarcastically.
  • Nice one
  • Teach a man to fish and he'll fish and drink beer all day :D
  • It doesn't, I tested it already. Unless Microsoft has a change of heart with RTM. Joe didn't reply to my question about OTG support.
  • That's what I'm hoping for...
  • I think OTG cable support requires specific hardware too other than software..
  • There has been a lot of news today!
  • And again! I told you guys! Today is updates day!
  • Also Amazon app, Sam missed on the article.
  • I did give them a tip but guess they did not find it or deemed it not critical enough.
  • It has been covered. maybe dont cry that you dont get a "thanks for the tip sarang"
  • +920
  • Just trying my 20 cents.
  • It's constantly loading...
  • I've no idea how did they manage to write the app that way, Very frustrating!
  • The old one was the best, I hope they optimize this new app asap
  • Can't watch any of my videos using the app... Never ending loading. Nevermind. I rebooted and videos now play. Playback seems a little smoother with only a stutter here and there. Still not silky smooth like in 8.0.
  • Yeah,I have this problem too, Lumia 620,India,wp 8.1
  • Had to soft reset to get it working too.
  • SmartGlass now looks more like Android layout ;)
    All MS apps should look like this lol, but on wp they make it look better :P
  • Android version of Smartglass Beta also just updated on my Nexus 7
  • They removed DVR but on on TV remote on android but luckily I have a menu button is it gone from wp also Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Still it crashes on my 920..:(
  • The video app still crashes on a L520... What's up with MS?
  • I have Lumia 520 and the app working good
  • They fucked up this one too!! If try to open video it displace black screen and keeps on loading. Don't update.
    It's working now. It needs some time.
  • Ya mine too
  • Videos is still JUNK! Used to be able to pin my kids movies to Kids Corner. Why did MS remove this feature in 8.1?
  • Opposite of a slow news day! :D BTW, has Xbox Video finally got HD playback?
  • Opposite of a slow news day!
    Seems Faster?
  • Interesting that they seem to be phasing out the Xbox brand in music and video. I wonder if they plan to drop it all together. Would they call it Microsoft music instead?
  • Where are they phasing it out?
  • Fifty lashes with a wet noodle. Now go back and read the article.
  • Probably to help new users find the apps. If you wanted to play a video on your phone, you would look for a video player and not Xbox video. You might even think Xbox video needs Xbox to work.
  • Nice one
  • If only xbone released in my country *sigh
  • I have to say I like the smart glass UI. It's really nice and less boring compared to most WP 8.1 apps we get from Microsoft these days. I Am not talking about the android look but the color/ gradient of the background. instead of having jst plain black or white color for background, ms should make more apps like the smart glass.
  • Exactly what I said :)
  • They are just playing with us and they will surprise all of us with a optimised OS in 630.
  • Still not impressed by the video app..
  • WPCentral seems faster today lol
  • I feel like Xbox video should be an actual video player with video editing and hd support. Also support controls while in video.
  • Wtf full hd videos are playing great in previous versions,now this version needs internet to play hd videos stored locally.. Shame..
  • Welcome to the cloud! If you can't connect to it, you don't need that bit of content, even if already local. Maybe the app was trying to check with the DRM mother ship.
  • seeing so many updates in a day, i almost started to feel i have an android phone! :|
  • Exactly. I had 18 updates on my Nexus 5. :) I wonder will the update momentum keep going after Windows Phone 8.1 is released to the public or if all of this is just to fix bugs and introduce better 8.1 compatibility that will be followed by the usual "no app updates for 6 months or more" that we see from some developers?
  • ya. i hope we get updates more frequently. but i don't want a bug fix update every two-three days. i'd rather have a feature-improving update once in, say, two weeks (along with bug fixes).
    all i really want is we stay at par with the competition. even ahead of them will do! ^_^
  • Ugh more updates... I just want to use the app that works.
  • It's available in India now :)
  • I wish to have a video player for all my recorded videos and stuff, I am wrong or Xbox video should have this ?
  • Just get Moliplayer...
  • Woah, Facebook app now? Or something else? It's my Birthday, come on..
  • i wonder if microsoft is trolling us to freak out for every app update
  • Xbox one will be only available in September here in India. (hopefully). So technically speaking I should have got the typical not available here message. But I was able to install it! Or is it due to it being a public beta?
  • Just wish us NON USA people would get remote control 'buttons' like what's on the remote. and One Guide, I'd LOVE to control my Aussie FetchTV box through the Xbox One and SmartGlass.
  • Finaly, video doesn't crash anymore
  • Xbox video doesn't updated in my Lumia 520.which shows make sure that your phone software is upto date......but my phones software is upto date.....please fix this
  • For me Video is still Not openning !! any one please help Me
  • For me Video app is still Not openning !! any one please help Me
  • Still cannot watch my video. It says "loading.." and nothing happens I don't know who are working in Xbox music, video, game team. But at least know they are incompetent. All these apps are crap. Although the apps are getting update, there's only a little improvements or nothing at each update. So it'll take more than 3 years to be a decent app. This is hopeless situation. Just employ other guys for Xbox apps plz MS.
  • yeah because if it doesnt work for you it means it doesnt work for anyone else /s you shouldn't have upgraded to 8.1 if you can't deal with this... just saying. especially if apps are not complete updating for the official release. next time don't upgrade and wait until you get firmware update and the official update and all that... I mean, video and music xbox apps work fine here... so it seems your phone is the incompetent one.
  • Just go offline and try.
  • Other comments above said rebooting the phone fixed it.
  • xbox games and xbox video that's all I hate from wp 8.1
  • Do you like the phonebook/save contact interface? For me, it is rubbish!
    Only in the people hub can I edit contacts and add further details.
    The phonebook that one gets to via the dialer is just rubbish. None of the contacts can be edited at all.
    Such a backwards system. The people hub should be accessible from the dialler. Or the dialler should be accessible from the people hub. As it is, I need two different live tiles to do something that should be included in just one.
  • What crack are you smoking? It can be accessed thru the either way...anybody in you call history can be edited and called and vice versa...
  • Right, do me this one favour.... 1. Go to your dialer 2. Press the phone book button (the one next to the magnifying glass) 3. Edit a contact...(Yep, you can't ;) ) So yes, back to my original point - the phone book/contact editing system is rubbish. Here's another problem...when you add a new number via the dialer pad, you can ONLY add that number. To then add further details, one needs to go to the people hub - or edit it from the recently dialed number list (if you have tried to call them). You CANNOT edit that contact in the phone book on the dialer pad...
  • Working great for me.
  • Sam is my favourite update announcer as of now.
  • Dunno y but I am pretty satisfied with Xbox music and video app...
  • Today we will see OneNote and Skype Wifi updates, allready installed them.
  • Can someone please tell me how to post on forums(not comments). I'm using WPC from my mobile and i can't find where to post it.
  • But this video app totally sucks because it can only play mp4.Sadly I don't use it.Moli player is my only video player.
  • Boy this a test of my patience now.
  • Hell yeah im noticing differences in xbox video app.. I van finally play video files! Lumia 1320
  • This is a new record mark by the Samsung Company as they broke the Galaxy S4 record last year ago that was set in 27 days for the same sale.
  • Off topic...but a REALLY backwards feature of 8.1:
    If I go to the phonebook via the dialer icon, I cannot edit any of the contacts. I instead have to go into the people hub.
    Also, if I save a contact via the dialler, I cannot add any further information without going into the people hub to make edits.
    WP8.1 should be making things super simple. Instead, I am having to explain to people the workarounds to what should be the most simple of tasks.
  • We can edit from the dialer..
  • No...we can add the number in the dialer to the contact list. But AFAIK, we cannot then edit those contacts/add further details using the phonebook contained within the dialler. Long pressing on contacts does nothing...
    The people hub and the phonebook work differently (1020 & 820 running 8.1)
  • Why would you open the dialer if your purpose is to edit contacts in the first place?... Saving a contact from the dialer allows you to save the most relevant information you would need... You'd also only use this if you're in a rush... Otherwise, you'd have the leisure to use the People app if you need to add anything else... Pretty simple... Nothing backwards at all...
  • A simple scenario...(my mum uses a Windows Phone, so I've seen how she struggles);
    You're with a person who offers you their number. My mum would always go to the dialer - type in the number, then click save. In WP8, she could also add further contact details such as email etc. In WP8.1, you can ONLY add the number...not any additional details So with that limitation in mind, my mum would then go to the phonebook in the dialer app expecting to be able to add aditional details there. Alas, she can't...she instead has to go to the people hub. For an OS that relies so heavily on live tiles, it is a failure to have such a convulted system of adding contacts/editing details. We should be able to add all of the contact details when saving directly from the dialer. & we should also be able to edit contacts in the phonebook. We shouldn't be forced to use the people hub to edit contacts.
    The current system is a confusing mess for anyone that is trying to pick up Windows Phone. It is ok for us geeks who know all of the nuances of the system. Sometimes though, I just wonder whether Microsoft bothers to stick a Windows Phone in the hands of novices and actually see how they use them. It should be simpler. It should be like iOS in that respect.
  • I totally agree. It's absolute nonsense the way WP8.1 misses the mark completely on small details. This particular problem gets me so mad. You meet someone and you both in a hurry and they like hey my m number is blah blah blah. Then they wanna give you another number like a home number and an email. You can't do that straight from the dialer. It's a small detail that is practically inconvenient. Why do they keep overlooking these small day to day details that make smartphones convenient. Even feature phones like Asha have these capabilities. Same issues with the all over the place video and music apps. That's why Blackberry did poorly outside the US. Too complicated for no convenient reason. Stop Americanizing WP if you want to have global appeal. We don't have the Apple luxury of having bewitched half the planet
  • Amen!
    I'm glad it's not just me that finds the add/edit contact process confusing! Hopefully MS will fix it (and also fix the ridiculously long and disorganised settings list!).
    Seriously, without Nokia, Windows Phone would have died a death years ago. Now that Nokia no longer exists, I no longer feel quite so compelled to stick with Windows Phone.
    I do love my 1020 though :)
  • Videos app sucks, nothing is showing when browsing for movies or tv shows
  • There's an option for SETTINGS in VIDEO now. 
  • is there any app in wp store to hide downloaded/recorded videos?
  • Video contents are no longer accessible if you happen to be outside of US...use to be able to browse and purchase movies or tv shows, now it just says nothing to show here under all headings in the video app...well, was thinking of getting the 930, but I'll probably consider jump over to another platform, at least I can access all kind of movies and tv shows on there...MS...u suck!! Mobile device is suppose to allow users to access all kind of contents while on the move, taking that option away, that device or platform is no longer attractive or useful for me.
  • You do realise that this is the WP8.1 DEVELOPER preview. Looks to me like you are a disgruntled consumer....probably should have stuck with WP8.
  • Of course im not happy, what would u do if something that was available before, just suddenly disappeared because of a supposedly minor update? I was just browsing a few hours ago, everything was still there, and btw, I have 8.1 preview, and after the video app update, everythings gone, sure im piss off...because I like watching movies and tv shows, and don't mind paying either... Why should I just stuck with 8.0? Im talking about the video app update, should have nothing to do with which version of OS I have on my phone.
  • +925 For pointing out app features that were running just fine on the "8.1 DEVELOPER preview" going AWOL due to an app update have nothing to do with said developer preview.
  • I'm in Panama, I was able to see this context before, but I can still do so now....   have you tried soft resetting your phone?  maybe your Video is stuck and not loading the data correctly.
  • Tried soft reset, no luck, thanks for the suggestion, good that u still can access the movies & tv shows..I have a feeling that MS has made changes to the location codes, and probably made videos available to US only..
  • Odd that this update to Xbox Video shows up on regions without the Xbox Music and Video services whilst the Xbox Music update has yet to show up...
  • And over at WhatsApp?
  • Turned off my mobile data and also did a reboot, still, the video app ain't working... Seriously, what kinda f*&*#% up s*** is this?!
  • Are MS moving away from Metro design? It seems that more and more apps have the "Android" look which I'm not a fan of. WP has always been a great OS for single handed use but more and more design elements are seemingly being moved to the top of the screen. Even Cortana doesn't really have much of a Metro look.
  • I'm not sure when this was addressed but the coolest thing that I've noticed about video is that a rented video can be watched on all devices. Before, you could only watch it on the device you rented it on. Sweet!
  • What is that orange device in the pic? It's gorgeous.
  • It's a 1020 (the giveaway is the lanyard hole).
    I am pretty certain it is yellow - but whatever camera they used got the white balance wrong.
  • Can't open app after the update..I've done soft resetting...but its not helping...
  • I cant play video now. It starts , plays sound, but image stays still and then show cant play try again message. 
  • wake me up when NHL Gamecenter releases a windows phone app
  • Am I the only one who feels the 3 buttons in the top right corner clutter the UI? They should be those circle action buttons at the bottom.
  • Then again I guess it's consistent with Cortana and Windows 8.1 apps
  • And now it looks like Android, and goes directly against the app guideline documents microsoft gives out to devs. I like WP because of its design sense, please don't start looking like Android.....
  • My library wouldn't load before but it does now.
  • Can't play movies I own :|