Xbox Video for Windows Phone updated, SmartGlass Beta switches up layout

What the what? How many big updates can we get in one day? Let’s recap today, which will go down in history as one of the most updated days of all time for Windows Phone. Spotify got the ball rolling by picking up a major update with a new design. Beats Music followed with some insane optimizations. Readit went hard and gained more features than we could list. Path hit version 2.0 and introduced Path Shops and Xbox Games picked up a quick update. Pretty busy day right? Not be left out of the fun, Xbox Video and Xbox One SmartGlass Beta picked up Windows Phone updates too. Let’s see what’s new.


Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll find Xbox Video sitting at version 2.5.3886.0. Today’s update? Just minor fixes and improvements. That’s about as detailed as a changelog as you can get, said Sam sarcastically. Do let us know if you notice anything specific about this version of Xbox Video. We are noticing that they’ve dropped the Xbox from the name and are just calling the app Video now in the Windows Phone Store.

Download Xbox Video from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Xbox Video

Xbox One​ SmartGlass Beta

Microsoft introduced the beta version of Xbox One SmartGlass on April 1st. We thought it was a joke too, but the joke was on us as it was a great app that gave you a future look at features coming to the mainstream version of Xbox One SmartGlass. Today’s update puts the app at version in the Windows Phone Store, but you’ll want to head to the app settings to the true version. Do that and you’ll see Xbox One SmartGlass Beta now at 2.2.1405.7009. We’re not seeing a changelog with this update, so we’re going to do this the old fashioned way.

Off the bat we’re noticing that the Activity Feed for your Friends list has been put on the home page of the app. It’s replaced the Featured content that has now been moved to the menu pane. You can now sort Game clips by recent or those saved. Also our name has been put under our Gamertag. Notice anything else new in this update? Do sound off below!

Download Xbox One SmartGlass Beta from the Windows Phone Store.

Everyone! Thank you so much for the tips. You all rock!

QR: Xbox One SmartGlass Beta

Sam Sabri