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Xbox One SmartGlass apps for Windows Phone are currently crashing on startup

It looks like the start of 2015 isn't going so well for Microsoft's Xbox One SmartGlass apps for Windows Phone. Both the regular and beta versions of the app, which is used to help control the Xbox One game console, are currently crashing for many users on startup.

We started receiving tips about these crashes earlier this morning, and our own tests of the Xbox SmartGlass apps confirmed that they will not work when launched on our own Windows Phone devices. It's possible this issue is date related, since it started happening close to the time of the changeover from 2014 to 2015. We will update this post when Microsoft updates these apps to fix this problem.

Update: It looks like this same problem is happening to the Xbox One SmartGlass app for Windows 8.1 as well.

QR: Xbox One SmartGlass

QR: Xbox One SmartGlass Beta

Thanks to Bill and Achike for the tips

  • I am happy that its just not me
  • True. I was going crazy. Uninstalled and reinstalled like a dozen times both the beta and regular versions.
  • Yea, I thought it was just me. I uninstalled the beta and tried installing the regular app. I was disappointed with the same problems.
  • Hey, I thought it was just my stupid Windows Phone. I wonder if it crashes on other platforms as well then.
  • It's running well on Android Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Working fine on Ipad
  • Piss off.
  • You're still alive? I guess you're bad at keeping resolutions. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Smh
  • Xbox one smart glass for windows is now working too, am running windows 10.
  • I noticed they were crashing on my Surface this morning as well.
  • Glad I didn't hard reset my phone. I wouldn't miss it so much if there was a chatpad for the One. Trying to get a Destiny raid team together is a pain using the controller to type messages.
  • If only ms at least supported usb keyboards properly
  • Bungie really needs to do matchmaking on raids already.
  • I'm fine with no matchmaking. I don't really want to raid with 5 random people. At least using an LFG site we can all kind of gauge how we might play together. It would be nice if Bungie implemented some sort of LFG within the game though.
  • Thnaks, seriously???
  • Common mistake.... As is overreacting ;-)
  • Hear, hear!! ;-)
  • Hmmm, not crashing on ipad...weird
  • I thought it was my phone as well to I tried it on my Surface. Yep crashed their too. The fact that it crashes immediately sure seems to be an issue with the application itself and not connectivity to Xbox Live. Has anyone tried manually backdating their computer to see if it was related to the year?
  • Good idea. I just manually backdated my phone and the app launched successfully but couldn't log me in. So sad.
  • No wonder. I was trying since morning! Laptop, Desktop & phone. Nada.
  • I noticed the issue yesterday on my Icon I can't launch the app at all just crashes
  • Confirmed it is date related. I set my phone to be manual and back dated it to yesterday. The application launched ..did not go through it but it didn't crash at all.
  • It is date related, but it is interesting that it will work if you set it to yesterdays date (12/31/2014), but it was not working yesterday. I'm curious to find out if tomorrow it works when set to 1/1/2015.
  • Ya, tried to brag about how awesome smartglass is to my friends last night, only for it to not open and crash, Fail
  • Tried to brag about my Xbox one then first time I turned it on update ruined xbox sigh wtf Microsoft
  • Why on earth would they have hard coded a date into their app. That's just bizarre.
  • How on earth would you know why the application crashes now
  • Works well on our iPhone but crashes on all Windows devices.
  • Yup, im using the beta and the same thing is happening its not opening at all
  • Was wondering if it was only crashing on my WP devices but apparently not. It's running well on Android though. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Runs fine on my Lumia 920 too... Must be something with date-settings that doesn't affect some ways to format the date.
  • Also affects the Windows 8.1 version.
  • Errorcode 002000 on Taptiles daychallanges.
  • I haven't been able to pair my smartglass with my Xbox One for months now. This goes to my Lumia 1520. Surface RT and now my Dell Venue 8 Pro.
    I've blamed my router tho, since it stopped right after I moved and got a cheap new router.
  • I had trouble with mine a couple of weeks ago... Smart glass wasn't detecting my console when it had before. I had to unplug my one n plug it back in... Don't know why but it fixed the problem...
  • Check your NAT settings on the router. Any reference to UPnP should also be set to on. Also, I set my router so it specifies the Xbox as a DMZ connection, so it doesn't use NAT once connected. Hope that helps you ;)
  • changing my lumias date to 31/12/2014 fixes the problem.
  • Wouldn't load on my galaxy tab 4 either.
  • It is 2015 that is causing the issue, if you change the date back 2014, they work fine.
  • ahhh thought it was just me, uninstalled, tried the beta one, same thing, CTD!
  • Is anyone having trouble connecting to OneDrive in the UK?
  • It started crashing last night, noticed the same on beta as well.
  • Still not working on Surface RT an Win Phone.
  • And more importantly xb1 sg brings back xbl message support.
  • Noice.
  • It started happening for me at about 4:00pm yesterday, the 31st. California time. HTC 8xt, and my laptop with 8.1.
  • Nice phone! I just got official 8.1 from Sprint a few days ago on mine (running Developer Preview). How bout you?
  • I installed the official update. The developer preview was giving me problems, so I had to do a factory reset and start anew. I like this phone.
  • Yes! Yes! Same here
  • Yepp... Noticed it last night... In 2014
  • I was having the same issue on my Lumia Icon! Glad it's not just me!
  • Yea I mentioned this in the forums last night. The MMS messages were weird also
  • Ahhh, so not just my phone. Back to using the controller for the time being.
  • WTF. Made me look stupid last night in front of company
  • Dude, this is why I stopped trying to show off MS gadgets. Seems everytime I did, it'd make me look like a tool, and I'd get an Apple wouldn't do that remark. Xbox Music is the worst culprit.
  • Lol. Yeah I really hope MS get their act together with WP10
  • Happening on both my Icon & Surface tablet.
  • Been crashing since 2014. At the same tribe that it became impressive to log into any games on the XBox One.
  • It stopped working for me late yesterday. I like to use smartglass for OneGuide. I can't believe date problems still show up is software. Haven't we figured out how to properly code dates yet? Geesh.
  • This was driving me crazy last night around 8pm. Didn't see anything about problems on web search. Should have come here first.
  • I tried to show this off at a new years party last night and was like really, really....need it fixed soon!
  • Please fix it NOW, I'm tired of this crap, first the hacking now this, COME ON MICROSOFT get it together.
  • & it appears theres a problem with how preview dashboard shows tenure in months
  • Mine launch's fine.
  • Xbox one smartglass works when you reinstall it for windows 8.1
  • No Smartass on phones or Surface. Not working on any of my gadgets!
  • Went to see if the dragon age inquisition sale applied to the download. Epic price check fail.
  • right when the smartglass apps are crashing, I noticed my packet loss is high. Are these two connected? I never had this issue and my connection is very stable.
  • Neither the beta or the released version works on my 1020 with DP.
  • Shit worked yesterday. Now it just sucks ass.
  • 2nd Jan and still not working. L1020 UK preview dashboard.
  • Reading up there's a date bug, is this still ongoing ?
  • How long does it take to fix!!
  • 3 days and counting. It's making the TV experience and search quite cumbersome.
  • No official word yet..?
  • hello MS. Try catch block missing.
  • there on it!
  • Thanks, came back here to see if there was an update. 
  • Btw, Bing was down for a bit today too.
  • Both apps are updated as of 10:00 EST.