Xbox app for Windows 10 starts to fold in Smartglass features

The Xbox app on Windows 10 is going to keep on improving as we progress through the year and the latest update adds some pretty important 'new' features. They're new to this app, but not to anyone who's been using SmartGlass on Windows 8.1. With the bump to version 3.3, the new Xbox app is starting to fold in some of the SmartGlass functionality ahead of an anticipated replacement by this new app.

Here's what's new:

  • Watch popular game clips
  • Activity feed improvements
  • Profile improvements
  • Better window sizing
  • Connect to Xbox One
  • Xbox One remote control
  • Browse OneGuide

The visual improvements are noticeable. The remote control and OneGuide features work just the same as they currently do on the SmartGlass app and finding game clips is a simple process. We were promised regular updates and already we're starting to see this app come alive. Game streaming isn't here yet, but we've jumped the first hurdle on the way to that.

You should get the app update automatically but if you don't, open up the Store (Beta) and grab it from there. We've got a few screenshots of some of the newness for you below.

Thanks everyone who tipped us!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • What about Xbox Music ;(
  • Gone
  • It's has been shutdown forever.
  • How is it shut down? I use it every day.
  • It's not in Store anymore.
  • Try the App Groove on the one store
  • Well Xbox is certainly becoming more integrated. Wait till we get Xbox games playable on phone. Not those knockoffs with "live integration"
  • Not every game would be possible on WP.
  • Not necessarily. They got some form of halo, etc.
  • I don't see why not as your streaming via the xbox one, question is how would one pair the controller to the phone? Perhaps they have a new one in the works and that supports bluetooth as well? The beauty of software is that it is extremely malleable.
  • MOGA though they could also license madcatz(them being already a partnership for xbox controllers) Android controller aswell
  • @FarStrider2001, true however it has been awhile since Moga have updated their SDK for Windows phone (no support for 8.1). Time will tell.
  • dont expect much more thann live integration. very few of those games will be runnable on phone. they will at most release seprate phone versions to work with low spec hardware. at most streaming from xbox
  • Well the almost all of the processing and heavy lifting will be done on the x1. Splashtop have a client for android where you can play pc games with adapted controls (via the app) so it is possible however touch controls on a small screen can be rather cumbersome.
  • that's cool
  • I want to know when we get the update for game streaming that was shown in January. I am uncertain if this requires an update to the console, Windows 10, or both for this functionality.
  • That will certainly take a long time and builds both on Xbox and/or the Desktops.
  • If I had to guess, an update to Windows 10 on the PC would need to happen and them we would need to get the update that adds the Windows 10 bits to the Xbox One. That is one feature I think we may not see until closer to the release of Windows 10, or won't see it until it is released.
  • Well I agree partialy but think about the Digital Tuning adapter that streams TV to other devices already. This has to be the first step in this.process. If TV can be streamed I think the main thing will be latency between the Device and the Xbox so gaming is not affected.
  • I wonder if this implies the scaling back on Smartglass's second screen features. Most companies seem to want second screen functionality but, are providing their own apps to do it, rather than utilizing Smartglass.
  • Wow, deja vu. I was actually thinking this yesterday when the article about xbox live on pc came out. With this app coming to phones aswel there is really no need for SG as standalone on Windows10.
  • Awesome, hopefully this is a sign that the hub-centric model is coming back. Really don't like games cluttering up the app list, it gets insanely long lol which puts people off as most think scrolling is the only way to navigate...
  • With the introduction of options like 'Recently/Most Used' and 'Recently Installed' it might not be much of a trouble.
  • Great to see this happening it's how it should've happened with w/wp8
  • I'll have to wait to see if it will work "snapped" before I cheer. Current version requires you to go to full screen for things like simply turning up the volume or swiping to the next song in a play list :(
  • Now if they could allow mapping keys to the xbox control. THAT would be very hellpful.