Xbox app for Windows 10 starts to fold in Smartglass features

The Xbox app on Windows 10 is going to keep on improving as we progress through the year and the latest update adds some pretty important 'new' features. They're new to this app, but not to anyone who's been using SmartGlass on Windows 8.1. With the bump to version 3.3, the new Xbox app is starting to fold in some of the SmartGlass functionality ahead of an anticipated replacement by this new app.

Here's what's new:

  • Watch popular game clips
  • Activity feed improvements
  • Profile improvements
  • Better window sizing
  • Connect to Xbox One
  • Xbox One remote control
  • Browse OneGuide

The visual improvements are noticeable. The remote control and OneGuide features work just the same as they currently do on the SmartGlass app and finding game clips is a simple process. We were promised regular updates and already we're starting to see this app come alive. Game streaming isn't here yet, but we've jumped the first hurdle on the way to that.

You should get the app update automatically but if you don't, open up the Store (Beta) and grab it from there. We've got a few screenshots of some of the newness for you below.

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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