Microsoft is giving away four tickets for this year's TechEd in Europe

Microsoft UK is running a sweet deal for developers who are wanting to head down to TechEd 2014 next month. TechEd Europe is the company's premier technology conference for IT Professionals and Enterprise Developers, providing the technical education, product evaluation, and community resources. It's the place to be for those who are within the IT realm. Microsoft is giving away four trips to TechEd this year.

Microsoft has lots of ideas for the name of its new 2015 IT conference

Microsoft reportedly has a lot of ideas for the name of its revamped IT conference, which will be held in Chicago from May 4-8, and is reportedly sending a list of those ideas to a select number of customers and partners to get their input.

Microsoft to hold one big IT conference in May 2015 as they replace TechEd [Update]

Microsoft has announced it will hold one conference for IT professionals in May 2015 that will combine the content in the company's previous TechEd, SharePoint, Project, Lync and Exchange events.

Telerik makes controls free for a limited time in honor of TechEd 2014

Telerik, the company behind a number of popular developer tools for mobile platforms like Windows Phone, are making their suite of UI controls for Windows platforms completely free for the next four days in honor of TechEd 2014. This includes controls for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Tune in for Microsoft UK's TechDays Online between November 6 - 8

Microsoft UK's TechDays Online are running from Wednesday November 6 until Friday November 8th. There are numerous sessions lined up with daily prize draws and competitions for attendees to enter. There will also be Xbox One bundle packages on offer, so if you're wanting to learn something as well as potentially grabbing an Xbox One package, you'll definitely want to check these sessions out.

See a video of Project Tripod, the upcoming app that will become the world’s virtual tripod

Way back in late June we showed you guys and gals the early work of an upcoming app for Windows Phone called Project Tripod. It’s an app that aims to eliminate the need for tripods with a unique social twist. Think of it as a virtual tripod. But if you’re having trouble imaging the app, there’s a video below of it in action. Let’s check it out.

Microsoft releasing Windows Phone 8 SDK on September 7th?

Although the Windows Phone 8 software development kit (SDK) was leaked a few weeks ago, allowing us to go through it like drug-starved loonies, the big question on everyone's mind is When will Microsoft actually release the package to developers?

As one can imagine, SDKs do take quite a lot of work to put together. There are APIs to lockdown, questions and answers to be formulated and it all needs to be written up so that developers will have an easy ‘cookbook’ for making apps. In that regard, we can see why it would take the Windows Phone Team some time to put one together.

Official TechEd 2011 app

Are you attending TechEd this year? Why not check out the app for TechEd '11? It allows a more personalized approach to the event and keeps you on track with your discussions, schedule and more.

It's freely available too, unlike other titles that have arisen. Be sure to have your registration details at hand as these are required upon launch.

Head on over to the Marketplace to download myTechEd.

Subtle changes noted in latest Windows Phone 7 UI at TechEd2010


TechEd North America 2010 is going this week and Long Zheng of iStartedSomething is there to document that happenings.

This morning he posted some photos of the latest build of Windows Phone 7, which we haven't seen yet. Clearly and obviously Microsoft is still putting the finishing touches on the OS and even parts of the UI, making it look even better today than 4 months ago.

Worthy to note is how the lock-screen text is now smaller to fit on the screen (but looks like this was done for the ReMix events), which Long Zheng comments a lot of people disfavored. Also, the Marketpalce and Outlook "tiles" have been updated with a new look, plus overall changes to icons and other subtle bits.

Head over to check his full photo stream and begin fantasizing what it will be like to use in-real life.

[via iStartedSomething]

Microsoft Demos Xbox Live game on Windows Phone 7 Series


So at this point we’ve seen the Gamer Tag features and other bits and pieces of what you can do with Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7 Series devices, but the party line on what to expect with real gaming has been consistent; stay tuned for MIX.

At the TechEd Middle East event, Microsoft’s Eric Rudder had the opportunity to demonstrate what we can expect of games that have a foot in multiple worlds; console, PC, and mobile. Rudder’s demo showed the same game (Indiana Jones) being played on multiple platforms. The Windows Phone 7 Series device utilized an accelerometer to control the movement and a tap on the screen to jump.

This type of scenario fits in perfectly with Microsoft’s “three screens and a cloud” approach to life, the universe, and everything. The ability to begin one game and have it continue seamlessly on another device would be a real coup for a company that has a much broader footprint in the services world than any other company in the smartphone business.

Video of the demo is after the break.

[via Engadget]