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Tencent is launching a Windows 10-based game console in China

Tencent, the publisher of popular games like League of Legends, has announced the Tencent Games Platform (TGP) BOX for a release in its home country of China. It's a Windows 10-based game console that can download games and can also live stream gameplay sessions.

Tencent might release a QQ or WeChat Windows 10 UWP app after all

A recently posted slide from a Microsoft presentation shows that Tencent might launch a Windows 10 UWP QQ or WeChat app after all, even though Tencent stated they had no such plans.

Tencent won't release a QQ Windows 10 Mobile app after all

China-based Tencent has confirmed it has canceled its plans to launch a Windows 10 Mobile version of its popular QQ messaging app, citing the declining market share of Windows Phone.

Microsoft teams up with Tencent to launch League of Legends on Windows 10 [Updated]

Microsoft has announced that it is partnering with Chinese internet giant Tencent in launching the highly popular MOBA League of Legends, along with other games published by the company, including Cross Fire and Dungeon & Fighter, on the Windows 10 store. In addition, Tencent has mentioned that it will deliver the free upgrade to Windows 10 "available to as many Chinese consumers as possible, as soon as possible."

Call & SMS blocker: functions exclusive to Chinese Nokia Lumia phones

As Chinese stores are beginning to get the new generation of Lumia devices in tiny, tiny trickles, consumers who are lucky enough to secure a phone or two in the extremely limited supply have found a pleasant surprise: the phones are coming with a much called for feature, which is call & SMS blocker.

The stealing and selling of private information has always been a big problem in China. It's developed into a full fledged industry. Occasionally even employees of ISPs, mobile carriers and banks are caught selling their customer information in bulks. What follows immediately is spamming, quite precisely targeted, coming through all sorts of channels in bulks.