Check out these great wallpapers designed for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL!

Looking to spice up your Lock screen or Start screen wallpaper? Check out these creations from Chris Anderson who designed them for fans of the Lumia.

This is where I get my wallpaper for Windows 10 and Mobile devices

So, I hear you want my wallpaper? Well, instead of linking to each one why don't I share with you the Windows 10 UWP app I use to keep my PC and phone looking good? Here we go.

How to get an animated desktop in Windows 10 with DeskScapes 8

Want to go extreme with customizing your Windows 10 PC? Then why not add animated wallpaper to your desktop. There is a nifty app to make all of this happen and I'll show you how to get it to work.

How to enable wallpaper Slideshow in Windows 10 and make it work on battery too

Have you tried the Windows 10 wallpaper Slideshow feature? I'll show you how to enable it and what settings are important. As an added bonus, I'll show you how to enable Slideshow even when your laptop or Surface is not plugged into AC power!

Windows 10 hero wallpaper combined with Ninja Cat on a Unicorn is pure WIN

Looking for a new wallpaper for your Windows or Windows 10 device? Look no further than the combined power of the official Windows 10 wallpaper and the unofficial 'Ninja Cat on a Unicorn' one!

Start Design, add a little color to your Windows Phone Start Screen

There are plenty of Windows Phone apps available to create custom wallpapers for your Start Screen or Lockscreen. Start Design is a relatively new offering in this genre of apps and hopes to catch everyone's creative eye.

Start Design not only allows you to create colorful background wallpapers but also has tools to create multi-column background images, blur photos for use and the ability to create advanced wallpapers to match custom backgrounds to specific transparent tiles. As our tipster notes, this app opens up a lot of possibilities for your Windows Phone wallpapers.

Here is my Start screen wallpaper for Windows Phone 8.1

One of the more interesting side effects of constantly taking photos of your phone, especially during such a high profile week, is everyone is curious as to what app that is or where’d I get the background. They’re all fine inquiries, the challenge for me is trying to respond to every tweet, email, DM or comment here to satisfy everyone!

Hence this post. This is nothing more than me going: here is my wallpaper.

Windows Phone 8.1 SDK reveals burst photo mode, password management in IE 11 and more

Our continuing coverage of the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK leak

This past week we’ve seen a flurry of new surrounding Windows Phone 8.1, the upcoming update to your favorite mobile operating system. The information we’re getting comes from developers who are leaking screenshots, info and more onto the web. 

Today we’re looking at the latest information and screenshots to come out of surrounding Windows Phone 8.1. Want IE to remember your passwords? How about having your photos automatically deleted? Details below.

Contest: Share your awesome Nokia Glance Backgrounds to win WPCentral store gift cards

Nokia today unexpectedly released the glance Background beta app, which enables you to add some cool backgrounds to your Nokia Windows Phone when the Glance Screen is activated.

As well as showing off how awesome our logo looks when used, we thought it would be a great idea to launch a small contest. Simply show off your Glance Backgrounds and you'll be in with a chance to win some cool prizes.

Show off your fandom with new Xbox One wallpapers and avatars

Major Nelson just shared a collection of Xbox One wallpapers, backgrounds, and profiles images via his blog. The images portray Microsoft’s latest console in a variety of images, some have mottos attached including “Introducing the all-in-one entertainment system.”

New update v4.2 for the Windows Phone Central app ready to download, includes lock screen wallpaper support

It's time for another update to our official Windows Phone app, and this one brings functionality many of you have requested: lock screen wallpapers. If you're a die-hard fan of the site and just can't get enough Windows Phone news, or even want to bring the news front and center for a week or so, you can enable our app as your wallpaper provider to get the latest headlines on your lock screen. Our wallpaper colours can also be customised with the full range of Windows Phone accents, and you'll even get article images appearing when you're using our flip tile. Find and enable all of these options from the app's settings screen.

That's not the only new feature thought, we've also finally included support for playing videos through Metrotube, switched to the Nokia advertising exchange (for free users only of course) and updated Unification support with in-line images. See below for the full changelist as well as a few samples of what you can do when customising our lock screen.

Suit up Spartans. Grab these Spartan Assault wallpapers for your Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices

Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 are getting a kickass game in July – Halo: Spartan Assault. The game is a top-down, twin-stick shooter and left both Paul and I impressed with our short hands on last month in LA. So what better way for all of us to wait for the game to hit the Store than to have some wallpapers on our lockscreens? After the break!

Nokia poll results show notifications as most valued feature on lock screens

Nokia ran a poll on its blog last week, asking consumers which of the different lock screen features they valued most. Whether it's the notifications, the background images or locking the Windows Phone with a passcode, visitors had the selection of three to choose from. The team has now published the results, which aren't entirely surprising.

Some more Windows Phone Central wallpapers (and a mini contest)

You think I’m just going to sit idly by and let Rich have all the fun with wallpapers? Not a chance. Here are some similar wallpapers to the ones he did the other day, but I would wager raise the bar on minimalism. Just our kickass Windows Phone Central logo set to the background color of your choice.

Hello Friends gets bumped to version 3.0, adds Windows Phone 7.5 support

Hello Friends is a really nifty Windows Phone lockscreen app that generates a wallpaper based off your Windows Phone contact photos. While the original release had Hello Friends only compatible with Windows Phone 8 devices, the latest update brings the app to our Windows Phone 7 devices.

Version 3.0 of Hello Friends is now available for the Windows Phone 7 devices and while it won't automatically change your lockscreen wallpaper, it allows you to create the image collage, save it to your Pictures Hub and set it manually as your lockscreen wallpaper as you would any other photo.

Hello Friends updated with new templates, Win Phone 7 support on the horizon

Hello Friends is an app that's available for Windows Phone 8 owners who wish to customise their lockscreens with a collage of friend photos. The arrangement of photos are refreshed periodically in the background, leading to an effective change every so often. The app has now been bumped and includes a number of improvements. 

Photostream updated for Windows Phone 8, adds 500px to the mix

The Windows Phone 8 lockscreen app Photostream just got a little better.

Photostream already gives you the ability to not only rotate your lockscreen wallpapers from images in your Pictures Hub but PhotoStream will also tapped into Flickr to generate lockscreen wallpapers. The app was recently updated to version 1.2 and allows you to tap into photos on 500px as well.

Befriend your lockscreen with the brilliant HelloFriends for Windows Phone 8

We’ve been getting a lot of Windows Phone 8 live lockscreen apps lately and we couldn’t be happier. With these new tools for developers we’re going to start to see some real creativity in the coming weeks and we just found our new favorite: HelloFriends.

The app is so ingenious, we’re kind of shocked Microsoft didn’t build this in to the OS—after all, the concept is their very own. HelloFriends simply generates gorgeous lock screen wallpaper based off of your contact photos. It creates three types—all mini tiles, one with varying sizes and one with some huge tiles mixed in and then updates every 30 minutes with a new pattern.

Keep your Windows Phone 8 lockscreen fresh with Lock Themes

Lock Themes is a Windows Phone 8 app that keeps your lock screen wallpapers fresh by rotating images from select themes. Lock Themes provides you with over forty themes that include astronomy, nature, horoscopes, daily inspirational quotes, and travel.  Lock Themes has a healthy selection of themes with new themes added weekly.

Lock Themes is laid out in simple and straight forward fashion. You have a page to turn enable/disable Lock Themes and a page listing all the themes. At the bottom of the screen you will find four command buttons; save the current lock screen to your Pictures Hub, request a theme from the developer, search the themes and clear your search results.

Rotate your Windows Phone 8 lockscreen wallpaper with Paper Shuffle

Paper Shuffle is a Windows Phone 8 app that will rotate lockscreen wallpaper images automatically.  While there is a native Windows Phone 8 feature to do this through Bing, those images are chosen at random.  Paper Shuffle lets you choose the images in the wallpaper rotation.

Paper Shuffle is a simple app that lets you select images from your Pictures Hub that can be rotated automatically at various intervals. To add an image, just hit the + button on the Paper Page of Paper Shuffle. Unfortunately you can't add complete galleries but instead the images must be added one at a time.