Bring the beauty of nature to your tech this Wallpaper Wednesday

Wallpapers are important. They can give our phone a new feel, even if only for a little while. Some of us change wallpapers as often as we change shirts (sometimes to match), while some of us set one wallpaper and forget it, and that's a shame. A good wallpaper can be a pick-me-up, can remind us of better times (and upcoming times). They can show off what's important to us, be it a picture of the grandkids or an emblem of your favorite house in Game of Thrones. In an effort to brighten your screen, and maybe your day, we present an offering of wonderful wallpapers to grace your smartphone.

If you've got a wallpaper you use everywhere, share it in the comments below! We're always looking for something new. Now get your wallpaper picker ready and see what's in store this week.

Mountain Wildflowers by TyeDueTwins

Lovely day for a new wallpaper, isn't it?

Summer may be here before we know it, but gosh darn it, it's still spring and spring means wildflowers! And this patch blooming on a side of a mountain, with yet another mountain looming in the background, just makes me want to jump up and go for a nice long walk… and sprain my ankle walking along those bright rocks on the right side of the shot.

Mountain Wildflowers by TyeDueTwins

Misty Mountains by McKay Savage

The misty mountains call...

While it may not have a fire-breathing dragon hoarding gold inside, you can't help but wonder what mysteries these mountains are hiding in their mist. It's a truly breathtaking sight, and you have to wonder just what kind of stones the people who decided to climb this had.

Misty Mountains by McKay Savage.jpg ){.cta .large}

Pig and Pigeon Islands

Come fly with me, let's fly away...

You've probably seen Trey Ratcliff's work before, especially if you have a Chromecast in your house, as his work is quite often featured on Backdrop. He's a prolific photographer that organizes photowalks and other photography events around the world, and he posts full-resolution photos on Google+ because they're one of the few networks that mean it when they say unlimited photo sizes. Take a peek at his posts, you will not be disappointed.

Pig and Pigeon Islands

Ocean Waves

Lingering in the ocean blue...

The sun, the sea, the spray… Summer is just around the corner; why are we not at the ocean right now? Well, until we can go feel the salty sea air, the wind blowing in our face, at least we can have a bit of the ocean on our phones (y'know, without shorting it out). Whether you're dreaming of catch the perfect wave or maybe catching sight of a lovely mermaid on the other side of one, keep your dreams and your sights set on the sea!

Ocean Waves

Ara Wagoner

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