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xbox one controller

PowerA (makers of the Mini Series Controller and a bunch of Star Wars controllers) have just the thing for gamers who can't or don't want to spend one-and-a-half Benjamins on a luxury Xbox One controller. The Fusion Pro Controller is a wired controller with many of the same features as the Elite and Wildcat. The big difference is that it only costs $79.99. Read our detailed review with video to find out whether the Fusion Pro Controller can stand up to the big boys!

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The Razer Wildcat Controller for Xbox One and Windows is a direct competitor to Microsoft's Elite controller, selling for the same $149.99 price. Although the Wildcat lacks wireless support, it sports several unique features of its own such as a four-button d-pad, built-in headset volume controls, four unique multi-function buttons, optional stick covers and palm grips, and more. Read on for our detailed review with video!

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With Halo 5: Guardians launching on Xbox One, Microsoft has kindly released a pair of Halo 5 Limited Edition Wireless Xbox One Controllers. One controller is themed after Master Chief, traditional protagonist the Halo series, while the other features a design based on Halo 5's new antihero Spartan Locke. Each comes with a download code for a unique REQ Pack and Visor accessory in the main Halo 5 game. Watch us put both controllers under the microscope in our detailed review with video.

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Microsoft has certainly been known to throw out some hot looking, official controllers for the Xbox One, and now they're back with another. Following on from the Titanfall limited edition earlier this year is this, the brand spanking new, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare limited edition. The game might still be a week out, but the controller is available right now.

And it's a scorcher.

Alright, you don't need a new controller to play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – or any Xbox One game, for that matter. And since it costs an extra $10 or so over a standard, run of the mill, black controller, what do you actually get? Well, two things. A paint job and some in-game content.

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The Mini Series Wired Controller is exciting for a number of reasons. Along with PowerA's Spectra Controller, it's one of the very first two wired controllers for Xbox One. Many gamers prefer wireless for comfort, but wired controllers can still be very handy. The Mini Series controller is also smaller than a standard Xbox One controller, making it more suitable for players with small hands. And last but not least, it sells for $39.99 – $20 less than the standard controller. Read on to find out whether the Mini Series Controller is right for you.

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Last month we reported on a new Xbox One controller design from Controller Modz, a UK-based controller modding specialist. The company basically allows users to buy authentic first-party controllers for a variety of consoles and choose to have them decorated with a variety of custom paint jobs and designs. The service doesn't come cheap, but Controller Modz promises professional-quality results.

Reading about the Controller Modz service via press release is one thing, but as a controller enthusiast I was eager to get my hands on a custom controller for review. Controller Modz offers 19 unique Xbox One designs to choose from, as well as a "Build Your Own" feature for greater customization. For this review, I went with the "Sticker Bomb" design that features a colorful combination of racing-style livery across the front of the controller.

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The Xbox One is still a pretty new console, and so gamers don't have much in the way of controller choices. If you missed out on the Titanfall Limited Edition controller, you're pretty much stuck with the default black controller until the camouflage design comes along in the fall. How boring is that? Just think of everybody getting their controllers mixed up during Rayman Legends sessions.

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The Xbox One controller is one of the finest control pads ever designed. The same goes for the Titanfall Limited Edition Controller we just reviewed. But one flaw compared to Xbox 360 controllers is that Xbox One controllers don’t work on computers and tablets. Blame Microsoft, who have yet to release a PC driver even though it would take virtually no effort to do so.

Luckily, a hobbyist developer named Lucas Assis has developed a temporary Xbox One controller driver for Windows 7 and 8. It doesn't work on Windows RT, so this won't help regular Surface users. His solution requires the use of several companion programs (bundled with the driver) and a few quarts of elbow grease, but it does actually work. Until now, you’d have to endure a somewhat painful tutorial video in order to guide you through the process. Lucky for you guys, I’ve gone through that already so that we can bring you this easy-to-understand written guide!

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The Xbox One’s first killer app Titanfall launched earlier this week, and appears to be selling like hotcakes. The release of a big new console game often inspires players to pick up a few accessories, and Titanfall is no different. In addition to deluxe third-party headsets, Microsoft has just released its own Xbox One Stereo Headset as well as the Titanfall Limited Edition Wireless Controller.

Nobody needs a new controller just for Titanfall; it’s an online-only game without support for local multiplayer. But the Limited Edition Controller is extremely stylish, and you probably need an extra controller for other multiplayer games anyway. We’ve got lots of photos, a hands-on video, and even a list of local multiplayer Xbox One games in our detailed review.

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For gamers who love buying gadgets and technology, console launches represent a fun time to stock up on not only a new system but also a host of accessories for that system. If you care about local multiplayer, you’re definitely going to need an extra controller or three. Problem is: the controllers available at launch are always the same color. By the time cool colors come along, many of us already own all the controllers we need.

Luckily Xbox One owners don’t have to wait too terribly long for a different controller style to arrive. When Respawn and Electronic Arts' highly anticipated Titanfall launches on March 11 in North America and March 13 in Europe, a special limited edition controller will pop up right along with it. It certainly looks different from the standard black model! Update: Amazon preorder link after the break!

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