Grab a new Xbox wireless controller on sale for $47 for your console, computer, or tablet

Xbox One controller
Xbox One controller (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Xbox One wireless controller has dropped in price to $46.88 on Amazon. Unfortunately, it's not exactly in stock, but the page says the controllers will come in around August 24. You can order now at this discounted price or wait and see the price jump back up. The controllers normally sell for $60 and have been going for that price for the last several months as supply chains have dried up thanks to the global pandemic. The controller is going for $60 at Best Buy, Walmart, and other retailers.

The blue and red versions of the controller are also discounted a bit. Both are going for $50 right now, which is $10 off. The shipping is still delayed of course, but securing that price is worth a little extra wait time.

Microsoft Xbox wireless controller black

Microsoft Xbox wireless controller black

Like most Xbox hardware, controllers have had trouble staying in stock let alone going on sale. This is a low price we haven't seen since April. Works with Xbox One systems and Windows 10 PCs. Bluetooth works with tablets as well.

Like most retailers, Amazon has struggled to keep any Xbox hardware in stock at all. These controllers have barely managed to be available, let alone on sale. If you've been playing a lot more games since working from home and being quarantined, then maybe you've been putting a lot more wear and tear on your controller than usual. So it's got to be frustrating when you don't have a replacement handy at retailers.

The Xbox wireless controller is one of the most versatile gaming controllers around, too. It's not just a great controller for gaming on the Xbox. You can also use it with your Windows 10 PC, especially with a wireless adapter. The Bluetooth connection even lets you connect to tablets and other mobile devices so you can use it that way.

The controller features a textured grip, a large wireless range, and all the comfort and feel you expect from a controller you'll probably be holding for hours. You should grab some rechargeable batteries if you don't want to ever plug the controller in or get a play-and-charge kit that gives you a removable cord for keeping it charged.

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