This Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired Xbox controller and charging stand is 42% off — gotta go fast!

Promotional image for Razer Limited Edition Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Controller with Charging Stand themed after Sonic the Hedgehog
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Today's Amazon Prime Day Deals event spotlights one of Razer's more light-hearted and fun controllers that's designed with a custom paint job to cater to specific fan bases. The Limited-Edition Sonic-themed, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One controller with a charging stand usually sells for $199.99 at most online retailers, but Amazon is currently selling this bundle at a 42% discount for Amazon Prime Day. That means you can buy this product for $115.99 and save yourself $84.

Razer makes many of the best Xbox controllers. The Wolverine V2 Chroma Wired Gaming Pro Controller, for example, strives to improve upon the design foundations of stock Xbox controllers, so gamers can experience playing the most beloved Xbox games at their very best. But this Sonic-themed controller isn't actually made by Razer. It's a standard Xbox Wireless Controller with a special paint job and matching charging stand (the charging stand is made by Razer).

Razer Limited Edition Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Controller with Charging Stand – Sonic the Hedgehog$199.99now$115.99

Razer Limited Edition Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Controller with Charging Stand – Sonic the Hedgehog | was $199.99 now $115.99

Fancy going faster in your favorite Sonic games on Xbox? Razer has you covered with this custom-made Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One controller, complete with a charging stand, so you don't have to worry about running out of juice while playing Sonic games.

Great for: Sonic fans who like playing Sonic games on Xbox consoles.

💰Price Check: $199.99 on Razer

This controller is designed to be used on an Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. It functions identically to the regular Xbox controller and can be connected to the gaming platform of your choice via wireless or through a micro USB cable. You can also remap the buttons on this controller by using the Xbox Accessories App, so you customize the control scheme of almost any Xbox game you play.

The charging stand can recharge the battery of the Xbox controller in just under three hours, and it features overcharge protection to prevent users from unintentionally cutting the controller's battery life short. Rechargeable batteries are in this product bundle as well.

If you're a Sonic fan who wants to add a little extra immersive excitement while playing Sonic Frontiers or the upcoming Xbox title, Sonic Superstars, then this Xbox controller/charging stand bundle is for you. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Amazon and make the most of this Prime Day deal before it's up, over, and gone. 

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