Tank War 3D, a Windows Phone combat game that could use a little fine tuning

Tank War 3D is a Windows Phone combat game that puts you in the role of tank commander with the mission to obliterate all the enemy tanks.  Tank Wars 3D has potential with over sixty missions to keep things from going stale too quickly, upgradeable tanks, and challenging game play.  But two things hold this game back, annoying ads and really small fonts that can make some of the screen difficult to read.

Another oddity is that the Windows Phone Store title is "Tank War 3D" but the gaming screens use the title "Tank Rivals".  Not exactly sure why the inconsistency is present but we'll go with the game's title that is listed in the Store.  Overall, Tank War 3D is worth a try.  The small print may not be an issue with some but the developer really needs to tame those full page ads.

The main menu for Tank War 3D has options to log into the game via your Facebook account, rate the app, view the credits and more games from the developer. You also have button controls that (from left to right) send you to your player profile, view your achievements, play the game, upgrade your tank, and visit the game's store.

Tank Wars 3D garage

You also have an option to purchase gold through in-app purchases off the main menu. Just tap on your gold count in the upper left side of the main menu to make the in-app purchases.

Tank Wars 3D arenas

Game play with Tank Wars 3D have sixty missions spread out across four arenas that include an arena, forest, scifi, and Mars. The goal, as one would expect, is to blow up the enemy tanks before they blow you up.

The game screen has your shields and damage meters in the upper left corner of the screen, your ammo counts in the upper right and your vehicle control directional pad in the lower left corner. The vehicle d-pad controls your tanks movement. Tapping the screen controls your tanks weapon's fire.

Tank Wars 3D

Game play can be challenging but does require a little patience. You can't just go toe to toe with the enemy tanks or the game will be short lived. You'll need to take advantage of your tank's mobility and barricades to avoid getting blown up yourself.  Tank movement with the D-pad is smooth but tapping the screen to shoot isn't as accurate as you would think.  Your tank shot is in the general vicinity of your tap but don't expect button hole accuracy.

As you advance through the various missions you earn gold that can be used to upgrade and build new tanks. The tank you begin with isn't the strongest of military vehicles often being taken out with one hit. If you want to get a jump on things and build a better tank from the get-go, you have the in-app purchase of gold.

Tank Wars 3D

Graphics aren't bad and missions can be tough. The downsides to Tank War 3D include a really annoying ad and tiny fonts.

Tank War 3D small print

There are a lot of options in the Tank War 3D store with over a hundred options to choose from. The fonts used in Tank War 3D makes it really difficult to read what your buying. Granted my old eyes aren't what they used to be but I think someone with Superman like vision would have trouble reading things.

Tank War 3D annoying ad

Tank War 3D is a free, ad-supported game that has an ad banner running across the bottom right corner of the screen. The ad banner isn't the problem, it's the full-screen ad that appears before you start a level that gets annoying. As I've said before, I can understand the need for ad-supported apps and games but the advertisement shouldn't take away from the game's entertainment value. Having to close out a full-screen ad before you move into game play takes away from Tank War 3D.

Again, Tank War 3D has possibilities. Game play will keep you on your toes, graphics are a little on the basic side but nice, and with sixty missions you have a healthy amount of gaming. But the hard to read fonts and annoying ad screen will turn many away.

Luckily, Tank War 3D is a free game so all you'll be out in trying the game out is the data needed to install it on your Windows Phone. Tank War 3D is compatible with both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x and you can pick it up here in the Windows Phone Store.

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