Tanks are rolling into the Marketplace

Windows Phone games such as Alphajax and Words by Post are turn by turn word games that you play online. But what if you want a little more action in your online gaming? Say, a need to blow things up? Tanks might do the trick.

Tanks is a turn by turn combat game that you play online with the goal of capturing cities and wiping out your opponent. You'll need to register your email address with the game's server and once that's done, you're off to battle.

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Tanks follows a similar set-up as other online, competitive games. You can select a partner by inviting a contact to a game or have the app choose an opponent at random from the registered users. You also have seven different playing fields to choose from or you can let the game choose one at random.

You begin the game with $150 which you will use to buy tanks and weapons upgrades. Your games are summarize on the Play page where games that it's your move are displayed in blue and your opponents move in red. Your turn consists of movements (tap the tank and drag to the highlighted square you want to move to) and purchasing vehicles or upgrades.

When you're through with movements and purchases, tap play and any enemy tanks adjacent to yours will be fired upon. As the enemy takes damage or you capture cities, you earn cash. From there, you sit back and wait for your opponent to move.

Tanks has Live Tile support to show you how many pending moves you have and toast notifications when your opponent moves. Tanks does require a bit of patience because it is more of a strategy game than an action game. I would have liked to have seen a "you vs. the computer" option as an alternative for a quicker paced game.

The game ran stable and push notifications for your turn at play were prompt.  I have to admit the game grew on me the more I played.  Tanks is best experienced when you find an opponent who is readily available, which might be the only knock on the game.  Tanks seems to loose some of its appeal if you have to wait hours in between turns.

Tanks is a free, ad supported game that might be worth a try if you like turn-based combat games. You can download Tanks here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

George Ponder

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